Sunday, May 10, 2009


On Friday Jiawei called me in the evening, he asked me out 'cause KhenSear is back from Singapore! And they're going to Cannes Tea House and Station One at GentingKlang/Prima!
I wanted to go so I asked my mum.. Well my mum let me go actually, but she seems not liking it.. So I just forget about it and told Jiawei that I'm not going.. SAD!!! But he no reply lor! So I kept sms him wanna make his phone lag!!
Then Jiawei called, then blablabla.. Then suddenly change to another guy on the phone! I figure out that it was KhenSear! Haha so swt.. Damn looonnnngggg time didn't heard of his voice! I think almost... LESS THAN 1 YEAR?!! The last time I met him was.. last year end of June or beginning of July when we're having a performance at school!

Hmm.. talking about that.. I also haven't seen Arricson and Carin for a looonngggg time..! Sigh.. All of them met on the first day of juniors' drama lesson.. Which I was working at SEED that time..! WGHH!!! SOB!!

But I went to 1U with my family to have our dinner! HongKong style steamboat! Hahah!


Went to see my juniors practice their drama yesterday afternoon, but damn bored 'cause they just kept practice their drama's song.. hmm.. But very geng lor 'cause XingLing write and compose the song.
I have nothing to say about the drama 'cause I just saw a little part of it, but the songs.. I mean, the song is nice, but the way they sing... it's really weird.. REALLY weird. And the guys, they sing like.. erm.. they seem not even like singing actually.. But they look so happy and satisfy with what they've archive.. and I think I don't deserve or don't have the right to say about how they sing 'cause I don't own a good vocal..
But I think HuiShan is very cute in the show, haha..!

Hmm.. Comparing to those juniors I know them for few years, I rather being with those juniors who joined last year... I think it's funny to teach them about the things we learnt a few years ago..

After that went to Sg Wang with my sis! To buy some wool string 'cause she wanna knit a scarf for Adam.. Haha. (Actually she not enough money!! LOL) I'm going to knit a beanie hat to Adam too!
So LOL 'cause we were thinking of, if you have a sister you can just call her to borrow money when you have no money, then pity those with no sisters or whatever. Then we thought of something like.. some advert about sisters for rent etc.. Hahah so sohi..!

Hehe it's so fun 'cause my sis actually drive to the town center..! Went to Sushi Station to have our lunch again! Gyoza is LOVE!! NOM NOM NOM!!!
After that while we're paying for our meal, saw my classmate Onzai!! He's with his girlfriend and his friend JiaJoon. All of them.. are so short.... (So sry..! DX)

After that went to JJ to search for something to give our mum as Mother's Day present. Met my another classmate LihFeh! And also met my ex-drama junior Erin's sisters! So funny when her younger sis saw me >>> D8
Then when we passed by SEED, saw James(my previous collegue from SEED)! After that Sarah(another collegue) also saw me.. Haha. Hmm.. kinda miss them though.

At night something happen that makes me really really sad, but everything is ok now =)
watched Wednesday J-POP last night, well.. I'm not actually watching it, just switch to NHK and just leave it there.. SUDDENLY!!!

X!!!!!! (Lol I can't believe I actually found it in YouTube!)

So shock ok?!?!? Then I quickly took the camera to record it!! Unfortunately...
I only got the ending part.. But with Yoshiki at the end! (wanna upload it but.. too slow..)

But it's really happy 'cause this is the first time I saw X appearing on TV!!


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