Saturday, April 25, 2009


7 days to go..


*Fangirling post


There's going to be a new hide official book!!! Holy KRWAP!!!!
The contents of the book are not done yet, but... there's SOUND SYSTEM GUIDE!!
I'm soooooo looking forward to it's release!! 'Cause I don't know anything about sound system at all!!

God!! I wonder when will it release?? I have to save money to buy it again!!
'Cause.. I have to do/buy many stuffs!!
I have to cosplay with my sis, I have to buy X JAPAN Memorial Photo Album..
AND!! Those guitar effect thingy and an electric bass and an amp for the bass!! All from here!!
And now, a new hide official book?!?!?!!

.........I have to save money like CRAZY!!

But! I'm gonna start saving only in May! 'Cause.. I've got no money in April, I mean, just RM50 as my allowance 'cause I just stays at home during these months, and I used most of the money last time when I went out with my sis...
Well maybe I'll save the leftover money.

Then... starting from May... TIME TO SAVE MY MONEY!!!

Oh ya! The 「We Love hide~The Best in The World~」 album is going to release in 25 April!!
Am I going to buy it too? I guess not, 'cause it's so freakin' expensive! RM100++!!
I'll use the money to save it to buy the book! D=

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