Wednesday, April 29, 2009


3 days to go...



I'm so happy!! X3

FINALLY I passed! I'm really happy right now 'cause I don't have to go there anymore, don't have to take the test no more!! YAY!!! HAHA!!

Here's some random pics I took using my sucky phone while practicing driving or whatever!

First day of driving lesson I think..?

Waiting for my turn to take the driving test last week

"The Climb"

Yesterday before going to driving practice, waiting my driving teacher

Know where's this place? ^^*

Waiting for parking practice

Going back home..
KLPac! Went there once to watch a drama performance..
I wanna go back visit again someday 'cause it's really a nice place ^^

Random lol

Yesterday. Arrive home before the rain started.

Today/just now. waiting for my turn.

Ended my driving test, PASSED!
While waiting for my driving teacher, I saw a cat. So I just "investigate" it.
Guess what it was doing..? It dig a hole and then just stood there quietly...! o__o|||
LOL I quickly stop looking at the cat! HORROR EWW!! HAHA

My driving test results. Lol.
Then middle one is the one I failed last week, the right one is the retake :3


Bought this yesterday morning while going to JJ with my mum.
Wanna start diet or eat healthy or whatever since I started to watch The Biggest Loser(watch it everyday 7pm only on Hallmark =D LOL).

I just saw these so I bought it...

This bar taste good :3

But you know what..? I kinda regret to buy them,'cause..
Last night my mum cooked some chicken wings, which has damn high calories, I forgotten that I wanna cut down eating high calorie food, so I ate them D= But.. my mum put so much effort to cook for us, and I ♥ chicken wings.. So.. :3

And this morning, I ate the cereal until I wanna vomit! LOL! 'cause it doesn't fill up my stomach and I'm still feeling hungry! And of course, the milk is cold. So.. my stomach was just like empty..!



Oh ya, I've mention that new "hide book" few days ago, it's going on sale in May...
But... I can't buy it.. 'cause it's published by WeROCK! Which is only in Japan!!
This makes me sad... D=

Oh well~ Gonna watch American Idol to forget about it(i wish =_=)..
Yay to Adam and Allison! I want them to win! Adam at the first place and Allison at the second place! AI8 couple! Ooo... OwO

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