Thursday, April 30, 2009


2 days to go...



hide's personal goods at X JAPAN's Tokyo Dome live!!

I love the pink tshirt!! The others.. are not so nice =D
The pink tshirt is really nice! But.. the slogan... "hide in the world".. that's so weird.. HAHA


Just visited Chirolyn, DIE and INA's blog (from hide with Spread Beavers).. And found out that Chirolyn was Gackt's support bassist on 24 April's Music Station!
So I went to search in YouTube again.. Haha

I think Chirolyn is the one with red hair on the left..? Hmm..


It's the last day of April today and it's going to be May!
Which mean.. 18 days later.. it's time to go for college!!!


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