Tuesday, April 21, 2009

I want them ALL!!!

Well.. not really all actually D=

What am I talking about? If you're tired of me fangirling, then you just don't have to see this post! GO!! SHOOH!!!

My God!! Visual Shoxx blogspot has pre-order of X JAPAN's following Tour goods!!

These, on the left, is the goods I want!!
Total of the goods is 24 items, but there's only 7 I don't want! Wait.. I also want the phone strap but i didn't cut and paste here..! So that makes.. I want 17 items!! Some of them even have different colours!! SWT!!

I want the pamphlet the most (I'm a photobook/mag collector!!)!! 'cause.. YOU SEE *THIS!!! HIDE is so..!! X3 but that hide is from 11 or 12 years ago ._.

The bags and Tshirts..! I want them the second most!! 'cause I can wear them and bring them everywhere!! Eh wait, I dun like the TshirtC..! So just ignore it LOL! The take out bag, I want black colour of course! White+purple is sooo not X! Lol!

I want the torchlight keyholder! 'cause..!! The image of the light is the X JAPAN logo!! That's so cool ok?!! (lol i used to write Hisashi's name at the torchlight so when I on it there's Hisa's name when I put near the wall when I was a kid XD)

The towels.. I can hang them on the wall..!! o(*w*"

The others.. I just think they look cool and pretty! HAHA =X
ChocoCrunch.. I just like the container XD The chococrunch is very common only.. SEE! But I ♥ chococookies...owo

Sooo... The list of the goods, from those I wanted the most to the least ones are...
1. ***Pamphlet
2. ***Tshirts(all)
3. **Bags(all)
4. *Towels
5. Phone Strap
6. *Torchlight keyholder
7. Stick Light (i want blue colour, suit their concert while performing their ballads :3)
8. Vanity Pouch and WristBand
9. ChocoCrunch and Chopstick
10. Tumbler and Pass&Card Case

*Those without stars can just forget about it

BUT.. The price.. of course... is damn expensive...
If I want all those with * total is about.. SGD$535.. ABOUT RM1294!!! *DIES*
And hor.. VisualShoxx's price is way more expensive... Like the pamphlet, is 4000yen, which is SGD$61, but they sell for SGD$100..!! The TakeOutBag is 700yen, which is just SGD$10.75, but they sell it for SGD$20.. =3=

If I just buy the Pamphlet/Tshirt already cost me RM241++ per item..! (if it's yen just RM148++ lor.. =.=) And haven't add n shipping fees and paypal fees!

Sigh.. I thought I was going to buy some of it, but.. look at the price!! If I'm still working at SEED, maybe I'll buy at least the pamphlet or maybe one of the tshirt...

...It's so hard to be a legend band's fan..!! T_____T And especially.. Japan's expenses are always very high..!

Ughhh I'm dying...!!

The lastest limited edition hide doll.. VisualShoxx also pre-order it.. I don't really like it, but.. LIMITED EDITION!!!!

Ughh!! WHATEVER!!!


Hmm.. The resit date of my driving test is 27th April, next week..!
I really hope I'll pass it.. I can't sleep last night and it's suffering.. (but later I did sleep hehe)
Hope that everthing will be Ok..

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