Saturday, May 2, 2009

11th Memorial Day

X JAPAN is going to have their Tokyo Dome Tour tonight.. And..

Pink Cloud Assembly

It's hide's 11th Memorial Day today.

I can't sleep last night. I waited my phone's time to reach 00:00 then only I sleep, but still I can't sleep well.

Cried while listening to hide's FLAME(PSYENCE FACTION version)..
I still can't believe that he's dead.. And this is the 11th year.

Started to love hide in November 2007. Before I love X JAPAN, I love hide first.

The things of hide and X JAPAN I've collected so far..
V ROCK mag and hide doll from my sis, postcard from stupid MJ+..
hide DAYS, hide BIBLE, hide skull earring(fake 1 of course), Mugongeki photobook, FOOL'S MATE 2008 May and June issue, X-ism, X Rose and Blood Tour photobook..

It's kinda a lot stuffs I've collected, but of course, it's not enough.

I've been struggling thinking whether I should buy "We ♥ hide" or "ALIVE" first together with GLAY's "I am XXX" Normal Edition(wanna buy it 'cause it's GLAY's 15th Anniversery).. Thinking until really hard to breathe..
And now.. Yesasia added the GLAY "I am XXX" Limited Edition!!! DARN IT!!! Ok.. get rid of the normal edition one, 'cause the Limited one has the GLAY Produce Live 2009 DVD!!!
*struggling again*

I wonder how much money I left in my bank now.. UGHH!!!

I won't wanna say that much about hide 'cause.. well no one even cares what I think about him anyway.

I really wish I can visit him..

*listening to TELL ME by hide

Here's something to share.. a person playing piano cover of hide's "MISERY".. really nice..

p/s: if you're dream is different with me now please just tell me immediately, don't let me having so much hope.

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