Monday, May 4, 2009

040509 2

Just went to JJ with my mum after went to TARC with Yvonne~ And bought many clothes for college! (I don't have a lot of clothings ok..?)

Bought two pants and 5 tops.. Damn long time didn't shop and bought so many clothes.. Yes, MANY. We don't usually go for shopping.

See! Same clothes design but different colour! Haha!

One of the pants is a block long pants.. actually I want it 'cause I want it's belt...

So cool! Hehe!

Hmm.. I forgot what else I wanna say.. just came back from washing the dishes.. LOL.

Two more weeks to go! D8 <--LOL --- SID in Music Station

So swt 'cause I didn't know that their Major Debut was only last year, which was the opening theme of Kuroshitsuji "Monochrome no Kiss".. I've been listen to their song for about 3 years!
Didn't know that they actually didn't had major debut.. ._."

Uhmm.. they should sing more songs for animes *w*


More X


Yes.. this is goood.. 8D

X JAPAN's new song - Jade

Hmm.. Me don't really like the new song.. =(
I mean.. it's not a bad song.. But I think it's not a big song..

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