Wednesday, May 27, 2009

26 May 09

Had my first lecture class yesterday!

But before that....

Went to Times Square with Yvonne to celebrate YenTing's birthday in the afternoon, kept rushing 'cause we're already late.

AhEng was the one who plan everything. Actually he planned to sing k but then change to have lunch... =_="


This is the first time I went to this steamboat restaurant which I don't know what's the name of the restaurant and I don't even wanna know 'cause I won't go there again.. I think it's a Thai restaurant 'cause whenever there's customers went in they will greet them sawadeeka..|||
The steamboat thingy.. it looks different.. Ya, really different BUT! Don't know why I felt it kinda disgusting and wanna puke..!
Not to harm or hurt anyone.. but it sucks. I rather go to those normal steamboat restaurant 'cause it taste much better than THIS.

What can I say while having this lunch? It starts with B. BORING.
Been left out again.. Well I've already expected it since it's not the first time and I've already had the "feeling" that I don't wanna go before everything.. And especially there's a couple infront of me(SuFong with her bf).. It's not that I said that it's their fault or whatever, I just always felt uncomfortable watching a couple around me especially my friend 'cause my sampat-ness will automatically switch off 'cause there's a random "stranger" being with my friend..?? UGHHH I don't know how to describe that feeling!! Well it obviously my own problem 'cause I never had any relationship before! Haha!

My Mango Ice Blended.. it taste normal.. doesn't blew me away =\

The whole time I was eating silently Lol 'cause what can I do?? YenTing and ahEng were like a distance away from me, Yvonne beside me, and opposite me was SuFong and her bf.. I just can laugh A BIT about some stuffs they said that I think was funny..

Later then me, Yvonne, YenTing and ahEng just walk around in Times Square 'cause Yvonne wants to search for the pencil case she wanted to buy, in the end she didn't buy it but went to buy her BIG BANG stuffs in the shop that my sis brought me before(which sells a lot of idol/artiste goods and CDs etc)..
She found a lot of stuffs she wanted and bought some of them.. isn't that nice..? Me? I found nothing 'cause X JAPAN wasn't famous in Malaysia and so is GLAY.. (that's what I hate about Malaysia/sians.. Most of them listen to stupid music..) Most of the things in that shop are all Korean stuffs which I'm not interested in.. There's a basket got some Japanese CDs, YUI, WaT and others I forgot who.. no GLAY.. =(

Although it's all Korean artiste, there's something the auntie made me really impressed! She actually went to those concerts in Korea to buy those goods or merchandise! She even gave us see some photos of her in Korea! Mostly TVXQ la.. And they actually really know about most of the things of the concerts!
But the auntie there said that we can order from them =3 Should I order from them next time so that I don't have to ask people to help me buy in Yesasia..? Ughhh..!

Later then YenTing and ahEng went to watch Night in The Museum 2.. I wanted to watch but..
1. it didn't made me like, reaaally wanna watch it (now I'm just waiting for 17 Again, Hannah Montana the Movie, and Harry Potter!)
2. I have to rush back to college 'cause I have class at 4pm! AND IT'S RAINING!!


Arrived college before 4pm! BUT the lecture haven't started yet 'cause the lecture before us haven't end yet! We waited until.. I think is 4.15pm? Or more? Then only they ended their class =_=

Overall the lecture wasn't that boring 'cause the lecturer show us some videos and other stuffs we will be learning!
There's a moment the lecturer asked us who used Photoshop before and there's only about 5 people! If I raise my hand it will be 6 Lol. I don't wanna raise my hand 'cause I don't wanna admit something that I'm not good at unless you ask only me but not a bunch of people. I was kinda shocked that there's just a few people used photoshop before..!

I'm in class/group U4, I just know two person that is also U4, that makes it 3 including me. Others.. I don't even know.. Lol.
And we are the 6th batch of Multimedia Design! =D

After the lecture class ended, went to Block V to see the notice board again and accompany Yvonne 'cause her lecturer haven't come yet =_= At first I don't wanna go there 'cause I don't belong there but after that it's ok 'cause her classmate were kinda nice =D
After a few minutes their lecturer still haven't come yet! I kept nagging that I wanna go 'cause, well, MY CLASS ALREADY ENDED AND I DON'T BELONG HERE! Then finally Yvonne beh tahan wanted to go home! YAY!


*listening to GLAY's Be With You and it still gives me goosebumps*

Yay Downloaded GLAY's I am xxx single~!

Hmm After watching the anime movie of BLOOD THE LAST VAMPIRE, I wanted to watch the movie version of it(LAST BLOOD)! I posted the trailer HERE though, it's a bit violence but it's not exactly a horror movie.

I wanna watch...! Especially because the OST is GLAY's I am xxx..! HEH! =X

Oh ya, I wonder when will my GLAY I am xxx single and We love hide album arrive..?? Can't wait to get them in my hands!! I wanna watch GLAY member produce live in my TV!!

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