Monday, May 25, 2009

25 May 09

Yesterday was Arricson's birthday! And today is another person's birthday, which I'm going to celebrate her birthday with my friends tomorrow!

Hmm.. I was so depressed yesterday 'cause I kept worrying whether I'm going have any class in college today! Sms-ed CBJ but he didn't reply, Yvonne also dunno the timetable, MunYee(high school friend also dunno)..!! Fortunately I asked my asst. courserep in Facebook LOL And he said that there's no class today *faints*

But just now me and Yvonne went to college to snap our timetable, and my timetable said that I have lecture class on 9.30am!! I kept wondering whether I should go or not 'cause my asst courserep already told me there's no class! But in the end I went to that M205.. BUT HOR! Those people in the room all Hotel Management de!! SWT!! So I went home =___+

And I'm so pissed that the TARC site didn't post SSH's timetable!! ARGH!!

Having 4pm class tomorrow but it's going to be rush 'cause going to Sg Wang(I think?) to celebrate YenTing's birthday!

Oh ya! Suddenly remember something! Met my drama camp friend Pei Li at TARC just now! Lol.. Last time met her at the driving school place there, now met her in college..!


Random vids

GLAY - I am xxx (start from 5:00)

Watched this last night in NHK~ I love GLAY!


Jiro Wang also X JAPAN's fan leh :3


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vertigonick said...

tarc always posts SSH timetables the latest.. its like they hate us or something. lol.