Wednesday, April 22, 2009

I haz TATTOO..?!!


Since I started to watch Miami Ink, I can't help myself to get one tattoo too!! 'Cause is so artistic etc!!

Lol it's obviously fake.. I didn't watch Miami Ink already.. Just getting bored last time after I watched Miami Ink when I can't sleep so just "practice" make up skill and drawing skill.. HAHA =X

The lips is cacat!! And so is the nose!

Even help it put on blush! Haha!

Far view.. CACAT!!!
I'm only good at drawing/sketching eyes left eye(that's why you can see I didn't draw the right eye) and hair! Face, lips, nose.... hehe...|||

Anyway, I still think tattoo is very artistic, and the skill is.. wow.. BUT I won't wanna get any tattoo 'cause it's so scary and pain...! *shivers*


Hmm, was going to see my drama juniors practice their drama at SzeYang's house for TEA TIME 16.. But.. decided to stay at home, 'cause my mum is arranging stuffs like shoe racks, paint cans etc and packing some stuff to recycle and other stuffs.. If I'm at home at least I can help her or like.. if there's anything happen I can contact my dad immediately os anything else..
Just now she even said that she felt a bit dizzy while moving those things.. I mean, she's always like this, but it just makes me more worried..

I just can't leave her alone, even last time at night she was going to her office to take some stuffs I was worried that she'll suddenly forget the way home or any accident happen..
What if anything happen..?

If I can be by her side but I just don't stay close to her, and suddenly she just fainted at home alone or anything else, I'll be regret as hell...!!


Haha now listening to Miley's songs. My fav is "The Climb" and "7 things"~! Next would be "See You Again" =D

Ugh I can't believe Hannah Montana The Movie is going to show in the cinemas in JUNE!!
I thought I can finally watch it 'cause in America is in April = THIS MONTH!!

Hmm.. Now I'm waiting 3 movies..!
Hannah Montana The Movie, 17 Again(Yay Chandler Matthew Perry and Zac!!), and...
HARRY POTTER AND THE HALF-BLOOD PRINCE(lol i mistyped this as "price" =X)!!


Countdown: *2 Months* *10 days*

10 days to X JAPAN's Tour in Tokyo!



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