Saturday, May 30, 2009

30 May 09

Went to college today, but don't have to go anymore every Saturday start from next week 'cause the timetable changed! YAY!

Join the co-curriculum in the morning, the gym workout group 1. I wasn't in a good mood then 'cause I have to print out the thingy but I don't have a printer in my house!! (got la but already rosak)

Today's lecture class.. Hubungan Etnik.. I didn't knew is was about races and those other religious thingy! I think it might be interesting to know things about other races..? At least better than history(but still have to study history in the other semester...T.T)
The teacher is nice too but more like those nice teachers in high school, and she's a bit boring.. Maybe it's because the class haven't really started yet..? Blah whatever.

In the previous blog entry I said I might be going out with my classmates to buy some books about basic drawing etc today, but.. it came out I'm not included.. Being left out again..? Hmm.. whatever..
So I just call my dad to bring me to search for the book ai MPH in JJ..

There's not much books that I wanted there, but in the end I bought this

Erm.. I don't think this is a really good guide book or whatever, but at least it did has some techniques about drawing.. and it looks cute. LOL.

Ok end of college life etc, now is FANGIRLING TIME!! BYE!!


Time to share my two new stuffs! GLAY I am xxx Limited Edition Single and We Love hide Japan Normal Edition album!


3D blood-like-thingy

DREAM PASS (back and front)

GLAY Member Produce Live DVD

I am xxx single

Small pamphlet thingy

HISA!!! (he's getting older... D=)

The DREAM PASS can go to!

Can watch their member comment video and I am xxx PV =D


We Love hide - The Best in The World album

Disc 1 and Disc 2 (20 songs)



You know what? I went to again and I saw the GLAY I am xxx single that I had and it's still almost the same price!! Grr!! I thought Preorder is cheaper?! How come after release the price is still the same!

Whatever! I want this!!:

I want THIS....

Money.... MONEY!!!!!!



I wanna watch the GLAY Member Produce Live now! But I felt so sleepy..! Should I watch it..?



Friday, May 29, 2009

3 post in one day?!

(for me it's important, for others is not important at all, so buh-bye!)


MY STUFFS ARE HERE!!! (lol use Paint to cover my name and mailing add)

yikes too hard to open 'cause it's really sticky!


YAY!!! FINALLY I RECEIVED MY GLAY I am xxx Limited Edition Single AND We love hide ALBUM!!!


Hehehehhe I'm so happy right now!! You wanna know why? Blah! Even you don't wanna know I'll be still writing here!!

Well, I've been a fan of GLAY for like.. about 6 years now, and I don't have anything about them! CDs, magazines, photobooks... ANYTHING!

I do have some albums and a photobook of GLAY.. BUT THEY'RE ALL NOT MINE! It's all belongs to my sis.. most of them came from my dad's friend(work in those music company), she's the elder one so she gets it =( And there's one album my sis bought it herself so that doesn't count.. And there's a photobook I think it's for their 10th Anniversary, my dad bought it 'cause my sis didn't brought money when we saw it. I still remember it's about RM40+.. Which I think is CHEAP!! 'Cause the X JAPAN photobooks we bought now are like.. more than RM100!! LOL!

And there's some document, my dad used to plan of doing GLAY concert in Malaysia like more than 10years ago, but it didn't work. My dad gave those documents and infos to us, but of course my sis took it too.

And now! FINALLY! I got my very own, very first GLAY single! Their 15th Anniversary single! And hell! It's limited edition! Ahhh~ *melts*

And the We love hide album.. My first hide album...! I just have some of his photobooks, some mags with him as the cover, a hide doll, hide *fake* skull ring... but I don't have his album or DVD or singles!

I wanted to unseal it right now but I wanna wait for my sis to come back for work... Hmm... NOT!!!
Well ok... I'll wait for her.. but just for the GLAY album..! I'll open the hide album now!!


I *heart* Twister

Yeah! Finished collecting those clothing at the balcony, now I can sit infront of the pc and crap blog AGAIN (what else I can do..?!!)

Glad to use the pc at my home 'cause the college ones doesn't have Mozilla Firefox! And YAY! Now I can watch vids in YouTube! X JAPAN of course..

(Dang! Lucky cameraman.. He's like just few meters away from YOSHIKI..!)
Oh.. So they've already arrived Taiwan on 28 May..!!
I saw YOSHIKI, PATA, SUGIZO, HEATH, and even a hide doll on a paparazzi's video camera. But.. Where's TOSHI..??

0:36's hide "cosplay" is really NICE!!
The narrator said it wrong! It's not 5 members... It's SIX!! SIX MEMBERS INCLUDING hide! D=

Some X JAPAN fans in Taiwan

Yea, you guys might think that they're crazy or something.. But I'm really envy..
It gives me goosebumps again, started to get emotional and started crying at 8:00 when they're doing the X Jump, kept crying and singing together with the vid until the end(i know it's stupid but who cares? I'm the only one at home now)..
(but I don't like those people imitating hide yelling "tobe tobe tobe" etc =_=")

Why I cry?
1. I really wanna go to their concert.. just once, then I'll be happy and satisfy.
2. They have so many "friends"(fans) that they can share things about X JAPAN together
3. There's no such things in Malaysia, there're not many X JAPAN fans in Malaysia, X JAPAN won't come to Malaysia. NEVER. (Well.. because of.. ehem..)

I really wanna experience being in their concert..! All I can do is just watch their live performances and enjoy myself(sometimes with my sis).. There's no one else around me who was a fan of X JAPAN..

If one day there's something happen like in the vid, where the fans kept screaming or whatever, I'll be joining them..!


Ok end of talking about X.. Back to college.

Oh ya! I have to cancel something in my timetable! BM!! =.= Hope that I can cancel English too.. But the English class on Monday was canceled again!! ARGH!

