Sunday, March 1, 2009



Ok me fangirling again.. SO WHAT?!! I love hide!!! X3

「We love hide~The Best in The World~」 is a new hide album(not release yet of course), and all the songs are favourite songs chosen by all the fans~!! Heh!!

Hmm.. I can't choose which is my favourite song...!

Faster!! Vote!!
You can listen to a 45 second sample of all his songs on the You Tube Universal Music Channel. <--(Lol copied from the site =X)

Er... I vote for "Pink Spider" first.. the other songs I also love like... All song in the "hide BEST" album, HURRY GO ROUND, FLAME(PSYENCE FACTION version), In Motion, Junk Story...
UGH!! I might as well say, I love all of them!! Except those voiceless melody/not song like "ATOMIC M.O.M", "COMMENT", "T.T.GROOVE", "PSYENCE".. but I like "OEDO COWBOYS", "Cafe Le Psyence", PINK CLOUD ASSEMBLY, PSYCHOMMUNITY..
(Lol what am I saying??)

I'll try whether I can vote more later OwO


Gonna take my undang test tomorrow.. wish me luck.... T___T

Byebye! The End!! Lol

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