Monday, April 13, 2009


Went to KLCC with my sis last Friday~
Actually we're going to the PC Fair but my sis was having bad mood so we just walk around in KLCC.

Where will we go 100% when we're at KLCC??

1. Kinokuniya

2. Isetan!!

And guess what?? It was having a Japan fair thingy (dunno how to say), so you can find some famous japan stuffs.. like..


Right hand side in the pic

Hello Kitty luggage bags!

Haha, I immediately call Yvonne to tell her 'cause she loved HKitty very much! But too bad she's still at Ipoh! Weheh! =X
Ei I very hard to take these pics 1 leh, should thank me la wei =X




But.. why do they have to be so so SOOOO expensive.... *cries*

If there's a chance I'll buy it...! But yet I dun wanna buy it too, 'cause.. what if it became dusty? And where should I display it!!?

Blah whatever.

Japanese food!!

I tell you people!! DAMN EXPENSIVE LOR!!! A box of sushi/salmon (more than 10 pieces) cost more than RM30++++++!! And a bowl of ramen or other noodles cost about RM30 or 40!!!

It's really expensive, but we did bought something..


So lol when we saw it, 'cause we saw this thing in Nicotto! I can't believe we actually get to see/eat the real thing!

*yay kiot food*

It's actually just like chinese tang yuan, but it's harder and cold.

I think the pink 1 is use sakura petal 1, the white color is plain...
It looks very cute, but hor..
The GREEN 1 SUX!!!

At first before me and my sis eat it, we thought it was green tea flavour or what, but NO!! It taste so weird!!! Eat till I wanna throw out!! Eat till... eat till I wanna die!!



*wakes* oh wait!! I forgot!!
I bought a new mascara!!


Actually I want to buy another 1, that what Extend Lash ah? Dunno it's name la forgot already. But I can't find it in SaSa, and those promoters are damn annoying, so I just give up. Their voice is just too geli.

So I buy this Maybelline 1, I already wanna buy it since Poupee has it

Hehe so cute =X

Ok la no more *DIES*

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