Introduction to Illustration.. The lecturer is kinda nice and funny =)
Have to buy lots of stuffs soon..! And she wants us to have our book about basic drawing!
Went to the library with my classmates to find if there's any book like it.. But we can't find it!
Maybe will go to JJ's MPH or Kino to find it tomorrow..? If we're really going, I'll be the one leading them to the places 'cause they're from Kepong =S

Sms-ed ahBoy asked him whether he had these books, but he don't reply me lor! I need it next week!!

Walao eh Can you guys see those cars?

I've already forgotten about the JJ fiesta or whatever sale it is started today!
Lol suddenly remember last time Sarah(colleague in SEED) called me and asked me whether I can work for 5 days start from Friday(today) because of the fiesta thingy. But.. now I've already started my college, so of course didn't accept lor..

Hmm.. 30 May.. Tomorrow.. Have to choose those co-curriculum!! I hope that I get to join the gym! (Hehe wanted to do workouts or gym since I watched The Biggest Loser!) Plus I'm not interested in sports! Badminton is fine.. but NO!

Oh ya, I nearly forgotten that the Chinese Society is going to have some kind of meeting on the 4th of June! *still wondering whether I should go* I just want the drama lesson to start!

And! 6th, 7th of June! My drama juniors are going perform/compete at New Era College! Will I go? I'm not even sure!
Haih.. think back the old days when they're like me.. It's really memoriable.. all the memories in the drama group. I still can't believe I'm already "not" the part of them/Milkygreen.. I still can't believe I'm already graduated from high school.. I can't believe I've already started my college life!!

Everything just passed by in a sudden! That's so fast yet so slow!

Anyway, hope their performance will be good..!


*OUCH* (came back from searching my note book in my room and I hit the doorknob when I went out from the room!)

Ok now I don't know which yukata set should I buy in poupee!

I have 500+ ribbons but I still have to buy other stuffs..!


I need money.. to buy stuffs..
X JAPAN stuffs..? hide stuffs..? GLAY stuffs..? COSMETICS?? LOL
I wanna buy concealer, nail base coat, nail polish, AND the Maybelline VOLUM' EXPRESS Cat Eye Mascara! (Lol sounds like I'm so girly or whatever.. but I'm half guy-ish ok..? BUT it doesn't mean I'm a guy or whatever LOL WTF) I just love eye makeup! But I don't always wear them la..



A XBOX game CM with GLAY's song as the bgm!

P/s: The title is non-related btw, just don't know what title should I put, and I'm drinking Tropicana Twister right now HEH


Swt now I'm using the college pc...

Went to college 'cause there's a lecture class at 8am.. BUT HOR! In the end our courserep found out that this class subject is BM!! SWT!! (well everyone didn't knew 'cause they didn't write it in the timetable =_=")

Ok.. this is the first time I use the CIT pc.. They don't have Mozilla Firefox =( And I can't on my Restaurant City!! I thought I can level up my Gpoints now but... UGH!

It's 9:16am on this pc right now, I have to wait till near to 10am to my next lecture class...

And I can't watch YouTube 'cause they don't have the latest Adobe Flash Player!! FUUU!!!!


Thursday, May 28, 2009


Class was canceled again..
Man.. The class that was canceled today was English class. I thought I get to sign up or register or whatever it called so that I don't have to take the English subject, but... UGH! I guess I'm gonna wait for the next week now *yawn*

There's no class today but still I woke up at 9.30am 'cause going to the bank to collect my TARC Debit Card! I guess I can start selling my rubbish in eBay now?? =D


My dad let us watch the DVD of The Wall concert in Berlin 1990 that he bought for a long time but he didn't watch, so we watch it together (because there's Cyndi Lauper in the concert and I think she's very cool when Allison was having duet with her in AI8 Finale result show!)

This is part of the concert. She appear start from 1:27 (she's so weird haha!)


Changed my PoupeeGirl! Cyndi Lauper-inspire-look from the concert! HAHA!

If you don't know who is Cyndi Lauper, she's the one who sings this song

Still don't know? How about this?

Lol at 0:46!

Lol this


Just now kept listening to w-inds. old songs.. Really miss them in the "old" days.. D=

And this..


Another GLAY I am xxx live

Some vids about their 15th Anniversary


Ughhh when will my stuffs arrive...?!?!? I wanna have it now.. NOW!!!!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Lol random

Someone posted this in the X FREAKS FORUM and I post it here!

It's a 4-year-old kid imitating hide in the ROCKET DIVE PV and PINK SPIDER PV

I'll put the original PV first then only the kid's vid


(the person who uploaded this doesn't put embed)

26 May 09

Had my first lecture class yesterday!

But before that....

Went to Times Square with Yvonne to celebrate YenTing's birthday in the afternoon, kept rushing 'cause we're already late.

AhEng was the one who plan everything. Actually he planned to sing k but then change to have lunch... =_="


This is the first time I went to this steamboat restaurant which I don't know what's the name of the restaurant and I don't even wanna know 'cause I won't go there again.. I think it's a Thai restaurant 'cause whenever there's customers went in they will greet them sawadeeka..|||
The steamboat thingy.. it looks different.. Ya, really different BUT! Don't know why I felt it kinda disgusting and wanna puke..!
Not to harm or hurt anyone.. but it sucks. I rather go to those normal steamboat restaurant 'cause it taste much better than THIS.

What can I say while having this lunch? It starts with B. BORING.
Been left out again.. Well I've already expected it since it's not the first time and I've already had the "feeling" that I don't wanna go before everything.. And especially there's a couple infront of me(SuFong with her bf).. It's not that I said that it's their fault or whatever, I just always felt uncomfortable watching a couple around me especially my friend 'cause my sampat-ness will automatically switch off 'cause there's a random "stranger" being with my friend..?? UGHHH I don't know how to describe that feeling!! Well it obviously my own problem 'cause I never had any relationship before! Haha!

