Saturday, March 7, 2009

X JAPAN x Hello Kitty?!!

Note: Fangirl-post AGAIN.. Don't have to read it.

I saw the news in MJ+ just now! So of course... YouTube searching time!!! :D

Blahh! Why do they have to say so much about the Hello Kitty's hair? What black hair part is cool, and said what cool + cute(the hair, the black part is cool, the blond part is cute)..BLAHH!!
The Hello Kitty's looks was obviously YOSHIKI's image!!

LOL at O:34! YOSHIKI with Hello Kitties wearing "X" Tshirt!
The pics in the newspaper.. hide's pic.. is from 1997 T__T So sad.. And! Why they put PATA's pic so far away from them?!! T___T

Hurmp!! SO CUTE!!! XD LOL!!

Hmm.. So that Hello Kitty was "born" in 1979..? Or what?
If it's true... No wonder its looks is the VK-era Yoshiki.. =__+"


After searching for that, I saw this

Ooo.. "Stab me in the back" Piano version.. Cool! *w*
But of course Yoshiki can play better! He can turn rock/metal music to ballads~♥

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