Friday, May 15, 2009

15 May 09

Damn bored so I just copy paste some tag from my email from Kenji and Yvonne.. YAWN!!


问卷游戏规则:看完我的问卷后,一定要把所有的答案改成你自己的,然后寄给你认识的人,包括寄这封信给你的人。这个理论要说的是,你将会更了解你的朋友~~~~把邮件也寄回给你的寄件人。记住回复 ......

>现在几点/几号: 9:24am 15 May 2009 (my stomach hurts and it woke me up =_=)

>你在哪里读书: Going to study in TARC

>你在读什么科目: Multimedia Design

>你在哪里工作: Not having any job right now

>上一次吹蜡烛的数目: Err.. on Earth Hour i think? LOL

>你通常吹熄这些蜡烛的日期: “这些”?

>你们家养过什么动物: None

>星座: Cancer

>你有纹身吗: None, I won't get any next time 'cause it feels scary and painful. But I think some of them are really artistic.

>喜欢目前的生活吗: NOW?! I'm bored like crazy! Waiting for starting my college life!

>喝过酒吗: Ya and I don't like it.. I don't like the bitter taste and the alcohol smell.

>不爱吃的东西: Food that I think they sucks.. like.. salary(dunno how to spell)

> 喜欢吃的东西: Chocolate cake, chocolate chip cookies, pastries, spagetthi, dumpling etc

> 喜欢喝什么: Milo ice

> 最喜欢的数字: 22

> 最喜欢的电影: Sweeney Todd, High School Musical series, Kamikaze Girls, Harry Potter, L ~change the world~ etc

> 喜欢的卡通人物: Rilakkuma

> 喜欢的品牌: Didn't care much about branded stuffs.. But dunno why I like Maybelline LOL And Anna Sui 'cause I like the design.

> 最怀念的日子: Hmm..Watch/listen X JAPAN's reunion live through KeyHoleTV and live streaming, and listen to a few seconds of X JAPAN's HongKong live through my sis' phone!!!

> 伤心的经验: Err.. Hmm.. many leh..oh ya the latest one i think is failing my driving test D=

> 最喜欢星期几: Friday and Saturday

> 最喜欢的季节: Winter and Autumn

> 喜欢的花: None

> 喜欢的运动: None.. =X

> 最怕什么东西: Insects which has wings.. Especially BUTTERFLY.. and grashopper and beatles and.. err.. caterpillar... EWWWW!! (But Caterpie in Pokemon is really cute :3)

> 如果有来世: Actually I dunno what 来世 actually mean, but I'll answer it like Kenji and Yvonne.. I wanna be a guitarist, photographer, hair stylist, makeup artist etc

> 最讨厌的事: Too many la..

> 最喜欢的事: Eat the food I love (LOL), being with my family happily, buying/collecting X JAPAN/hide/GLAY stuffs(which makes me broke LOL), doing the things I love.

> 觉得自己十年后会在哪里:After 10 years.. 28 years old.. a guitarist? photographer? still learning stuffs? I don't know!

> 寄这封邮件给你的上一个人是谁: Kenji first, then Yvonne.

> 无聊的时候你大多会做些什么: Watch TV, eat, search for X JAPAN/hide/GLAY stuffs, sit/lie down doing nothing..

> 世界上最恼人的事: MANY!! Why is there death? Why is there sooo many weird diseases? How does the Bermuda Triangle exist? How's the ozone layer now? Is the world going to end some day? How come you won't remember how you die after u're reborn?? AHHH!! (Yes I'm thinking nonsence, but seriously.. WHY??)

> 世界上最好的事: If the world have no negative or bad things happen.

> 觉得同性恋如何: I think lesbians are worst than gays. I'm still feeling a bit weird about it.. but I think some of the gay people are really funny and cute though. Lol.

> 如果有人误会你: Try to explain, if it doesn't work.. erm.. oh well.

> 有想过要怎么对付你讨厌的人吗: Err.. swt.. actually no.. never thought of that o__o" Maybe because it's just wasting my time and mind.

> 通常几点上床睡觉: 11++pm~12pm

> 你觉得谁会先回这封信: Well I'm not sending this to anyone since I'm going to post it in my blog.. so.. blah.

> 你觉得谁是最不可能回复的人: I'm not sending to anyone. (NAHH Yvonne! I got do this tag leh!)

> 你现在最想见的人: hide.. I so wish that somehow he become alive again.. X JAPAN, Hisashi, GLAY.

> 你想在几岁结婚: 26~28

> 有想过自杀吗: Ya..? Years ago.. Well sometimes I feel like dying but I'll never kill myself since I have too many things I still wanna do.

> 最希望谁回信: Blah.

> 想不想和发邮件给你的人一起吃个便饭: Dun wan. HAHA!



While doing this quiz and talk about the Bermuda Triangle, I went to search for it in googles and watch the videos etc Then I found this


And watch this

... *sob*



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