Sunday, March 15, 2009


Damn lazy to think of a title for this post la..

Went to watch Marley & Me few days ago = last Saturday = 14 March at KLCC with my classmates~
Erm.. the movie is not bad.. (Yay Rachel Jennifer Anniston!) That Marley was so cute when it was a puppy! Looks so innocent! XD
I did cried a bit when Marley died(well.. these always makes me think of what if anyone around me suddenly just pass away.. that's really scary and sad ok..?!).. But just a bit. I cried more worst than this when I watched HSM3 last time 'cause it's more related to me.

After the movie ended, we went to have our LUNCH(about 4pm!) at Sakae Sushi.
Well this was the first time I went to Sakae Sushi, but I didn't order anything 'cause later I'm going to leave(going to my grandma's house just like usual every Saturday)..
But I did ate two cucumber sushi roll that they ordered.. and drank Yvonne's green tea.. which I think it taste WEIRD!! I prefer Nippon Tei's green tea..|||


That stuff looks like Hamtaro('s friend) :3

The sashimi is so cheap in Sakae Sushi! RM12++!
Not like Nippon Tei.. In the beginning RM20+.. then 25++.. Now? Rm30++!! SIAO!!
Hehe told my dad about it~ Maybe next time he'll bring us there!

Oh ya! Went to Kino again OF COURSE! (It's a MUST for me and my sis when we went to KLCC!!)

Bought Zipper(Becky as cover model XD) and this new mag called Alice Deco~ (BARGAIN! RM10 each only!)
Well I didn't plan to buy these two.. But last time when me and my sis came here, she wanted to find is there any Zipper at the bargain area but there's none. But I found it that day with my friends! So I bought it~ ^^
And that Alice Deco, "ALICE" = LOLI! My sis loves loli so I think she'll love it~ And she does! ^^

The Zipper front cover... Free Candy Stripper stuff!

Actually.. I know there's a free stuff in the mag but I didn't noticed it said that the free stuff would be a Candy Stripper pouch!!

Candy Stripper pouch= Japan branded pouch!! LOL!!!


Hey hey... Guess what..??

The hide skull earring I bought is here!!

Well it's obviously fake.. 'cause hide's skull earring is just a skull bead with a ring-like-wire-thingy..
But I can't help it..! It's hide!!! T___T

Lol I don't have any piercing but I bought a pair of earring?
Next time I WILL pierce my ear!! Just so I can wear that hide skull earring! LOL!
(I'm thinking just to pierce my right earlobe.. just one. 'cause hide has one on his left earlobe :3)


Youtube-ing again!

Happy St. Patrick's Day from someone's cat!


And Rilakkuma!!

His friend is kinda annoying.. The main character is suppose to be Rilakkuma! Not YOUUUU!!

Ok the end no more I'm bored!!
When can I get my electric guitar!!? It's been more than 3 weeks naooo!!! I'm DYING to get it!!!

And today, it's been 2 weeks.. when will my driving instructor call me to tell me that my L licence is done???


Ok officially END.

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