Sunday, March 15, 2009

Nearly fed up..?

Before this..

HEATH might be leaving X JAPAN?! NOOOO!!!! I hope it's NOT TRUE!!!
How could this happen?! HEATH!! DON'T LEAVE!! OR ELSE X IS REALLY GOING TO END!!!


Ok back to topic.

I nearly fed up my studies. Lol.

It all started from 13 March, the next day after I got my SPM results.

Went to TARC Open Day. I wanted to choose Graphic Design, then that person over there said that Multimedia Design is better than Graphic Design blablabla... So.. I kept struggling 'cause I don't know which I wanna choose, AGAIN.

Since I was in primary school Standard 6, I wanted to be a Hair Stylist actually, also a Guitarist.
But my parents don't really agree to let me to study hair dressing etc 'cause the time wasn't fixed. Like.. during CNY you still have to work etc.. So I don't think about it anymore.

Then before I decided to study in Dasein last two years, I forgot I wanted to take Graphic Design or Multimedia Design, but later I decided to study in Dasein, wanted to take the Fine Art course, but then decided to take the Illustration course. Get to learn photography..! Hurmp! >w<>

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