Saturday, May 16, 2009

16 May 09

Hello fellow muggles(LOL watched Harry Potter and the Sorcerer Stone last night haha)!

This is the movie that GLAY sang their OST

And I want THIS and THIS!!
The Great Vacation Vol.1 A and B..! Pre Order already RM250++ EACH!! After it release.. might become about >RM400 EACH!! NOOO!!!

But both of the album are the same, it's just the difference between the DVDs.. The Album A's DVD has all their PVs, and the Album B's DVD is their pure soul "MOVIE" (1998 pure soul tour's documentary footage)..
Hmm.. I think the Album A is better...??

But!! The album is called "The Great Vacation VOL.1"..! What does VOL.1 mean..?!! Does it mean there's going to be a VOL.2..??? Or MORE..?!?!?!

AHHH!! BUT I'm already broke.. I only left RM58+ in my bank 'cause I ordered GLAY I am XXX Limited Edition and We Love hide Normal Edition!!



Oh ya! My friend Yvonne just open a blog to sell some stuffs that she made!
Visit *HERE*!!

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