Thursday, May 28, 2009


Class was canceled again..
Man.. The class that was canceled today was English class. I thought I get to sign up or register or whatever it called so that I don't have to take the English subject, but... UGH! I guess I'm gonna wait for the next week now *yawn*

There's no class today but still I woke up at 9.30am 'cause going to the bank to collect my TARC Debit Card! I guess I can start selling my rubbish in eBay now?? =D


My dad let us watch the DVD of The Wall concert in Berlin 1990 that he bought for a long time but he didn't watch, so we watch it together (because there's Cyndi Lauper in the concert and I think she's very cool when Allison was having duet with her in AI8 Finale result show!)

This is part of the concert. She appear start from 1:27 (she's so weird haha!)


Changed my PoupeeGirl! Cyndi Lauper-inspire-look from the concert! HAHA!

If you don't know who is Cyndi Lauper, she's the one who sings this song

Still don't know? How about this?

Lol at 0:46!

Lol this


Just now kept listening to w-inds. old songs.. Really miss them in the "old" days.. D=

And this..


Another GLAY I am xxx live

Some vids about their 15th Anniversary


Ughhh when will my stuffs arrive...?!?!? I wanna have it now.. NOW!!!!

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