Monday, March 23, 2009

Rilakkuma~~ X3

I already had a Rilakkuma doll that I bought last time when I went to KLCC with my sis

And yesterday, my dad brought us to The Gardens.. And..

YAY!! Another Rilakkuma!!

It's size is not big, I mean.. smaller than my first Rilakkuma, But it's wayyy more expensive than the first one!! But.. I can't resist it's cuteness...! X__X

I can hang it at my bag :3

There's three type, well of course I don't want the bottom one 'cause it's not Rilakk.. =_=
You know I kept struggling before I buy it 'cause I don't know which should I buy?! It's very hard to choose you know?! I was thinking to buy both! But.. Expensive.. and I didn't bring out any money =X After that my sis help me choose I only decided to buy the one with blue cap :3
My mum pay it 'cause I didn't bring my money.. pay her back after we're home..!

My sis also bought a Mamegoma! :3 KIOT STUFFS!!!


Finally got my documents proved from Puan Linet so that I can submit the application form.. I wonder when is my dad gonna buy the wang pos or whatever it was.. *yawn*

After that my mum brought me to practise driving around Section 2.. I still think driving is scary.. I mean.. since I first drove a car, I became more afraid to ride a car..
Well everything is going KINDA well, but I horned by the driver at the back of my(mum's) car once 'cause I nearly bump some roadcrossers..

I wanna end all of these quickly!! So that I don't have to drive in the 2 years(or 3 years?) after I get the P license!!!!

Isn't that weird that I don't wanna drive?
I mean.. most of the people can't wait to be 16 or 17 or 18 'cause they finally get to get driving license or legal to do stuffs or anything else.
Me..? NO.

What I wanna do now is just...
-***waiting for my electric guitar to arrive!!! (it's been more than 2 weeks now.. well actually I've been waiting to own an electric guitar for MORE THAN 5 YEARS NOW!! HELL!!!)
-college (i wanna faster learn those stuffs!!)
-X JAPAN World Tour in Tokyo Dome in 2nd + 3rd May (wanna watch it in Youtube again!!)
-join tarc's drama club..? (not sure yet, but 80% yes 'cause I really wanna be on the stage to perform again..!)
-cosplay with my sis..? :D

Ok I think this is it.. my current aim for now


Ok I'm so bored until I kept playing those quizzes in Facebook until I'm more bored!!
What can I do except for eating, sleeping/nap, online, blogging craps, watch Youtube, listen to AI songs(yay to Adam, Megan and Allison!! but now dunno why winamp got prob so cannot listen =.=), watch TV... And?? AND???

And!! I'm getting fatter and TALLER now 'cause I kept eating!! My stomach is round and soft like MY DAD'S for crying out loud!!! But I'm just too lazy to do any exercises especially there's always someone in the house! (very paiseh to do exercise infront of them mar..|||)

Ok I better stop here so that I quickly off the pc..!!


Farah Aly said...

where did you get the mamegoma one?

KaedE said...

shojikiya at the gardens, sells japanese food and spices etc
but i'm not sure if there's still any left 'cause this is two years ago

Farah Aly said...

is it in mid valley?? pls tell me which floor.. & if it sells foods, who do they sell plushie?? LOL

KaedE said...

the gardens, beside mid valley, i forgot which floor 'cause i didnt go there anymore
it's candy together with the plush