Thursday, April 30, 2009


2 days to go...



hide's personal goods at X JAPAN's Tokyo Dome live!!

I love the pink tshirt!! The others.. are not so nice =D
The pink tshirt is really nice! But.. the slogan... "hide in the world".. that's so weird.. HAHA


Just visited Chirolyn, DIE and INA's blog (from hide with Spread Beavers).. And found out that Chirolyn was Gackt's support bassist on 24 April's Music Station!
So I went to search in YouTube again.. Haha

I think Chirolyn is the one with red hair on the left..? Hmm..


It's the last day of April today and it's going to be May!
Which mean.. 18 days later.. it's time to go for college!!!


Wednesday, April 29, 2009


3 days to go...



I'm so happy!! X3

FINALLY I passed! I'm really happy right now 'cause I don't have to go there anymore, don't have to take the test no more!! YAY!!! HAHA!!

Here's some random pics I took using my sucky phone while practicing driving or whatever!

First day of driving lesson I think..?

Waiting for my turn to take the driving test last week

"The Climb"

Yesterday before going to driving practice, waiting my driving teacher

Know where's this place? ^^*

Waiting for parking practice

Going back home..
KLPac! Went there once to watch a drama performance..
I wanna go back visit again someday 'cause it's really a nice place ^^

Random lol

Yesterday. Arrive home before the rain started.

Today/just now. waiting for my turn.

Ended my driving test, PASSED!
While waiting for my driving teacher, I saw a cat. So I just "investigate" it.
Guess what it was doing..? It dig a hole and then just stood there quietly...! o__o|||
LOL I quickly stop looking at the cat! HORROR EWW!! HAHA

My driving test results. Lol.
Then middle one is the one I failed last week, the right one is the retake :3


Bought this yesterday morning while going to JJ with my mum.
Wanna start diet or eat healthy or whatever since I started to watch The Biggest Loser(watch it everyday 7pm only on Hallmark =D LOL).

I just saw these so I bought it...

This bar taste good :3

But you know what..? I kinda regret to buy them,'cause..
Last night my mum cooked some chicken wings, which has damn high calories, I forgotten that I wanna cut down eating high calorie food, so I ate them D= But.. my mum put so much effort to cook for us, and I ♥ chicken wings.. So.. :3

And this morning, I ate the cereal until I wanna vomit! LOL! 'cause it doesn't fill up my stomach and I'm still feeling hungry! And of course, the milk is cold. So.. my stomach was just like empty..!



Oh ya, I've mention that new "hide book" few days ago, it's going on sale in May...
But... I can't buy it.. 'cause it's published by WeROCK! Which is only in Japan!!
This makes me sad... D=

Oh well~ Gonna watch American Idol to forget about it(i wish =_=)..
Yay to Adam and Allison! I want them to win! Adam at the first place and Allison at the second place! AI8 couple! Ooo... OwO

Tuesday, April 28, 2009


4 days to go...


Came back from driving practice just now. The test is on tomorrow morning.

I think... tomorrow it's going to be ok..? 'cause I think I drove pretty well just now :D (Lol)
And I kept speeding my car =X My driving teacher don't know went to somewhere, just left me to practice myself.. I mean, not quite far la the car's speed, but in the area is quite fast =X
ahEng passed his driving test already! Hope I'll pass this time..! >w<)o Talking about ahEng.. GOD!! When will he and Ting be together?!??! I'm tired of looking at them like this! Faster become couple la!! Sien!! --- Hmm.. few days ago dreamed of Wang Dong Cheng! I wanna conitue the dream but it didn't work D= (LOL) I wanna dream Wang Dong Cheng again last night, but instead of him, I dream of Adam! But... it's not a happy dream..! Well.. that dream, I don't know where's the venue 'cause it kept changing between a roadside and a sport stadium. I was with my dad, my sis.. I dunno where she went. Then suddenly I saw Adam near beside me somewhere giving autographs to a person(I have no idea who was that but that's a Adam fan I guess?). After I saw him, of course I want to get his autograph too! I just waited beside him, waiting him finish giving autograph to that person. I was waiting for that person's pen, I thought that he was going to continue giving another autograph to any fan using the same pen. But..! That "fan" kept back the pen(well that pen belongs to the "fan")!! I was like o__o?! Then I kept searching for a pen from my bag pack but because inside my bag pack was kinda messy, I took quite some time to found my pen. Then Adam gets annoyed and said something! I forgot what he said, I think is something like, if you wanna get an autograph just get a pen or what? I don't know! I've forgotten! I just remember he was annoyed! Later my sis appear! Then I told her about it etc etc.. It's very sad you know?!! Adam gets annoyed because of ME!!!! SAD!!!! Oh ya, and this dream, someone was in it too. Guess who? REIKI!! LOL HAHAH!!!

