Thursday, April 9, 2009

GLAY in NHK Top Runner

**Fangirl post

Yay! So lucky that I didn't miss GLAY in NHK's TV show "Top Runner"!!

Usually when I saw this show title(Top Runner) I didn't change to that channel, but dunno why last night when I saw the show title, I just change the channel to NHK, and...

O___O?!! TAKURO?!?!


Luckily I changed to this channel!! 'Cause me and my sis get to watch this!!

GLAY "Yuuwaku" PV


Their 1997 concert

Hisa and Jiro

Their "Blue Jean" era

Their latest song, "SAY YOUR DREAM"

Live Performance in the show

Hisa is pert! (pretty) :3

Here's the performance! Searched it in Youtube! HEH!!

Hell! They performed the whole song!! Which is more than 12 minutes!! The longest GLAY song!! X3

It's been awhile we didn't saw GLAY appear in NHK/TV! I'm so happy while watching it! AND HISA IS SO CUTE AND PRETTY!! (I kept saying that he's very very pretty while watching it! LOL)

I started to love GLAY since I was 12 and my sis was 16. It's been more than 5 years now since me and my sis love GLAY!

Watched their performances years ago, and now, this year is their 15th anniversery, but they didn't change at all!! I mean how they move while performing.. Their movements are still the same! It's seems like they didn't grew older or something! XD
But.. when it said TAKURO is 38 years old, I was like.. O__O Oh yea.. Hisa was born in 1972.. 2009-1972=...37!!! HISA is getting older!! NOOOO!!! *cries* But he doesn't looked THAT old.. :3
And I dunno why JIRO still looks so young!! He's also 37 this year but why he looks so young?!
TAKURO.. I think his looks is the same =_=" just older A BIT. And TERU became fatter =X


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