My Mango Ice Blended.. it taste normal.. doesn't blew me away =\

The whole time I was eating silently Lol 'cause what can I do?? YenTing and ahEng were like a distance away from me, Yvonne beside me, and opposite me was SuFong and her bf.. I just can laugh A BIT about some stuffs they said that I think was funny..

Later then me, Yvonne, YenTing and ahEng just walk around in Times Square 'cause Yvonne wants to search for the pencil case she wanted to buy, in the end she didn't buy it but went to buy her BIG BANG stuffs in the shop that my sis brought me before(which sells a lot of idol/artiste goods and CDs etc)..
She found a lot of stuffs she wanted and bought some of them.. isn't that nice..? Me? I found nothing 'cause X JAPAN wasn't famous in Malaysia and so is GLAY.. (that's what I hate about Malaysia/sians.. Most of them listen to stupid music..) Most of the things in that shop are all Korean stuffs which I'm not interested in.. There's a basket got some Japanese CDs, YUI, WaT and others I forgot who.. no GLAY.. =(

Although it's all Korean artiste, there's something the auntie made me really impressed! She actually went to those concerts in Korea to buy those goods or merchandise! She even gave us see some photos of her in Korea! Mostly TVXQ la.. And they actually really know about most of the things of the concerts!
But the auntie there said that we can order from them =3 Should I order from them next time so that I don't have to ask people to help me buy in Yesasia..? Ughhh..!

Later then YenTing and ahEng went to watch Night in The Museum 2.. I wanted to watch but..
1. it didn't made me like, reaaally wanna watch it (now I'm just waiting for 17 Again, Hannah Montana the Movie, and Harry Potter!)
2. I have to rush back to college 'cause I have class at 4pm! AND IT'S RAINING!!


Arrived college before 4pm! BUT the lecture haven't started yet 'cause the lecture before us haven't end yet! We waited until.. I think is 4.15pm? Or more? Then only they ended their class =_=

Overall the lecture wasn't that boring 'cause the lecturer show us some videos and other stuffs we will be learning!
There's a moment the lecturer asked us who used Photoshop before and there's only about 5 people! If I raise my hand it will be 6 Lol. I don't wanna raise my hand 'cause I don't wanna admit something that I'm not good at unless you ask only me but not a bunch of people. I was kinda shocked that there's just a few people used photoshop before..!

I'm in class/group U4, I just know two person that is also U4, that makes it 3 including me. Others.. I don't even know.. Lol.
And we are the 6th batch of Multimedia Design! =D

After the lecture class ended, went to Block V to see the notice board again and accompany Yvonne 'cause her lecturer haven't come yet =_= At first I don't wanna go there 'cause I don't belong there but after that it's ok 'cause her classmate were kinda nice =D
After a few minutes their lecturer still haven't come yet! I kept nagging that I wanna go 'cause, well, MY CLASS ALREADY ENDED AND I DON'T BELONG HERE! Then finally Yvonne beh tahan wanted to go home! YAY!


*listening to GLAY's Be With You and it still gives me goosebumps*

Yay Downloaded GLAY's I am xxx single~!

Hmm After watching the anime movie of BLOOD THE LAST VAMPIRE, I wanted to watch the movie version of it(LAST BLOOD)! I posted the trailer HERE though, it's a bit violence but it's not exactly a horror movie.

I wanna watch...! Especially because the OST is GLAY's I am xxx..! HEH! =X

Oh ya, I wonder when will my GLAY I am xxx single and We love hide album arrive..?? Can't wait to get them in my hands!! I wanna watch GLAY member produce live in my TV!!

Monday, May 25, 2009

omg *edited*


I think I really do have class just now..!! And




Ok... Fuu~ So I'm not the only one who didn't went to the 9.30 class just now IF there IS any lecture class just now Lol

Ahh~ Now kept listening to Adam's No Boundaries and his ripped MP3 performance with KISS (Beth = LOVE!!)
*sings* I~ wanna rock and roll all night~ And party everyday~


25 May 09

Yesterday was Arricson's birthday! And today is another person's birthday, which I'm going to celebrate her birthday with my friends tomorrow!

Hmm.. I was so depressed yesterday 'cause I kept worrying whether I'm going have any class in college today! Sms-ed CBJ but he didn't reply, Yvonne also dunno the timetable, MunYee(high school friend also dunno)..!! Fortunately I asked my asst. courserep in Facebook LOL And he said that there's no class today *faints*

But just now me and Yvonne went to college to snap our timetable, and my timetable said that I have lecture class on 9.30am!! I kept wondering whether I should go or not 'cause my asst courserep already told me there's no class! But in the end I went to that M205.. BUT HOR! Those people in the room all Hotel Management de!! SWT!! So I went home =___+

And I'm so pissed that the TARC site didn't post SSH's timetable!! ARGH!!

Having 4pm class tomorrow but it's going to be rush 'cause going to Sg Wang(I think?) to celebrate YenTing's birthday!

Oh ya! Suddenly remember something! Met my drama camp friend Pei Li at TARC just now! Lol.. Last time met her at the driving school place there, now met her in college..!


Random vids

GLAY - I am xxx (start from 5:00)

Watched this last night in NHK~ I love GLAY!


Jiro Wang also X JAPAN's fan leh :3


Friday, May 22, 2009


Great.. X JAPAN is going to have another BEST Album.... And I have to vote between all of these songs HERE

It's so hard to vote 'cause I love most of them.. like... 80~90% of those songs...!
So.. I guess I won't be voting it..? Sigh...

