Monday, May 4, 2009


Fangirl post bla.


X JAPAN World Tour Live in Tokyo News vids

1:44 is so cute.. XD And.. Lol at 3:07

Cried a bit while watching this start from 1:07..
TOSHI: Today is May 2nd.. You guys know it right!!!
Then.. ._. (that hide pic is so weird haha!)

I'm really sad these two days 'cause there's no live streaming for me to watch their live.. So I just watch those Japanese chats in 2ch.. Just watching them saying what song was it, what was TOSHI saying, what did the members did.
And enjoying those "pictures" they did in the chatroom:

Haha I just printscreen copy paste and save it 'cause it's very nice..

Been really sad because I can't watch their live.. but after see their live news, felt much more better ^^
But.. I don't reallt like their new song.. I think it's tooo underground for them.. I thinkit's mich suitable for VYK or other younger band =\

I really wanna go to their concert.. but.. hmm...

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