Monday, April 27, 2009


5 days to go..


Hehe, yesterday me and my sis went to JJ to buy some stuffs for her knight cosplay use like glue and tape etc

After that, we applied JCard!

So nice just to look it! XD

Helped my sis to do the armor, BUT.. it's so freakin damn hard to make it!!
I kept thinking how to make it and where to start until I became angry!!

I'm going to cosplay as a priest, but hor.. still thinking whether I should order from other people or just make it myself..!
I mean, I don't know how to make a clothing, but it's seems fun..!

I want my priest dress to be like the left one but not the right one.
How to make it?? I don't even know!


Lol, changed my blog profile photo.
The same word - FAKE! Haha!! 'cause it's so not me!

Just getting bored few days ago, so just play some dress up!
Mix and match, blah.. just not the style that I'll usually look!
Hope that I can wear like that to go out anywhere.. but later others will said that not suitable for me or whatever.. or maybe not suit our country etc..


Watched MUSIC JAPAN last night, because I wanna watch SID's performance! They performed Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood's ending theme~ Haha

Ohh~ I ♥ Mao's voice! XD (stupid video isn't same with the audio)

And there's this old band called LINDBERG, I think the vocalist's voice is not that good, but I think she's very cool! XD

After 7 year, they're reunion!

Oh ya, so swt that MUSIC JAPAN has some new things like that MJ Dance =_="

And there's a Top 5 ranking of songs that most of the people listen when they broke up or something.. And number one is PRINCESS PRINCESS! The song is called [M]

Kanako is so cool!!

I wonder will they reunion like LINDBERG or X.. D=

Oh ya! And I also watched Wednesday J-POP too few days ago!
I don't like Yuzu, but I like their song "Aitai", which is the ending theme of the Japanese drama "Ghost Friends"(this drama kinda nice yet a bit funny coz it's kinda fake! haha)

GLAY - Aitai Kimochi

This is non-related to Yuzu, but saw it while searching for Yuzu's Aitai, so I just paste it! HAHA =X


Going to practice driving tomorrow! And the next day... RESIT OF DRIVING TEST!! SOB!!


BenZhu said...

yesterday we oso go to JJ
but is at nite =D

KaedE said...

what..?! got who? why no ajak me!! T___T