Tuesday, June 2, 2009


Lol using the pc in CIT again! And now I'm playing RC! XD

Had my first tutorial class today, the first time I ever had a class with just my classmates(U4) which I don't even know them(most of them)!
Our lecturer asked us to intro ourselves..! Ughhh I HATE introducing myself! And I'm damn freakin' nervous and my heart beat was like faster like crap! I kept acting like what I always do before I perform on the stage in the high school, kept taking deep breath! But thankfully everything went well =D (I think..?)

I had a nice yet boring day in college today!

Well after the tutorial class which is on 9.30 or 10am (I forgot), went to Taman Melawati's Art Shop to buy some stuffs with two of my classmates! Stupid bus.. we kept waiting like crazy but it didn't show up!

Anyway, we finally get a 191 bus! I asked the bus driver to make sure whether he'll go to taman Melawati but he said no!! UGHH going to wait for another rider! But then he asked where we wanna stop, I said near Maybank, then the driver let us take the ride! WOHOO! The bus driver is kinda nice btw =D

*things that I wrote above is when I was at the college CIT, below are all after I went home had my dinner etc but still continue the story*

The Art Shop.. bought some stuffs and you know what? There's a huge crockroach(yikes forgotten how to spell) in the shop!!
After that we wait for the bus again, but in the end we took the taxi =_=

It's really tiring after all those "journey"..! Later then we went to the library (aircond...) and canteen and CIT... Just to wait for the time to pass, waiting for the next class at 4pm!

Oh ya! Suddenly remember something! Met JiaWei in the college! He told me that he'll be going to XingLing's house at 2pm 'cause they're going to take their drama photos for their poster! I soooo wanna go! But.. because of that 4pm class... UGHH!!
But I'm going to watch them perform this Sunday though :D
Oh! And! This Friday there will be a gathering of the Chinese Society Drama Group at 5pm! (Ugh.. 5pm...) Can't wait! X3

Ugh... 8am class again tomorrow.. I wanna sleep...! X___X"
And I don't even know where the heck is LAB A1! Asked some of the classmates, they don't know. Asked the classrep, he don't know too. Even my sis who already studied there for more than 3 years also don't know!
How? Haih.. what the heck la..


Random stuffs

GLAY - The Birthday Girl

JIRO singing in every intro! XD I think this song is also written/composed by him!

Sigh.. I soooo wanna buy GLAY's The Great Vacation Vol.1 A.. Money.... =(

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