21 May 09

Hmm Gonna talk about AI8 first then only talk about the journey of yesterday in college *yawn*


American Idol 8 Finale Result Show was live via satellite in Star World at 8am, I just watched the first half of it.. Well actually my sis don't let me watch it 'cause she's at work but my dad wanna watch so.. of course I'll be watching too!
But I watch the whole thing at 6pm 'cause I have to go to college. =(

So happy to see all the Top 13 perform together..! This is the first time I actually watch AI start from the beginning and I really love them all..! My favs are Adam, Allison, Megan..! Then Alexis, Kris, Matt.. Lol Danny is really great too but dunno why I don't like him Hahah!

Overall all the performance were great! Most of the classic songs I've heard of them!
But there's 3 performance I love the most..

The first one is the duet of Allison and Cyndi Lauper "Time After Time"

The first time I saw Cyndi Lauper I was like O.O So this is the one who sings this song..! And black eyeshadow, weird movements...!!!!

I searched for her bio in Wikipedia, found out that she's also so the one who sing "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun"! But... but.. She looks so cool in the AI performance!! And omg she's already 50++ years old!! And I had the same birthday with her!! :D

I've heard of her songs since I was just a kid, I've heard of "Time After Time", I've watched her "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun" music video(I've forgotten how's the video look like though).. But I never knew that they're the same person!!

The other two.. were CRAZY MADNESS!!

It was Adam's performance.. with...



At first I was like LOL what was Adam wearing?? Dramatic look again?! (but his eyes..! so pretty... *w*) And I don't know that he was singing KISS' song.. Then suddenly he said "Ladies and gentlemen.. KISS!!" Me and my sis were like "WHAT??!!!" Then we saw KISS!! KISS!!!!!

Me and my sis loves more on the visual side of rock/metal, we love Japan's legendnary visual band X JAPAN, and KISS was the GOD of the visual side of metal!! If it wasn't KISS, X JAPAN will never exist 'cause X JAPAN's leader YOSHIKI fell in love with rock and heavy metal because of KISS!!!
X JAPAN is me and my sis' GOD, and KISS is our GOD's GOD!! LOL!!

AHHHHH!! Adam with KISS!!!

While watching it we kept screaming and yelling like crazy!! KISS, performing in American Idol...?!! Is this serious?!! We kept screaming "OMG KISS?!?!! KISS!!!! AHHHH!!!" (Lol I'm already feeling tired just to think about it!!) And Gene Simmons!!! Love him so much!! 'cause althought he's the "demon", he's a very good father!! And his tongue is so scary 'cause it's so long!!! LOL!!

When the performance is going to end, the guitarist(I don't know his name I just know it's either the "astro" guy or the "star" guy LOL) smashed his guitar!!! WOOO!!! HEAVY METAL ROCK RULEZZZZZ!!!
(Damn tired and happy after the screaming and yelling and excitement LOL)
(And LOL at Adam's outfit and shoes! The shoes were same with KISS)

And the final performance that I like is the duet of Kris and Adam...


Me and my sis went crazy again!! LOL!! Another ROCK LEGEND!!! CRAZY!!!
But.. I didn't knew that their vocalist already passed away for a long time until I asked my sis where's the vocalist... I cried when I knew it 'cause it reminds me of hide.. Because hide died, the hide with Spread Beaver were just like nothing 'cause they lost their vocalist, and this makes X JAPAN lost a guitarist 'cause hide is X JAPAN's guitarist.. And Hong Kong's rock band BEYOND, their vocalist died too.. they're a really nice band too..

UGHHH Why do those great people always die so early..?!! I hate it....!!

Anyway, I'm still enjoyed watching it..!

Ahhh~ Watched two rock legends in the same day in AI... SATISFACTION!! LOL!!

Oh ya I remember something!! I think I saw Adam and Allison holding hand at the end!!
I don't care whether they're brothers and sisters or couple or whatever..


Ok.. college..

Went to the compulsory workshop thingy yesterday, and it was BORING.
It is some useful infos for us, but... ugh whatever.

Let see.. the whole day in the DK, I'm just with myself. Well not really actually.. The first half before the 2-hour break, I sat with those two girls that I knew on Tuesday and a girl which she was late(he drawing skills is good!! o.o)... Didn't talk much...

Then the two hours break.. I thought I was going to have this two hours break with the 3 of them, but.. the one who was late just went away in a flash, and the other two also walk away...
After I went out from the DK, I saw CBJ! I sms-ed Yvonne which was in another DK but she's not done yet. So me and CBJ just go to the canteen.. And we saw XiXiang!

The whole break time I'm just with Yvonne, CBJ, XiXiang, and some of their friends which was also in the same high school with us.. Later Kenji join us too Lol..
It was really boring following them since they kept ignoring us.. But at least I'm with some guys that I knew...
Somehow that time I miss ChongHwa and 5A so much 'cause I'm used to the environment and the people over there.. I didn't had a great life in high school except for my drama life.. But I do miss them.. =\
I really miss having drama lessons and performing on the stage..! I hope that the Drama group will start the drama lesson as soon as possible...!!

After the whole lecture thingy ended, went home with Yvonne by the TARC bus.. And GOD!! It's raining! Glad that I brought my umbrella but my umbrella isn't "strong" enough.. kept worrying that the wind will blow away it.. LOL

I think this is the first time I wear casual clothing and sport shoes and walk in the rain..? Usually I was either wearing slippers or wearing high school uniform and white school shoes.. Which I didn't care about it so much 'cause they're not pretty.. LOL. Now..? It hurts a bit 'cause I love my white sport shoes.. with green shoelaces!! =( (ughh I hate the feeling when the socks were soaky wet!! EWWW)

Suddenly remember something... Yvonne and Kenji said that they've played some games on Tuesday with their coursemates...! I was like what...?! No wonder they said that it's not boring yet it's fun... My sis said that they played games too while it was her turn last time...