And another dream, dreamed of my classmates!
Don't know why we went back to our school, if I'm not wrong.. int the dream we're like.. about 20++ years old! Maybe we went back to our high school to see our previous school life memories? Haha.

I just remember there's me, Yvonne, Yenting, ahEng, LihFeh, SzeMun, SuFong (dun have WenChing =X), TingSen, BoonJian, XiXiang them in the dream..

Hmm.. Am I missing my high school life..? Or my classmates? Or what?
I don't really know 'cause I don't think my high school life is that happy.

Am I missing hanging out with my friends?
I don't really know too 'cause I'm always with myself in the class.. well maybe I do miss them.. But I just don't like to be with them 'cause I'm freaking quiet and a boring person.. But..
Ughhh I don't know!!


When is there going to announce any X JAPAN related news??!?!
Someone's getting bored here.. ME!!!!

4 days... 4 days left to the Tokyo Tour! And.. something more important than the tour..

*random X video =D*

Eww.. why is Toshi the one saying the poem-like part.. so weird.. HAHA

Hmm..hide.. D=

Monday, April 27, 2009


5 days to go..


Hehe, yesterday me and my sis went to JJ to buy some stuffs for her knight cosplay use like glue and tape etc

After that, we applied JCard!

So nice just to look it! XD

Helped my sis to do the armor, BUT.. it's so freakin damn hard to make it!!
I kept thinking how to make it and where to start until I became angry!!

I'm going to cosplay as a priest, but hor.. still thinking whether I should order from other people or just make it myself..!
I mean, I don't know how to make a clothing, but it's seems fun..!

I want my priest dress to be like the left one but not the right one.
How to make it?? I don't even know!


Lol, changed my blog profile photo.
The same word - FAKE! Haha!! 'cause it's so not me!

Just getting bored few days ago, so just play some dress up!
Mix and match, blah.. just not the style that I'll usually look!
Hope that I can wear like that to go out anywhere.. but later others will said that not suitable for me or whatever.. or maybe not suit our country etc..


Watched MUSIC JAPAN last night, because I wanna watch SID's performance! They performed Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood's ending theme~ Haha

Ohh~ I ♥ Mao's voice! XD (stupid video isn't same with the audio)

And there's this old band called LINDBERG, I think the vocalist's voice is not that good, but I think she's very cool! XD

After 7 year, they're reunion!

Oh ya, so swt that MUSIC JAPAN has some new things like that MJ Dance =_="

And there's a Top 5 ranking of songs that most of the people listen when they broke up or something.. And number one is PRINCESS PRINCESS! The song is called [M]

Kanako is so cool!!

I wonder will they reunion like LINDBERG or X.. D=

Oh ya! And I also watched Wednesday J-POP too few days ago!
I don't like Yuzu, but I like their song "Aitai", which is the ending theme of the Japanese drama "Ghost Friends"(this drama kinda nice yet a bit funny coz it's kinda fake! haha)

GLAY - Aitai Kimochi

This is non-related to Yuzu, but saw it while searching for Yuzu's Aitai, so I just paste it! HAHA =X


Going to practice driving tomorrow! And the next day... RESIT OF DRIVING TEST!! SOB!!

Sunday, April 26, 2009


Saturday, April 25, 2009


7 days to go..


*Fangirling post


There's going to be a new hide official book!!! Holy KRWAP!!!!
The contents of the book are not done yet, but... there's SOUND SYSTEM GUIDE!!
I'm soooooo looking forward to it's release!! 'Cause I don't know anything about sound system at all!!

God!! I wonder when will it release?? I have to save money to buy it again!!
'Cause.. I have to do/buy many stuffs!!
I have to cosplay with my sis, I have to buy X JAPAN Memorial Photo Album..
AND!! Those guitar effect thingy and an electric bass and an amp for the bass!! All from here!!
And now, a new hide official book?!?!?!!

.........I have to save money like CRAZY!!

