Tuesday, April 28, 2009


4 days to go...


Came back from driving practice just now. The test is on tomorrow morning.

I think... tomorrow it's going to be ok..? 'cause I think I drove pretty well just now :D (Lol)
And I kept speeding my car =X My driving teacher don't know went to somewhere, just left me to practice myself.. I mean, not quite far la the car's speed, but in the area is quite fast =X
ahEng passed his driving test already! Hope I'll pass this time..! >w<)o Talking about ahEng.. GOD!! When will he and Ting be together?!??! I'm tired of looking at them like this! Faster become couple la!! Sien!! --- Hmm.. few days ago dreamed of Wang Dong Cheng! I wanna conitue the dream but it didn't work D= (LOL) I wanna dream Wang Dong Cheng again last night, but instead of him, I dream of Adam! But... it's not a happy dream..! Well.. that dream, I don't know where's the venue 'cause it kept changing between a roadside and a sport stadium. I was with my dad, my sis.. I dunno where she went. Then suddenly I saw Adam near beside me somewhere giving autographs to a person(I have no idea who was that but that's a Adam fan I guess?). After I saw him, of course I want to get his autograph too! I just waited beside him, waiting him finish giving autograph to that person. I was waiting for that person's pen, I thought that he was going to continue giving another autograph to any fan using the same pen. But..! That "fan" kept back the pen(well that pen belongs to the "fan")!! I was like o__o?! Then I kept searching for a pen from my bag pack but because inside my bag pack was kinda messy, I took quite some time to found my pen. Then Adam gets annoyed and said something! I forgot what he said, I think is something like, if you wanna get an autograph just get a pen or what? I don't know! I've forgotten! I just remember he was annoyed! Later my sis appear! Then I told her about it etc etc.. It's very sad you know?!! Adam gets annoyed because of ME!!!! SAD!!!! Oh ya, and this dream, someone was in it too. Guess who? REIKI!! LOL HAHAH!!!

And another dream, dreamed of my classmates!
Don't know why we went back to our school, if I'm not wrong.. int the dream we're like.. about 20++ years old! Maybe we went back to our high school to see our previous school life memories? Haha.

I just remember there's me, Yvonne, Yenting, ahEng, LihFeh, SzeMun, SuFong (dun have WenChing =X), TingSen, BoonJian, XiXiang them in the dream..

Hmm.. Am I missing my high school life..? Or my classmates? Or what?
I don't really know 'cause I don't think my high school life is that happy.

Am I missing hanging out with my friends?
I don't really know too 'cause I'm always with myself in the class.. well maybe I do miss them.. But I just don't like to be with them 'cause I'm freaking quiet and a boring person.. But..
Ughhh I don't know!!


When is there going to announce any X JAPAN related news??!?!
Someone's getting bored here.. ME!!!!

4 days... 4 days left to the Tokyo Tour! And.. something more important than the tour..

*random X video =D*

Eww.. why is Toshi the one saying the poem-like part.. so weird.. HAHA

Hmm..hide.. D=

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