Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Waiting for L License..

The place where I have my driving lesson, at Segambut
(Lol my phone's camera sucks..)

Yay! I attended the 6-hour amali lesson just now! Now I just have to wait for my instructor to call and tell me my L License is done!
Then.. It's time.. to DRIVEEE!!!

It's really boring and sleepy just now during the lesson.. Didn't met any new friends today =/ Well serves me right 'cause I'm not talkative.. D=
But there's two girl from my school from 5E7 was there too.. Yesterday I met them too while having my undang test. Lol. And another guy from my school, dunno Science class or Economy class.. but 100% not Art class (DUHH)

Going back home. RAINING D=

And there's another girl, I don't know her. But she looks like one of the staff in D&D at JJ! Lol!! But shorter la.

Dark sky with dark cloud X___X

Anyway, I kept sms-ing with my sis and Yvonne. Damn sien =_=


Fu Fuu~ Can't wait to get my SPM result next week!!


Can't wait to get my electric guitar this week(I think?)!!
Huhuuu!! I'm really looking forward to touch and play with my electric guitar!! XD



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