But! I'm gonna start saving only in May! 'Cause.. I've got no money in April, I mean, just RM50 as my allowance 'cause I just stays at home during these months, and I used most of the money last time when I went out with my sis...
Well maybe I'll save the leftover money.

Then... starting from May... TIME TO SAVE MY MONEY!!!

Oh ya! The 「We Love hide~The Best in The World~」 album is going to release in 25 April!!
Am I going to buy it too? I guess not, 'cause it's so freakin' expensive! RM100++!!
I'll use the money to save it to buy the book! D=

Friday, April 24, 2009


8 days to go..

Thursday, April 23, 2009



Wednesday, April 22, 2009

I haz TATTOO..?!!


Since I started to watch Miami Ink, I can't help myself to get one tattoo too!! 'Cause is so artistic etc!!

Lol it's obviously fake.. I didn't watch Miami Ink already.. Just getting bored last time after I watched Miami Ink when I can't sleep so just "practice" make up skill and drawing skill.. HAHA =X

The lips is cacat!! And so is the nose!

Even help it put on blush! Haha!

Far view.. CACAT!!!
I'm only good at drawing/sketching eyes left eye(that's why you can see I didn't draw the right eye) and hair! Face, lips, nose.... hehe...|||

Anyway, I still think tattoo is very artistic, and the skill is.. wow.. BUT I won't wanna get any tattoo 'cause it's so scary and pain...! *shivers*


Hmm, was going to see my drama juniors practice their drama at SzeYang's house for TEA TIME 16.. But.. decided to stay at home, 'cause my mum is arranging stuffs like shoe racks, paint cans etc and packing some stuff to recycle and other stuffs.. If I'm at home at least I can help her or like.. if there's anything happen I can contact my dad immediately os anything else..
Just now she even said that she felt a bit dizzy while moving those things.. I mean, she's always like this, but it just makes me more worried..

I just can't leave her alone, even last time at night she was going to her office to take some stuffs I was worried that she'll suddenly forget the way home or any accident happen..
What if anything happen..?

If I can be by her side but I just don't stay close to her, and suddenly she just fainted at home alone or anything else, I'll be regret as hell...!!


Haha now listening to Miley's songs. My fav is "The Climb" and "7 things"~! Next would be "See You Again" =D

Ugh I can't believe Hannah Montana The Movie is going to show in the cinemas in JUNE!!
I thought I can finally watch it 'cause in America is in April = THIS MONTH!!

Hmm.. Now I'm waiting 3 movies..!
Hannah Montana The Movie, 17 Again(Yay Chandler Matthew Perry and Zac!!), and...
HARRY POTTER AND THE HALF-BLOOD PRINCE(lol i mistyped this as "price" =X)!!


Countdown: *2 Months* *10 days*

10 days to X JAPAN's Tour in Tokyo!


Tuesday, April 21, 2009

I want them ALL!!!

Well.. not really all actually D=

What am I talking about? If you're tired of me fangirling, then you just don't have to see this post! GO!! SHOOH!!!

My God!! Visual Shoxx blogspot has pre-order of X JAPAN's following Tour goods!!

These, on the left, is the goods I want!!
Total of the goods is 24 items, but there's only 7 I don't want! Wait.. I also want the phone strap but i didn't cut and paste here..! So that makes.. I want 17 items!! Some of them even have different colours!! SWT!!

I want the pamphlet the most (I'm a photobook/mag collector!!)!! 'cause.. YOU SEE *THIS!!! HIDE is so..!! X3 but that hide is from 11 or 12 years ago ._.

The bags and Tshirts..! I want them the second most!! 'cause I can wear them and bring them everywhere!! Eh wait, I dun like the TshirtC..! So just ignore it LOL! The take out bag, I want black colour of course! White+purple is sooo not X! Lol!