Felt so tired of it.. Now I just hope that the courserep will quickly spread us into different classes... and start the lessons... and anything else...!!

I was having a not-so-good day actually... But... Thanks to KISS and QUEEN!! LOL!!


So glad that I don't have to go to college today 'cause I can sleep more! LOL

Wednesday, May 20, 2009


I'm back from going out with Yvonne and Kenji! Well actually I came back home for almost an hour.. but who cares!

Society Day at the Sport Complex in TARC..! KENJI WOKE UP LATE(izit..?)!! Late for a few minutes! (SWT)

Hmm.. Society Day.. The only thing I wanted to join is definitely.. Chinese Society's DRAMA GROUP!
While I'm watching those pictures of the drama group they put at the booth gallery, there's this guy from the Chinese Society like introducing the Drama Group for me, and told us that they have professional drama teachers to teach us, and the first thing I said immediately was "Milo..!" LOL 'cause he's also my high school drama teacher.. HAHA =X

They're going to have some kind of Chinese Society meeting in June.. Erm.. I don't really wanna go, all I wanna do is just start the drama lesson! That's all!

After I applied joining Chinese Society, we continued to see the other booths. And I saw Music Society!! And there's a guy sitting there playing electric guitar and another guy playing GuitarHero(LOL)!! I was like this *w*, and wanted to join! But hor, I stood there beside their booth table for a few minutes already still no one layan me lor!! So pissed! So I don't wanna join anymore!! Fuk them! LOL
I thought I might improve my guitar skills especially electric guitar after I join there.. But... HMMP!! FINE!! I'll continue to learn it myself!!

After that we just "explore" around the college! Oh ya before that, we went to buy the college bus tickets and Yvonne go to the office block to verify the SPM result.. I didn't verify mine 'cause.. I FORGOTTEN TO BRING MINE!! Ughhh!! I just brought my offer letter!! STUPID!!!

While "exploring", we met XiXiang and CBJ and some other friends of them! Well actually we saw them already in the Sports Complex.. and it's CBJ's birthday today! Lol Anyway, we met them while exploring near the swimming pool. Actually they saw us 'cause they're like far behind us. We thought they're just some random person so we didn't bother them at first LOL

*fast forward*

Filet is LOVE!!

Took Tarc bus to JJ! Kenji belanja us McD!
Lol while they're queuing to order, I went to look for table seats of course. And there's something disgusted me soooo much!!! They's this pair of couple, the girl was sitting on her bf's lap =.= W.T.F?!! UGGHHH so... Hello, this is a public place ok? You thought your home ah?! If you wanna do those things then go home la!! Damn annoying!! Grow up la people!
But after that when the place is getting more people they sat on their on seat already. Then we said actually it's because the guy's lap already numb. LOL.

We sat there for about an hour! You know why?? Because of...

THESE!!! (SAD 'cause the camera's focusing thingy getting bad)

We ate like crazy 'cause we're already full and there's too many! Then we bought ice cream to dip the fries... UGHHH FULLLL!!

After we finished, walked around, went to SnJ.. And guess what?? I met JuinBao there!! Damn long time didn't saw him already! At first I didn't notice who was that, then suddenly saw Kenji talking to him, so I look who was it.. and O.O JuinBao??!! LOL

Went to JJ department's stationary/toys part, and we bought something for the next coming birthday girl~

After we bought it and wrap it at SnJ, it's time to go home except for Kenji 'cause he saw his 5e3 classmates =\



American Idol 8 Finale tonight...!! I can't believe it's already the finale!

"I hope Adam will win..! (DUH which Adam fan doesn't?) If Kris wins, it might be those Adam haters who voted Kris.."

I'm NOT saying that Kris doesn't has any fans ok?

Some guys just don't know the drama behind the idols and think that the votes are fair, think themselves know it all.
Yes I'm talking to someone right now. If you think it's you, YES, it IS you.
Ughh I hate those know-it-all.

I hope Adam will win 'cause his voice is really rare, but if Kris win, that's good for him =)

Hmm.. I get to vote one vote for Adam just now since the voting time last for about 7 hours! Yay!

Can't watch the final result show the next morning 'cause my sis can't watch, so she don't let me watch =(


GLAY is going to perform in Music Station too!! Wehehhehe.. *drools* LOL


Going to college again tomorrow! 10am! *yawn*

Note: Fangirl mode right now

YAY!! GLAY is going to perform in MUSIC JAPAN this week this Sunday on 24 May(Lol Arricson's birthday!)!!

And LM.C also going to perform on that day too! Blah whatever I'm not a big fan of them HAHA =X


Ok... I had already planned to go to the Society Day in college with Yvonne and Kenji later..
Now I'm using the PC.. opened my Facebook.. saw TheAdamLambertConnection's shout out thingy.... Then only I realized..


I can't cancel my plan with them since it's just 15 minutes left..! And there's no way I'm going to cancel it 'cause they already prepare everything and I'm the one who asked them out..! I don't want to "fong fei gei".. so irresponsible ok??

Now, I kept logging in to Gizmo5. BUT HOR DUNNO WHY IT TAKES SO LONG TO LOGIN!! Now still logging in!! Maybe they's many people logging in too? I don't know...



Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Orientation Day 2

SWT Let the seniors zha dao..! Yesterday they said 8am to be at the DK D, but just now I arrived at about 7.50am..? I just saw a guy sat on the stairs, then I went out from my dad's car to see whether is there anyone at the DK. I opened the DK D's door and there's no one in there! So I went back to my dad's car to wait for a bit longer.. A few people came later, but still not many, so I went to wait there too.
Then suddenly one of our senior suddenly appeared and told us that the time we should be there is 9am!! SWT!!! (I wanna sleep more.. D=)

I manage to be a bit more aggressive to talk to another person. At first it's ok, but.. I don't know what to talk anymore! So of course just kept quiet. She also heard the seniors asked us to be there at 8am, so... it's not my problem! Yay!

