Wednesday, May 20, 2009


I'm back from going out with Yvonne and Kenji! Well actually I came back home for almost an hour.. but who cares!

Society Day at the Sport Complex in TARC..! KENJI WOKE UP LATE(izit..?)!! Late for a few minutes! (SWT)

Hmm.. Society Day.. The only thing I wanted to join is definitely.. Chinese Society's DRAMA GROUP!
While I'm watching those pictures of the drama group they put at the booth gallery, there's this guy from the Chinese Society like introducing the Drama Group for me, and told us that they have professional drama teachers to teach us, and the first thing I said immediately was "Milo..!" LOL 'cause he's also my high school drama teacher.. HAHA =X

They're going to have some kind of Chinese Society meeting in June.. Erm.. I don't really wanna go, all I wanna do is just start the drama lesson! That's all!

After I applied joining Chinese Society, we continued to see the other booths. And I saw Music Society!! And there's a guy sitting there playing electric guitar and another guy playing GuitarHero(LOL)!! I was like this *w*, and wanted to join! But hor, I stood there beside their booth table for a few minutes already still no one layan me lor!! So pissed! So I don't wanna join anymore!! Fuk them! LOL
I thought I might improve my guitar skills especially electric guitar after I join there.. But... HMMP!! FINE!! I'll continue to learn it myself!!

After that we just "explore" around the college! Oh ya before that, we went to buy the college bus tickets and Yvonne go to the office block to verify the SPM result.. I didn't verify mine 'cause.. I FORGOTTEN TO BRING MINE!! Ughhh!! I just brought my offer letter!! STUPID!!!

While "exploring", we met XiXiang and CBJ and some other friends of them! Well actually we saw them already in the Sports Complex.. and it's CBJ's birthday today! Lol Anyway, we met them while exploring near the swimming pool. Actually they saw us 'cause they're like far behind us. We thought they're just some random person so we didn't bother them at first LOL

*fast forward*

Filet is LOVE!!

Took Tarc bus to JJ! Kenji belanja us McD!
Lol while they're queuing to order, I went to look for table seats of course. And there's something disgusted me soooo much!!! They's this pair of couple, the girl was sitting on her bf's lap =.= W.T.F?!! UGGHHH so... Hello, this is a public place ok? You thought your home ah?! If you wanna do those things then go home la!! Damn annoying!! Grow up la people!
But after that when the place is getting more people they sat on their on seat already. Then we said actually it's because the guy's lap already numb. LOL.

We sat there for about an hour! You know why?? Because of...

THESE!!! (SAD 'cause the camera's focusing thingy getting bad)

We ate like crazy 'cause we're already full and there's too many! Then we bought ice cream to dip the fries... UGHHH FULLLL!!

After we finished, walked around, went to SnJ.. And guess what?? I met JuinBao there!! Damn long time didn't saw him already! At first I didn't notice who was that, then suddenly saw Kenji talking to him, so I look who was it.. and O.O JuinBao??!! LOL

Went to JJ department's stationary/toys part, and we bought something for the next coming birthday girl~

After we bought it and wrap it at SnJ, it's time to go home except for Kenji 'cause he saw his 5e3 classmates =\



American Idol 8 Finale tonight...!! I can't believe it's already the finale!

"I hope Adam will win..! (DUH which Adam fan doesn't?) If Kris wins, it might be those Adam haters who voted Kris.."

I'm NOT saying that Kris doesn't has any fans ok?

Some guys just don't know the drama behind the idols and think that the votes are fair, think themselves know it all.
Yes I'm talking to someone right now. If you think it's you, YES, it IS you.
Ughh I hate those know-it-all.

I hope Adam will win 'cause his voice is really rare, but if Kris win, that's good for him =)

Hmm.. I get to vote one vote for Adam just now since the voting time last for about 7 hours! Yay!

Can't watch the final result show the next morning 'cause my sis can't watch, so she don't let me watch =(


GLAY is going to perform in Music Station too!! Wehehhehe.. *drools* LOL


Going to college again tomorrow! 10am! *yawn*

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