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21 May 09

Hmm Gonna talk about AI8 first then only talk about the journey of yesterday in college *yawn*


American Idol 8 Finale Result Show was live via satellite in Star World at 8am, I just watched the first half of it.. Well actually my sis don't let me watch it 'cause she's at work but my dad wanna watch so.. of course I'll be watching too!
But I watch the whole thing at 6pm 'cause I have to go to college. =(

So happy to see all the Top 13 perform together..! This is the first time I actually watch AI start from the beginning and I really love them all..! My favs are Adam, Allison, Megan..! Then Alexis, Kris, Matt.. Lol Danny is really great too but dunno why I don't like him Hahah!

Overall all the performance were great! Most of the classic songs I've heard of them!
But there's 3 performance I love the most..

The first one is the duet of Allison and Cyndi Lauper "Time After Time"

The first time I saw Cyndi Lauper I was like O.O So this is the one who sings this song..! And black eyeshadow, weird movements...!!!!

I searched for her bio in Wikipedia, found out that she's also so the one who sing "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun"! But... but.. She looks so cool in the AI performance!! And omg she's already 50++ years old!! And I had the same birthday with her!! :D

I've heard of her songs since I was just a kid, I've heard of "Time After Time", I've watched her "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun" music video(I've forgotten how's the video look like though).. But I never knew that they're the same person!!

The other two.. were CRAZY MADNESS!!

It was Adam's performance.. with...



At first I was like LOL what was Adam wearing?? Dramatic look again?! (but his eyes..! so pretty... *w*) And I don't know that he was singing KISS' song.. Then suddenly he said "Ladies and gentlemen.. KISS!!" Me and my sis were like "WHAT??!!!" Then we saw KISS!! KISS!!!!!

Me and my sis loves more on the visual side of rock/metal, we love Japan's legendnary visual band X JAPAN, and KISS was the GOD of the visual side of metal!! If it wasn't KISS, X JAPAN will never exist 'cause X JAPAN's leader YOSHIKI fell in love with rock and heavy metal because of KISS!!!
X JAPAN is me and my sis' GOD, and KISS is our GOD's GOD!! LOL!!

AHHHHH!! Adam with KISS!!!

While watching it we kept screaming and yelling like crazy!! KISS, performing in American Idol...?!! Is this serious?!! We kept screaming "OMG KISS?!?!! KISS!!!! AHHHH!!!" (Lol I'm already feeling tired just to think about it!!) And Gene Simmons!!! Love him so much!! 'cause althought he's the "demon", he's a very good father!! And his tongue is so scary 'cause it's so long!!! LOL!!

When the performance is going to end, the guitarist(I don't know his name I just know it's either the "astro" guy or the "star" guy LOL) smashed his guitar!!! WOOO!!! HEAVY METAL ROCK RULEZZZZZ!!!
(Damn tired and happy after the screaming and yelling and excitement LOL)
(And LOL at Adam's outfit and shoes! The shoes were same with KISS)

And the final performance that I like is the duet of Kris and Adam...


Me and my sis went crazy again!! LOL!! Another ROCK LEGEND!!! CRAZY!!!
But.. I didn't knew that their vocalist already passed away for a long time until I asked my sis where's the vocalist... I cried when I knew it 'cause it reminds me of hide.. Because hide died, the hide with Spread Beaver were just like nothing 'cause they lost their vocalist, and this makes X JAPAN lost a guitarist 'cause hide is X JAPAN's guitarist.. And Hong Kong's rock band BEYOND, their vocalist died too.. they're a really nice band too..

UGHHH Why do those great people always die so early..?!! I hate it....!!

Anyway, I'm still enjoyed watching it..!

Ahhh~ Watched two rock legends in the same day in AI... SATISFACTION!! LOL!!

Oh ya I remember something!! I think I saw Adam and Allison holding hand at the end!!
I don't care whether they're brothers and sisters or couple or whatever..


Ok.. college..

Went to the compulsory workshop thingy yesterday, and it was BORING.
It is some useful infos for us, but... ugh whatever.

Let see.. the whole day in the DK, I'm just with myself. Well not really actually.. The first half before the 2-hour break, I sat with those two girls that I knew on Tuesday and a girl which she was late(he drawing skills is good!! o.o)... Didn't talk much...

Then the two hours break.. I thought I was going to have this two hours break with the 3 of them, but.. the one who was late just went away in a flash, and the other two also walk away...
After I went out from the DK, I saw CBJ! I sms-ed Yvonne which was in another DK but she's not done yet. So me and CBJ just go to the canteen.. And we saw XiXiang!

The whole break time I'm just with Yvonne, CBJ, XiXiang, and some of their friends which was also in the same high school with us.. Later Kenji join us too Lol..
It was really boring following them since they kept ignoring us.. But at least I'm with some guys that I knew...
Somehow that time I miss ChongHwa and 5A so much 'cause I'm used to the environment and the people over there.. I didn't had a great life in high school except for my drama life.. But I do miss them.. =\
I really miss having drama lessons and performing on the stage..! I hope that the Drama group will start the drama lesson as soon as possible...!!

After the whole lecture thingy ended, went home with Yvonne by the TARC bus.. And GOD!! It's raining! Glad that I brought my umbrella but my umbrella isn't "strong" enough.. kept worrying that the wind will blow away it.. LOL

I think this is the first time I wear casual clothing and sport shoes and walk in the rain..? Usually I was either wearing slippers or wearing high school uniform and white school shoes.. Which I didn't care about it so much 'cause they're not pretty.. LOL. Now..? It hurts a bit 'cause I love my white sport shoes.. with green shoelaces!! =( (ughh I hate the feeling when the socks were soaky wet!! EWWW)

Suddenly remember something... Yvonne and Kenji said that they've played some games on Tuesday with their coursemates...! I was like what...?! No wonder they said that it's not boring yet it's fun... My sis said that they played games too while it was her turn last time...

Felt so tired of it.. Now I just hope that the courserep will quickly spread us into different classes... and start the lessons... and anything else...!!

I was having a not-so-good day actually... But... Thanks to KISS and QUEEN!! LOL!!


So glad that I don't have to go to college today 'cause I can sleep more! LOL

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