(I didn't sit this place later 'cause Multimedias have to be at another side)

In the DK D I did talked A BIT to some of those people, but just those which sat in the same row with me. Actually didn't talk that much la, just talk more when we're exchanging contact thingies.. Then no more.

I felt kinda sorry to that first girl I talked to, 'cause.. it seems like I've left her out..! I mean, while our senior were guiding us around the college, I wanna catch up with the front ones, then I lost her! After the tour when I wanna search for her I can't see her 'cause there's too many people around there! Then when I went back into the DK and sat down, THEN I only saw her! And there's no place anymore in my row!!

UGHHH felt so bad and guilty for left her out..! 'Cause I know how exactly it feels like, I mean, to be left out by someone.. I don't know how she feel la, but I just felt so bad..! But she's just sooooo quiet..! Quiet than ME!! I'm already very quiet already la! Dunno la, maybe I just don't know her or whatever.
I don't like to be left out, and I don't wan't to let others to be left out too. But the problem is... WHAT TO SAY ABOUT??? And sometimes I just felt myself boring so n order to keep out from letting others boring, I just be alone myself..!

I saw those people over there.. I have no idea how those people can talk about so many stuffs! Some of them they already knew each other la, but most of them are not what! How ah? How they talk so many rubbish? crap stuffs!!? And why no one did that to me?!

Why no one talk to me har? And why they can't ask so many freakin' random questions to the others and chat for quite long time but not to me ah? Izit because I look too serious? Izit because of my height? Izit because I'm not short enough(why.. why is there so many people so short and I'm not..?! So suffering to stand around them la!!)? Izit because my hair look like bushes(what can I do? I have thick volume of hair! But I wanna let it be long 'cause the last time I had UGLY long hair was in Form2!)?! Izit because I'm not cute enough? Izit because I'm not pretty enought?? Izit because I look too lan si?? Izit because I look like a guy(face prob.. ya I admit myself I look like a guy, so what? I really think so.)?!! HAR?!! ANSWER ME LA!!

Ok obviously I'm crazy right now (Yvonne I want your mental prob medicine LOL). It's allll my own prob. Whatever.

Hmm, our senior are kinda funny especially the treasurer, she reminds me of my 5A class monitor.. (ughh I kinda miss my 5A classmates!) Then there's a moment they told us what we will have to buy, and the first thing that came to my mind was... DSLR CAMERA!!!! I WANT IT! They said it's not compulsory, but.. WHO CARES!! I WANT A DSLR CAMERA!! I'm love photography I MUST HAVE ONE OF THEM!! AND I WANT MORE ELECTRIC GUITARS!!!
But I won't be joining the Photography Club or whatever 'cause my sis told me her friend said that they suck (my sis' friend very pro in photography 1 leh, kai wan xiao..).

Oh ya, I suddenly remember something.. While the xia xiang fu wu people were "promoting" their own society. There's this video, well I watched the similar thing few years ago already since my sis was one of them..
Anyway, it makes me think of my drama life.. Well it's not the same thing but.. aiya I dunno how to say la! AND SUDDENLY MY TEARS DROP!!! SWT! Luckily they switched off the lights already Hehe!
...I wanna perform on the stage again..! Can't wait to join the Chinese Society JUST to join their drama group. (Why... why does it have to be part of the Chinese Society...?!)

Whatever la, this is my blog. I want write how long is my business la.

Ok.. After everything is over around 12.20pm I THINK, went to toilet.. *LOL fast forward*
Saw Yvonne and she said she got her student ID already! I went to Black B (eh thx ah Yvonne 'cause I actually dunno where to get it), then I saw a looooooooooooonnnnnnnnnnggggggggggggggggggg queue, I think already more than 1km lor.
Then I saw XiXiang! Said Hi then go queue. From around 12.45++pm... wait... wait... wait.. Sms-ed my mum my dad my sis.. Then my sis called me.. talk... talk.. talk... Horrible butterfly flying around me (HORROR!! IT'S VERY CLOSE TO ME OK?!! phobia... PHOBIAAA) Finished talking to me sis after 15+minutes, wait.. wait... wait... An d FINALLY!! I FEEL AIRCON!!! *fast forward* DONE!!

Guess what's the time? About 3pm++. And I haven't take my lunch yet.
But I rather faster finish getting the ID the I don't have to bother it anymore.

Later I took the TARC bus home.. Hehe the first time I took the bus..
Actually I'm suppose to go home by TARC bus but I'm not really sure how to give the ticket etc so I tumpang Yvonne mum's car Hehe (why you want tell you're mum la! Fuk!)
Eh the TARC bus I took just now, I LOVE THE BUS!! 'cause I was sweating like hell!!! AIRCONNDD!!!!!

When I arrived near my house outside walking down the slop, my stomach hurts!! Hungry-ness + walking down the slop + vibrate = stomach hurt!! DX
After I arrived home I lied to my mum that I bought chocolate to eat, actually I haven't eat anything, 'cause later she scold me(worry later kena gastric mar)..

Ok la nothing to write anymore! FINALLY!

Oh ya the last thing!
Tomorrow going to the Society Day thingy at the college hall with Yvonne and Kenji!


Ei Yvonne nah! This is for you to watch de! w-inds. collabo with your G-DRAGON

... I don't like this type of w-inds. =__="
And how come they become so freakin boring?!! (the way they talk)

These is the w-inds I loved

Keita was so cute and looks much better in those days.. And his voice is just so cute..

