Monday, April 6, 2009


I'm bored.

What I did these days except for online, watch TV, eat and sleep?

Play with cosmetics (my skin haz freakin many pimples)

I think eye make-up is the most important, it really change a person's look, don't you think?

Who want eye make-up service can contact me HAHA JK
But if u wan also can la, pay RM10 =X (What la.. RM10 is quite cheap lor.. you thought outside got this cheap ah? =X or not RM5 lor.. I didn't get any profit also.. =X)

Practice my electric guitar *yes I look guy-ish so what?*

Kept practicing "Rusty Nail"!! Ommph!!
Gotta be like Hisa or hide someday!!

Do my hair..

Straighten it..

Anyone want to straighten their hair also can contact me, not permanant 1.. RM5.. =X LOL

What? I'm lack of money right now!! So what?! (LOL)

Draw something on my hand.. with.. EYEBROW PENCIL LOL!!
(we didn't use it so just waste it lol)

LOL these two days watched Miami Ink in ch707 'cause my dad is going to do some event about tattoo.. I think tattoo is kinda cool, I mean.. it's really hard to draw so many tiny details..! But.. ... I still think it's freakin scary!!!!! X______X

And my sis asked me to draw Adam's tattoo on her wrist just like Adam. Lol

Since I've got nothing to do, I draw some hide's eyes on my wrist! Haha!

The eye at the top is just some random hide eye in my mind

The eye on the right is based on this hide pic

The bottom 1 is based on this.. which the eyes are not balance!!

I just good at drawing left eyes.. right eyes are hard to draw!! x_x

I love this eye.. Haha!


Heh, now playing Restaurant City in Facebook!
I don't know why, but me and my sis can just do nothing but just watch those characters walking around, cooking, serving customers, customer eat, customers asking for chairs, customers go in and out... like watching TV!! HAHA!


My mum brought me to practice driving yesterday and the day before yesterday.. I'm so sad about yesterday..

My driving skill is kinda smooth now, so my mum brought me to a parking place to let me practice turning.. But... dunno why.. I SUX!! I nearly hit a tree!(this is the 2nd time..) and also nearly hit a LORRY!! A RED BIG GIANT LORRY!! (which is parked on a parking spot)

I'm so sad.. Before this I'm not that really afraid of driving like before.. But now.. this makes me scared again..!!



X JAPAN vids.

Yay The End Blah.

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