Tuesday, March 24, 2009

VIOLET UK New song!!

Note: Fangirl talk again BLAHH!!

Found it in Youtube again!! HAHA!! Can you imagine how bored am I?!!

(lol 0:31 they spell wrong "VIOLET UK"..)

(Non related 1, but composed by Yoshiki of course)

Ignore the vid, just listen the song.

The new song is 「ROSA」, a OST from a movie 「GOEMON」.
Ahh~ the ballads that Yoshiki made are always beutiful~!!
When will X JAPAN release their new songs?!?!?!

And YAY!! X JAPAN's Tokyo Dome Tour in May is fixed!! And they started selling the tickets!! SEE!! Hurmp!! >__< THIS!!!

AHHHH!!!! X JAPAN World Tour in Taipei!! The date!! is fixed!!!
May 30... SO SOON??!!!! NOOOOO!!!


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