Monday, May 18, 2009

Orientation Day 1

....What can I say? BORING ~_~

Speeches speeches and MORE speeches of course..

There's 4 5A(my high school class) students study in TARC SSH - me, Yvonne, CBJ and XiXiang. But all of us took different course. Me Diploma in Multimedia Design, Yvonne Cert in MassCom PR, CBJ Cert in MassCom Graphic Design, and XiXiang in Hotel Management. Hehe kinda proud of the 3 of us 'cause our class.. Well most of the people in our school, I mean, my previous school, most of them discriminates us, ART class students.. Blah whatever!

After alllll the speeches.. It's time for us to separate into our courses..
When I step out of the hall, I only saw the "Fashion Design" sign and another one I forgot what course was it. Then I heard those new students asking where's the Graphic Design sign, they said it's at the front. Then I heard another person asked for Multimedia Design, and those people asked them just follow the track, so.. I just follow them =_+
After that I finally saw the Graphic Design sign! Then suddenly I heard someone yelling "Multimedia Design!!", so I increase my walking speed see whether the Multimedia Design group is at the front. In the end, they're really at the front.. ==" So fast go away for what!!!

Tomorrow morning, 8am at DK D.. 8AM...!! *snore*

Going to be alone in college.....?? Ugh I don't know..!

Those people over there, some of them are normal, some of them are lala, some of them nerdy(mostly the guys HAHA =X) Blahh whatever not my business! But hor, some of the girls really annoying.. especially the one in the college hall that sat at the front row of me.. the phone kept ringing but she won't off it or set it silent mode, just let it keep ringing.. UGHH!

Oh ya! I suddenly remember while waiting for those people walking to their groups, the college hall played some songs, and they played Katy Perry's Hot N Cold and Lady GaGa's Poker Face! Yay! LOL!!


Lol at Wang Ren Ru

Swt he pronounce SUGIZO's name as SKIZO or SKIYO =_=
Ughh!!! Taiwan Live in 30 May... NOOO!!!!!

Ok the end byebye LOL

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