Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Orientation Day 2

SWT Let the seniors zha dao..! Yesterday they said 8am to be at the DK D, but just now I arrived at about 7.50am..? I just saw a guy sat on the stairs, then I went out from my dad's car to see whether is there anyone at the DK. I opened the DK D's door and there's no one in there! So I went back to my dad's car to wait for a bit longer.. A few people came later, but still not many, so I went to wait there too.
Then suddenly one of our senior suddenly appeared and told us that the time we should be there is 9am!! SWT!!! (I wanna sleep more.. D=)

I manage to be a bit more aggressive to talk to another person. At first it's ok, but.. I don't know what to talk anymore! So of course just kept quiet. She also heard the seniors asked us to be there at 8am, so... it's not my problem! Yay!

(I didn't sit this place later 'cause Multimedias have to be at another side)

In the DK D I did talked A BIT to some of those people, but just those which sat in the same row with me. Actually didn't talk that much la, just talk more when we're exchanging contact thingies.. Then no more.

I felt kinda sorry to that first girl I talked to, 'cause.. it seems like I've left her out..! I mean, while our senior were guiding us around the college, I wanna catch up with the front ones, then I lost her! After the tour when I wanna search for her I can't see her 'cause there's too many people around there! Then when I went back into the DK and sat down, THEN I only saw her! And there's no place anymore in my row!!

UGHHH felt so bad and guilty for left her out..! 'Cause I know how exactly it feels like, I mean, to be left out by someone.. I don't know how she feel la, but I just felt so bad..! But she's just sooooo quiet..! Quiet than ME!! I'm already very quiet already la! Dunno la, maybe I just don't know her or whatever.
I don't like to be left out, and I don't wan't to let others to be left out too. But the problem is... WHAT TO SAY ABOUT??? And sometimes I just felt myself boring so n order to keep out from letting others boring, I just be alone myself..!

I saw those people over there.. I have no idea how those people can talk about so many stuffs! Some of them they already knew each other la, but most of them are not what! How ah? How they talk so many rubbish? crap stuffs!!? And why no one did that to me?!

Why no one talk to me har? And why they can't ask so many freakin' random questions to the others and chat for quite long time but not to me ah? Izit because I look too serious? Izit because of my height? Izit because I'm not short enough(why.. why is there so many people so short and I'm not..?! So suffering to stand around them la!!)? Izit because my hair look like bushes(what can I do? I have thick volume of hair! But I wanna let it be long 'cause the last time I had UGLY long hair was in Form2!)?! Izit because I'm not cute enough? Izit because I'm not pretty enought?? Izit because I look too lan si?? Izit because I look like a guy(face prob.. ya I admit myself I look like a guy, so what? I really think so.)?!! HAR?!! ANSWER ME LA!!

Ok obviously I'm crazy right now (Yvonne I want your mental prob medicine LOL). It's allll my own prob. Whatever.

Hmm, our senior are kinda funny especially the treasurer, she reminds me of my 5A class monitor.. (ughh I kinda miss my 5A classmates!) Then there's a moment they told us what we will have to buy, and the first thing that came to my mind was... DSLR CAMERA!!!! I WANT IT! They said it's not compulsory, but.. WHO CARES!! I WANT A DSLR CAMERA!! I'm love photography I MUST HAVE ONE OF THEM!! AND I WANT MORE ELECTRIC GUITARS!!!
But I won't be joining the Photography Club or whatever 'cause my sis told me her friend said that they suck (my sis' friend very pro in photography 1 leh, kai wan xiao..).

Oh ya, I suddenly remember something.. While the xia xiang fu wu people were "promoting" their own society. There's this video, well I watched the similar thing few years ago already since my sis was one of them..
Anyway, it makes me think of my drama life.. Well it's not the same thing but.. aiya I dunno how to say la! AND SUDDENLY MY TEARS DROP!!! SWT! Luckily they switched off the lights already Hehe!
...I wanna perform on the stage again..! Can't wait to join the Chinese Society JUST to join their drama group. (Why... why does it have to be part of the Chinese Society...?!)

Whatever la, this is my blog. I want write how long is my business la.

Ok.. After everything is over around 12.20pm I THINK, went to toilet.. *LOL fast forward*
Saw Yvonne and she said she got her student ID already! I went to Black B (eh thx ah Yvonne 'cause I actually dunno where to get it), then I saw a looooooooooooonnnnnnnnnnggggggggggggggggggg queue, I think already more than 1km lor.
Then I saw XiXiang! Said Hi then go queue. From around 12.45++pm... wait... wait... wait.. Sms-ed my mum my dad my sis.. Then my sis called me.. talk... talk.. talk... Horrible butterfly flying around me (HORROR!! IT'S VERY CLOSE TO ME OK?!! phobia... PHOBIAAA) Finished talking to me sis after 15+minutes, wait.. wait... wait... An d FINALLY!! I FEEL AIRCON!!! *fast forward* DONE!!

Guess what's the time? About 3pm++. And I haven't take my lunch yet.
But I rather faster finish getting the ID the I don't have to bother it anymore.

Later I took the TARC bus home.. Hehe the first time I took the bus..
Actually I'm suppose to go home by TARC bus but I'm not really sure how to give the ticket etc so I tumpang Yvonne mum's car Hehe (why you want tell you're mum la! Fuk!)
Eh the TARC bus I took just now, I LOVE THE BUS!! 'cause I was sweating like hell!!! AIRCONNDD!!!!!

When I arrived near my house outside walking down the slop, my stomach hurts!! Hungry-ness + walking down the slop + vibrate = stomach hurt!! DX
After I arrived home I lied to my mum that I bought chocolate to eat, actually I haven't eat anything, 'cause later she scold me(worry later kena gastric mar)..

Ok la nothing to write anymore! FINALLY!

Oh ya the last thing!
Tomorrow going to the Society Day thingy at the college hall with Yvonne and Kenji!


Ei Yvonne nah! This is for you to watch de! w-inds. collabo with your G-DRAGON

... I don't like this type of w-inds. =__="
And how come they become so freakin boring?!! (the way they talk)

These is the w-inds I loved

Keita was so cute and looks much better in those days.. And his voice is just so cute..

SAD =(

BUT!! I don't like to look at Keita anymore 'cause it reminds me of someone I don't wanna think of!! BLUARGHH!!!

But whatever! Now X JAPAN and hide and GLAY are my loves!

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