Friday, May 29, 2009

I *heart* Twister

Yeah! Finished collecting those clothing at the balcony, now I can sit infront of the pc and crap blog AGAIN (what else I can do..?!!)

Glad to use the pc at my home 'cause the college ones doesn't have Mozilla Firefox! And YAY! Now I can watch vids in YouTube! X JAPAN of course..

(Dang! Lucky cameraman.. He's like just few meters away from YOSHIKI..!)
Oh.. So they've already arrived Taiwan on 28 May..!!
I saw YOSHIKI, PATA, SUGIZO, HEATH, and even a hide doll on a paparazzi's video camera. But.. Where's TOSHI..??

0:36's hide "cosplay" is really NICE!!
The narrator said it wrong! It's not 5 members... It's SIX!! SIX MEMBERS INCLUDING hide! D=

Some X JAPAN fans in Taiwan

Yea, you guys might think that they're crazy or something.. But I'm really envy..
It gives me goosebumps again, started to get emotional and started crying at 8:00 when they're doing the X Jump, kept crying and singing together with the vid until the end(i know it's stupid but who cares? I'm the only one at home now)..
(but I don't like those people imitating hide yelling "tobe tobe tobe" etc =_=")

Why I cry?
1. I really wanna go to their concert.. just once, then I'll be happy and satisfy.
2. They have so many "friends"(fans) that they can share things about X JAPAN together
3. There's no such things in Malaysia, there're not many X JAPAN fans in Malaysia, X JAPAN won't come to Malaysia. NEVER. (Well.. because of.. ehem..)

I really wanna experience being in their concert..! All I can do is just watch their live performances and enjoy myself(sometimes with my sis).. There's no one else around me who was a fan of X JAPAN..

If one day there's something happen like in the vid, where the fans kept screaming or whatever, I'll be joining them..!


Ok end of talking about X.. Back to college.

Oh ya! I have to cancel something in my timetable! BM!! =.= Hope that I can cancel English too.. But the English class on Monday was canceled again!! ARGH!

Introduction to Illustration.. The lecturer is kinda nice and funny =)
Have to buy lots of stuffs soon..! And she wants us to have our book about basic drawing!
Went to the library with my classmates to find if there's any book like it.. But we can't find it!
Maybe will go to JJ's MPH or Kino to find it tomorrow..? If we're really going, I'll be the one leading them to the places 'cause they're from Kepong =S

Sms-ed ahBoy asked him whether he had these books, but he don't reply me lor! I need it next week!!

Walao eh Can you guys see those cars?

I've already forgotten about the JJ fiesta or whatever sale it is started today!
Lol suddenly remember last time Sarah(colleague in SEED) called me and asked me whether I can work for 5 days start from Friday(today) because of the fiesta thingy. But.. now I've already started my college, so of course didn't accept lor..

Hmm.. 30 May.. Tomorrow.. Have to choose those co-curriculum!! I hope that I get to join the gym! (Hehe wanted to do workouts or gym since I watched The Biggest Loser!) Plus I'm not interested in sports! Badminton is fine.. but NO!

Oh ya, I nearly forgotten that the Chinese Society is going to have some kind of meeting on the 4th of June! *still wondering whether I should go* I just want the drama lesson to start!

And! 6th, 7th of June! My drama juniors are going perform/compete at New Era College! Will I go? I'm not even sure!
Haih.. think back the old days when they're like me.. It's really memoriable.. all the memories in the drama group. I still can't believe I'm already "not" the part of them/Milkygreen.. I still can't believe I'm already graduated from high school.. I can't believe I've already started my college life!!

Everything just passed by in a sudden! That's so fast yet so slow!

Anyway, hope their performance will be good..!


*OUCH* (came back from searching my note book in my room and I hit the doorknob when I went out from the room!)

Ok now I don't know which yukata set should I buy in poupee!

I have 500+ ribbons but I still have to buy other stuffs..!


I need money.. to buy stuffs..
X JAPAN stuffs..? hide stuffs..? GLAY stuffs..? COSMETICS?? LOL
I wanna buy concealer, nail base coat, nail polish, AND the Maybelline VOLUM' EXPRESS Cat Eye Mascara! (Lol sounds like I'm so girly or whatever.. but I'm half guy-ish ok..? BUT it doesn't mean I'm a guy or whatever LOL WTF) I just love eye makeup! But I don't always wear them la..



A XBOX game CM with GLAY's song as the bgm!

P/s: The title is non-related btw, just don't know what title should I put, and I'm drinking Tropicana Twister right now HEH

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