Tuesday, May 12, 2009


Went to Sg Wang again yesterday! But this time is going with Yvonne and YenTing~

Damn bored while waiting for YenTing at Monorail Bukit Nanas station.. Waited her for an hour!! Me and Yvonne kept counting how many train had passed by and found out that some of the train.. had already passed by for a few times...!!! SWT!!
In the end, we found out that there're 10 trains an hour, means a train arrive every 6 minutes =_+
So guys, if you missed a monorail train, you have to wait for 6 minutes for the next train = =

When we arrived, first we went to eat. I brought them to Sushi Station but in the end they don't really like it 'cause the sushi isn't fresh.. I didn't knew that 'cause I ate the sushi there just once and the other times I didn't order anymore 'cause I don't wanna use finish my money =S I always went the 'cause their Gyoza ramen taste good. Lol.

After that, time for taking purikuras!!!
We've been saying to take purikura together when we were still in Form 4, means 2 years ago! Finally we took it now!

First purikura machine

Second purikura machine

I like the first machine 'cause I don't know how to control the second machine..!
You see the green part!! Dunno why is it like this!! But I like the pics.. Hehe.
BUT!! The first machine has many funny and cute stuffs compare to the second one! I kept laughing while looking back at it!

Usually I always take purikuras with my sis and of course it's always fun and funny! The last time we took, I think it's in February D= I wonder when will we go take again?? And same with Yvonne and Yenting!

After that we went to Pavilion! Visited ahEng who was working in Padini Concept store.. (Kinda miss working in SEED.. but it's really boring when there's no customers!!) Saw a necklace which the pendant was a shape of an electric guitar, and a ring with a model of a disc on it! Which I really like it! But of course I didn't buy it 'cause I think it's kinda expensive..! And some of the clothings are nice too.. Grr.. I HATE PADINI!! So expensive for what?!!

Went into Teddy Tales (wait, is it Teddy Tales? I forgot =_="), and saw many cow plushies!! They're so soft.. hehe.. But not soft enough!! And I saw those chain thingys for hanging on the pants, I was thinking of buying it to send it to Adam, but I have not enough money =_="

We also went to buy Starbucks and BaskinRobins 312(BR) <-LOL .. I mean, I bought Starbuck's Chocolate Cream Chip ice blended, they bought BR ice-cream.. Starbucks.. Damn expensive!! But I wanna drink it so badly!! =X Then we sat outside the BaskinRobbin store, which I don't know the place is for people to sit on..! Really love the design..! After we finished eating/drinking, it's time to go home! But YenTing still don't wanna go back yet 'cause she wanna wait for Eng's break time... =_=" So dangerous ok?! But.. oh well.. (Ughh when will they be together?! So bored to look at them like this!)

Yvonne made this for me, she also made for YenTing but I think YenTing's is much prettier 'cause there's a cake..!! HAHA =X
When I reached home I found out that the "N" ending tip is gone! Maybe because I kept pressing it while I wanna clip on my pants.. Hahha.



p/s: Internet Explorer SUX!!!!

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