Saturday, May 30, 2009

30 May 09

Went to college today, but don't have to go anymore every Saturday start from next week 'cause the timetable changed! YAY!

Join the co-curriculum in the morning, the gym workout group 1. I wasn't in a good mood then 'cause I have to print out the thingy but I don't have a printer in my house!! (got la but already rosak)

Today's lecture class.. Hubungan Etnik.. I didn't knew is was about races and those other religious thingy! I think it might be interesting to know things about other races..? At least better than history(but still have to study history in the other semester...T.T)
The teacher is nice too but more like those nice teachers in high school, and she's a bit boring.. Maybe it's because the class haven't really started yet..? Blah whatever.

In the previous blog entry I said I might be going out with my classmates to buy some books about basic drawing etc today, but.. it came out I'm not included.. Being left out again..? Hmm.. whatever..
So I just call my dad to bring me to search for the book ai MPH in JJ..

There's not much books that I wanted there, but in the end I bought this

Erm.. I don't think this is a really good guide book or whatever, but at least it did has some techniques about drawing.. and it looks cute. LOL.

Ok end of college life etc, now is FANGIRLING TIME!! BYE!!


Time to share my two new stuffs! GLAY I am xxx Limited Edition Single and We Love hide Japan Normal Edition album!


3D blood-like-thingy

DREAM PASS (back and front)

GLAY Member Produce Live DVD

I am xxx single

Small pamphlet thingy

HISA!!! (he's getting older... D=)

The DREAM PASS can go to!

Can watch their member comment video and I am xxx PV =D


We Love hide - The Best in The World album

Disc 1 and Disc 2 (20 songs)



You know what? I went to again and I saw the GLAY I am xxx single that I had and it's still almost the same price!! Grr!! I thought Preorder is cheaper?! How come after release the price is still the same!

Whatever! I want this!!:

I want THIS....

Money.... MONEY!!!!!!



I wanna watch the GLAY Member Produce Live now! But I felt so sleepy..! Should I watch it..?



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