Thursday, April 2, 2009

April Random Post

Random Post again..

1. American Idol
2. Lady GaGa
3. Chitty Chitty Bang Bang
4. X JAPAN Hehe
5. Blahh (in chinese 'cause not important)


1. American Idol

Hmm.. I'm really sad that Megan was out in American Idol.. Second fav contestant of mine..! I cried when I watch the show 'cause I don't want her to go..! She's just so unique, pretty, cute, weird, goofy, funny..! She's really really unique and different from the others..!
She acts like a bird cawing but so what? She's Megan!

Bye Megan.. We hearts you!! CAWWW!!!!


2. Lady GaGa

The first time I heard her song "Poker Face" was on the radio in my dad's car.. I forgot when it was.. January or Feb or March.. I don't know who she was, but I really like this song when I first heard it 'cause I think it's different..!

After that I saw the TV (those MTV or Channel [V]'s commercial), then I know how she looks like

She performed Poker Face in AI Top 9 elimination day!

She looks insane right? But I think she's really cool and awesome!!

I have no idea that she knew how to play the piano! She's so cool and different!!
That's a really crazy dance at the end, but.. that's really hard to do ok?!!

I really love this version! And I think she looks cute in here!

Another song of hers, "Fooled Me Again, Honest Eyes"

Ok! She's in one of my Favourite Musician List now! Haha!
Wait.. I mean.. My favourite western musician list, on the top! =D

I'm sure that she's a perfectionist!


3. Chitty Chitty Bang Bang

Yes! Finally! I've been waited for this show in Diney Channel (although it viewed this film many times already), but I wanna watch it because I wanna watch this:

I really love this!! It's really hard to do these..!


4. X JAPAN Hehe

X JAPAN World Tour in Taiwan CM

Lucky fans.. Hmmp!


5. Blahh (in chinese you won't wanna read 'cause it's boring)

这几天/几个星期都只是在家里上网,看电视,练吉他,吃喝,睡... 很想出街(我要买mascara到现在都还没买)可是又很懒!可是在家里又没有东西做!矛盾!不过在家里比较轻松舒服啦~

嗯.. 我决定了!我要加入拉曼的戏剧组!我要表演啊~~!!
还有,我还编了一部剧呢!这部剧也当然是写实剧~ 我不到非写实的,因为自己不是很会非写实也不太喜欢!(如果是看非写实剧就喜欢啦)
个人还觉得蛮不错的~(炸到,竟然讲自己偏的剧不错 =.=)But是真的啦,我觉得蛮不错.. 我问我姐姐concept好不好她也是讲很好..


I decided to join TARC's drama group..! I wanna perform on the stage again.. really miss it..!


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