I want the torchlight keyholder! 'cause..!! The image of the light is the X JAPAN logo!! That's so cool ok?!! (lol i used to write Hisashi's name at the torchlight so when I on it there's Hisa's name when I put near the wall when I was a kid XD)

The towels.. I can hang them on the wall..!! o(*w*"

The others.. I just think they look cool and pretty! HAHA =X
ChocoCrunch.. I just like the container XD The chococrunch is very common only.. SEE! But I ♥ chococookies...owo

Sooo... The list of the goods, from those I wanted the most to the least ones are...
1. ***Pamphlet
2. ***Tshirts(all)
3. **Bags(all)
4. *Towels
5. Phone Strap
6. *Torchlight keyholder
7. Stick Light (i want blue colour, suit their concert while performing their ballads :3)
8. Vanity Pouch and WristBand
9. ChocoCrunch and Chopstick
10. Tumbler and Pass&Card Case

*Those without stars can just forget about it

BUT.. The price.. of course... is damn expensive...
If I want all those with * total is about.. SGD$535.. ABOUT RM1294!!! *DIES*
And hor.. VisualShoxx's price is way more expensive... Like the pamphlet, is 4000yen, which is SGD$61, but they sell for SGD$100..!! The TakeOutBag is 700yen, which is just SGD$10.75, but they sell it for SGD$20.. =3=

If I just buy the Pamphlet/Tshirt already cost me RM241++ per item..! (if it's yen just RM148++ lor.. =.=) And haven't add n shipping fees and paypal fees!

Sigh.. I thought I was going to buy some of it, but.. look at the price!! If I'm still working at SEED, maybe I'll buy at least the pamphlet or maybe one of the tshirt...

...It's so hard to be a legend band's fan..!! T_____T And especially.. Japan's expenses are always very high..!

Ughhh I'm dying...!!

The lastest limited edition hide doll.. VisualShoxx also pre-order it.. I don't really like it, but.. LIMITED EDITION!!!!

Ughh!! WHATEVER!!!


Hmm.. The resit date of my driving test is 27th April, next week..!
I really hope I'll pass it.. I can't sleep last night and it's suffering.. (but later I did sleep hehe)
Hope that everthing will be Ok..

Monday, April 20, 2009


(fangirl post)

OH.MY.GOOODDDD!!! HEATH has left X?!! Is this true?!!

I knew that the rumors about HEATH going to leave X, but.. is this a rumor or the truth now?!!

I tried to go to HEATH's official site but it says service temporary unavailable! When will X's official site announce the real news???

I hope it's not true..


GLAY performed "I am XXX" in the event/concert thingy that produced by Hisashi♥


THE END Lol so random


I'm a FAILURE...!!

I failed my driving test.

I mean, I passed the test on the road, but I failed at the "bukit", which makes me can't take the parking and the three-point-turn test.
I can't make it to the bukit's top.. the yellow line.. I stopped before it.
There's a second chance, but still...

At first after I failed doing it, I felt like nothing. After that...
I just became very sad and disappointing.. felt like crying when my sis called to ask how's the test..

After the test on the road, I waited for more than 2 hours to take the following test, kept taking deep breath to be steady, telling myself that it's going to be fine. But... I FAILED.
Why did I failed? I wasn't nervous! Or maybe I am nervous, but is just that myself don't know about it..?

I promised myself that I don't wanna fail anything start from this year, after my high school life, but..

You know what..? I think driving test is tougher than SPM..! (lol wtf?) I'm serious.

I thought "Yay! I passed on the road! I don't have to worry that much anymore!"
But.. thinking back again.. I'm always ok while practicing on the road, but bukit and three-point-turn..

I kept holding my tears like crazy 'cause it's damn suffering to hold it, but still I broke into tears before I arrive my doorstep.

I cried and stopped and cried and stop a few times. I mean many times.

While I was crying suddenly the phone rang! It's my mum.. I can't stand to stop crying while using the phone 'cause I was in the middle of crying Lol.

My family said that it's ok, but for me it's not..!!
I thought everything was going to end soon, I don't have to face it anymore. After I passed the test I myself happy and so is my family, and then we will might go out for dinner as a celebration or whatever. I thought it's going to be a happy ending, but NO!
I thought that I'll make my family proud and happy and end up just like last time when I got my SPM results, but NO!!

Going to resit the test.. but the teacher said it's on 18th May, which I have to go to college that day! And it's the first day of college!! UGHH!!!

Before my mum called, I was crying like a mad person, while looking at Miley Cyrus' The Climb lyrics while the song was playing. Searched it 'cause I really love this song since the first time I heard it in Hannah Montana The Movie's trailer. And she performed this song in American Idol last week! I'm so happy! Why some of the people hates her?? I don't understand! Her voice is not bad, is quite unique! You can just listen to it and recognize it's "Miley" but not the others immediately..!