SAD =(

BUT!! I don't like to look at Keita anymore 'cause it reminds me of someone I don't wanna think of!! BLUARGHH!!!

But whatever! Now X JAPAN and hide and GLAY are my loves!

Monday, May 18, 2009

Orientation Day 1

....What can I say? BORING ~_~

Speeches speeches and MORE speeches of course..

There's 4 5A(my high school class) students study in TARC SSH - me, Yvonne, CBJ and XiXiang. But all of us took different course. Me Diploma in Multimedia Design, Yvonne Cert in MassCom PR, CBJ Cert in MassCom Graphic Design, and XiXiang in Hotel Management. Hehe kinda proud of the 3 of us 'cause our class.. Well most of the people in our school, I mean, my previous school, most of them discriminates us, ART class students.. Blah whatever!

After alllll the speeches.. It's time for us to separate into our courses..
When I step out of the hall, I only saw the "Fashion Design" sign and another one I forgot what course was it. Then I heard those new students asking where's the Graphic Design sign, they said it's at the front. Then I heard another person asked for Multimedia Design, and those people asked them just follow the track, so.. I just follow them =_+
After that I finally saw the Graphic Design sign! Then suddenly I heard someone yelling "Multimedia Design!!", so I increase my walking speed see whether the Multimedia Design group is at the front. In the end, they're really at the front.. ==" So fast go away for what!!!

Tomorrow morning, 8am at DK D.. 8AM...!! *snore*

Going to be alone in college.....?? Ugh I don't know..!

Those people over there, some of them are normal, some of them are lala, some of them nerdy(mostly the guys HAHA =X) Blahh whatever not my business! But hor, some of the girls really annoying.. especially the one in the college hall that sat at the front row of me.. the phone kept ringing but she won't off it or set it silent mode, just let it keep ringing.. UGHH!

Oh ya! I suddenly remember while waiting for those people walking to their groups, the college hall played some songs, and they played Katy Perry's Hot N Cold and Lady GaGa's Poker Face! Yay! LOL!!


Lol at Wang Ren Ru

Swt he pronounce SUGIZO's name as SKIZO or SKIYO =_=
Ughh!!! Taiwan Live in 30 May... NOOO!!!!!

Ok the end byebye LOL

Saturday, May 16, 2009

16 May 09

Hello fellow muggles(LOL watched Harry Potter and the Sorcerer Stone last night haha)!

This is the movie that GLAY sang their OST

And I want THIS and THIS!!
The Great Vacation Vol.1 A and B..! Pre Order already RM250++ EACH!! After it release.. might become about >RM400 EACH!! NOOO!!!

But both of the album are the same, it's just the difference between the DVDs.. The Album A's DVD has all their PVs, and the Album B's DVD is their pure soul "MOVIE" (1998 pure soul tour's documentary footage)..
Hmm.. I think the Album A is better...??

But!! The album is called "The Great Vacation VOL.1"..! What does VOL.1 mean..?!! Does it mean there's going to be a VOL.2..??? Or MORE..?!?!?!

AHHH!! BUT I'm already broke.. I only left RM58+ in my bank 'cause I ordered GLAY I am XXX Limited Edition and We Love hide Normal Edition!!



Oh ya! My friend Yvonne just open a blog to sell some stuffs that she made!
Visit *HERE*!!

Friday, May 15, 2009

15 May 09

Damn bored so I just copy paste some tag from my email from Kenji and Yvonne.. YAWN!!


问卷游戏规则:看完我的问卷后,一定要把所有的答案改成你自己的,然后寄给你认识的人,包括寄这封信给你的人。这个理论要说的是,你将会更了解你的朋友~~~~把邮件也寄回给你的寄件人。记住回复 ......

>现在几点/几号: 9:24am 15 May 2009 (my stomach hurts and it woke me up =_=)

>你在哪里读书: Going to study in TARC

>你在读什么科目: Multimedia Design

>你在哪里工作: Not having any job right now

>上一次吹蜡烛的数目: Err.. on Earth Hour i think? LOL

>你通常吹熄这些蜡烛的日期: “这些”?

>你们家养过什么动物: None

>星座: Cancer

>你有纹身吗: None, I won't get any next time 'cause it feels scary and painful. But I think some of them are really artistic.

>喜欢目前的生活吗: NOW?! I'm bored like crazy! Waiting for starting my college life!

>喝过酒吗: Ya and I don't like it.. I don't like the bitter taste and the alcohol smell.

>不爱吃的东西: Food that I think they sucks.. like.. salary(dunno how to spell)

> 喜欢吃的东西: Chocolate cake, chocolate chip cookies, pastries, spagetthi, dumpling etc

> 喜欢喝什么: Milo ice

> 最喜欢的数字: 22

> 最喜欢的电影: Sweeney Todd, High School Musical series, Kamikaze Girls, Harry Potter, L ~change the world~ etc

> 喜欢的卡通人物: Rilakkuma

> 喜欢的品牌: Didn't care much about branded stuffs.. But dunno why I like Maybelline LOL And Anna Sui 'cause I like the design.

> 最怀念的日子: Hmm..Watch/listen X JAPAN's reunion live through KeyHoleTV and live streaming, and listen to a few seconds of X JAPAN's HongKong live through my sis' phone!!!

> 伤心的经验: Err.. Hmm.. many leh..oh ya the latest one i think is failing my driving test D=

> 最喜欢星期几: Friday and Saturday

> 最喜欢的季节: Winter and Autumn

> 喜欢的花: None

> 喜欢的运动: None.. =X

> 最怕什么东西: Insects which has wings.. Especially BUTTERFLY.. and grashopper and beatles and.. err.. caterpillar... EWWWW!! (But Caterpie in Pokemon is really cute :3)

> 如果有来世: Actually I dunno what 来世 actually mean, but I'll answer it like Kenji and Yvonne.. I wanna be a guitarist, photographer, hair stylist, makeup artist etc

> 最讨厌的事: Too many la..