The Climb lyrics
I can almost see it
That dream I am dreaming
But there's a voice inside my head saying
"You'll never reach it"

Every step I'm taking
Every move I make feels
Lost with no direction
My faith is shaking

But I gotta keep trying
Gotta keep my head held high

There's always gonna be another mountain
I'm always gonna wanna make it move
Always gonna be a uphill battle
Sometimes I'm gonna have to lose

Ain't about how fast I get there
Ain't about what's waiting on the other side
It's the climb

The struggles I'm facing
The chances I'm taking
Sometimes might knock me down
But no, I'm not breaking

I may not know it
But these are the moments that
I'm gonna remember most, yeah
Just gotta keep going

And I, I got to be strong
Just keep pushing on

'Cause there's always gonna be another mountain
I'm always gonna wanna make it move
Always gonna be a uphill battle
Sometimes I'm gonna have to lose

Ain't about how fast I get there
Ain't about what's waiting on the other side
It's the climb, yeah!

There's always gonna be another mountain
I'm always gonna wanna make it move
Always gonna be an uphill battle
Somebody's gonna have to lose

Ain't about how fast I get there
Ain't about what's waiting on the other side
It's the climb, yeah!

Keep on moving, keep climbing
Keep the faith, baby
It's all about, it's all about the climb
Keep the faith, keep your faith, whoa

HELL!! My tears were like water fall!! 'cause I never expected that the lyrics is what I'm facing right now!! Cried like crazy! CRAZY!!!

I thought I'm going come back and just blog about "YAY!! I PASSED MY DRIVING TEST!! I'M SO HAPPY RIGHT NOW!! I'M GONNA PLAY MY ELECTRIC GUITAR LIKE CRAZY!!! HAHA!! YAY!!" something like that but... hmm, oh well..

But I'm still gonna practice my electric guitar of course!

Hmm.. The End.

Listening to SAY YOUR DREAM by GLAY

Friday, April 17, 2009

Last driving lesson..!!

Later I'm going to attend my final driving lesson..!

And guess what??

I'm going to have my driving test NEXT MONDAY!!!!!

SO SOON OK?!?!?!?

I'm so shocked when I knew it (but it's good news too 'cause I dun have to worried that the driving test will disturb my college life!)

Hmmm... hmmmm!!! So nervous!!! Nervous until I kept dreaming about driving while I was taking a nap after my driving lesson yesterday!!


Monday, April 13, 2009


Went to KLCC with my sis last Friday~
Actually we're going to the PC Fair but my sis was having bad mood so we just walk around in KLCC.

Where will we go 100% when we're at KLCC??

1. Kinokuniya

2. Isetan!!

And guess what?? It was having a Japan fair thingy (dunno how to say), so you can find some famous japan stuffs.. like..


Right hand side in the pic

Hello Kitty luggage bags!

Haha, I immediately call Yvonne to tell her 'cause she loved HKitty very much! But too bad she's still at Ipoh! Weheh! =X
Ei I very hard to take these pics 1 leh, should thank me la wei =X




But.. why do they have to be so so SOOOO expensive.... *cries*

If there's a chance I'll buy it...! But yet I dun wanna buy it too, 'cause.. what if it became dusty? And where should I display it!!?

Blah whatever.

Japanese food!!

I tell you people!! DAMN EXPENSIVE LOR!!! A box of sushi/salmon (more than 10 pieces) cost more than RM30++++++!! And a bowl of ramen or other noodles cost about RM30 or 40!!!

It's really expensive, but we did bought something..


So lol when we saw it, 'cause we saw this thing in Nicotto! I can't believe we actually get to see/eat the real thing!

*yay kiot food*

It's actually just like chinese tang yuan, but it's harder and cold.

I think the pink 1 is use sakura petal 1, the white color is plain...
It looks very cute, but hor..
The GREEN 1 SUX!!!

At first before me and my sis eat it, we thought it was green tea flavour or what, but NO!! It taste so weird!!! Eat till I wanna throw out!! Eat till... eat till I wanna die!!



*wakes* oh wait!! I forgot!!
I bought a new mascara!!


Actually I want to buy another 1, that what Extend Lash ah? Dunno it's name la forgot already. But I can't find it in SaSa, and those promoters are damn annoying, so I just give up. Their voice is just too geli.

So I buy this Maybelline 1, I already wanna buy it since Poupee has it

Hehe so cute =X

Ok la no more *DIES*