> 最喜欢的事: Eat the food I love (LOL), being with my family happily, buying/collecting X JAPAN/hide/GLAY stuffs(which makes me broke LOL), doing the things I love.

> 觉得自己十年后会在哪里:After 10 years.. 28 years old.. a guitarist? photographer? still learning stuffs? I don't know!

> 寄这封邮件给你的上一个人是谁: Kenji first, then Yvonne.

> 无聊的时候你大多会做些什么: Watch TV, eat, search for X JAPAN/hide/GLAY stuffs, sit/lie down doing nothing..

> 世界上最恼人的事: MANY!! Why is there death? Why is there sooo many weird diseases? How does the Bermuda Triangle exist? How's the ozone layer now? Is the world going to end some day? How come you won't remember how you die after u're reborn?? AHHH!! (Yes I'm thinking nonsence, but seriously.. WHY??)

> 世界上最好的事: If the world have no negative or bad things happen.

> 觉得同性恋如何: I think lesbians are worst than gays. I'm still feeling a bit weird about it.. but I think some of the gay people are really funny and cute though. Lol.

> 如果有人误会你: Try to explain, if it doesn't work.. erm.. oh well.

> 有想过要怎么对付你讨厌的人吗: Err.. swt.. actually no.. never thought of that o__o" Maybe because it's just wasting my time and mind.

> 通常几点上床睡觉: 11++pm~12pm

> 你觉得谁会先回这封信: Well I'm not sending this to anyone since I'm going to post it in my blog.. so.. blah.

> 你觉得谁是最不可能回复的人: I'm not sending to anyone. (NAHH Yvonne! I got do this tag leh!)

> 你现在最想见的人: hide.. I so wish that somehow he become alive again.. X JAPAN, Hisashi, GLAY.

> 你想在几岁结婚: 26~28

> 有想过自杀吗: Ya..? Years ago.. Well sometimes I feel like dying but I'll never kill myself since I have too many things I still wanna do.

> 最希望谁回信: Blah.

> 想不想和发邮件给你的人一起吃个便饭: Dun wan. HAHA!



While doing this quiz and talk about the Bermuda Triangle, I went to search for it in googles and watch the videos etc Then I found this


And watch this

... *sob*



Thursday, May 14, 2009

GLAY I am xxx PV

The beginning of the PV was a bit funny especially 0:27! (0:29 the first shadow was obviously Hisa XD)
Teru with eyeshadow! And so LOL 'cause everyone's having hair extensions..! except..Takuro..=_="
So sad 'cause I can't see Hisa's face!! >___<>

Tuesday, May 12, 2009


Went to Sg Wang again yesterday! But this time is going with Yvonne and YenTing~

Damn bored while waiting for YenTing at Monorail Bukit Nanas station.. Waited her for an hour!! Me and Yvonne kept counting how many train had passed by and found out that some of the train.. had already passed by for a few times...!!! SWT!!
In the end, we found out that there're 10 trains an hour, means a train arrive every 6 minutes =_+
So guys, if you missed a monorail train, you have to wait for 6 minutes for the next train = =

When we arrived, first we went to eat. I brought them to Sushi Station but in the end they don't really like it 'cause the sushi isn't fresh.. I didn't knew that 'cause I ate the sushi there just once and the other times I didn't order anymore 'cause I don't wanna use finish my money =S I always went the 'cause their Gyoza ramen taste good. Lol.

After that, time for taking purikuras!!!
We've been saying to take purikura together when we were still in Form 4, means 2 years ago! Finally we took it now!

First purikura machine

Second purikura machine

I like the first machine 'cause I don't know how to control the second machine..!
You see the green part!! Dunno why is it like this!! But I like the pics.. Hehe.
BUT!! The first machine has many funny and cute stuffs compare to the second one! I kept laughing while looking back at it!

Usually I always take purikuras with my sis and of course it's always fun and funny! The last time we took, I think it's in February D= I wonder when will we go take again?? And same with Yvonne and Yenting!

After that we went to Pavilion! Visited ahEng who was working in Padini Concept store.. (Kinda miss working in SEED.. but it's really boring when there's no customers!!) Saw a necklace which the pendant was a shape of an electric guitar, and a ring with a model of a disc on it! Which I really like it! But of course I didn't buy it 'cause I think it's kinda expensive..! And some of the clothings are nice too.. Grr.. I HATE PADINI!! So expensive for what?!!

Went into Teddy Tales (wait, is it Teddy Tales? I forgot =_="), and saw many cow plushies!! They're so soft.. hehe.. But not soft enough!! And I saw those chain thingys for hanging on the pants, I was thinking of buying it to send it to Adam, but I have not enough money =_="

We also went to buy Starbucks and BaskinRobins 312(BR) <-LOL .. I mean, I bought Starbuck's Chocolate Cream Chip ice blended, they bought BR ice-cream.. Starbucks.. Damn expensive!! But I wanna drink it so badly!! =X Then we sat outside the BaskinRobbin store, which I don't know the place is for people to sit on..! Really love the design..! After we finished eating/drinking, it's time to go home! But YenTing still don't wanna go back yet 'cause she wanna wait for Eng's break time... =_=" So dangerous ok?! But.. oh well.. (Ughh when will they be together?! So bored to look at them like this!)

Yvonne made this for me, she also made for YenTing but I think YenTing's is much prettier 'cause there's a cake..!! HAHA =X
When I reached home I found out that the "N" ending tip is gone! Maybe because I kept pressing it while I wanna clip on my pants.. Hahha.



p/s: Internet Explorer SUX!!!!