Friday, March 6, 2009

GLAY - 春までは

Note: Fangirl-post again..Blahh!

GLAY performed this song in Music Station today(why didn't they perform their lastest single.. T_T)! And I found it in YouTube~ (I hope it won't be remove by the user or ban by YouTube..! >__<)

Huhu! Teru dye his hair again! I prefer him having dyed hair, I mean, not black. But his face became fatter.. But he is still looking good though ^^
Takuro on piano.. GOOD! I don't wanna see him on guitars! He looks better while playing the piano!
Jiro! Still look the same, with the same hair colour.. But that's good! I wonder why he looks so good with that hair colour(and also blond!)..! He's using the bass of his I like the most! (hide has the same model of that guitar! But hide's is electric guitar, Jiro's is bass!)
And of course.. Hisashi! Hehe! So cool and cute! X3 My favourite guitarist!! The one who made me in love with electric guitar! XD He's also using one of the guitar of his that I like! But why is it black in colour..? I thought it's white? Hmm whatever I still like it ^^ (I wonder why these days he seldom uses his Talbos..?)

Ahh~ GLAY~ The first Japan artist/band I loved, the band that brought me into the world of Japanese music, since I was 12~! And now I'm still loving them! They used to be my favourite band, now my favourite band is X JAPAN.. BUT!! GLAY will still be my second favourite band!!

Their ballads are still so nice and beautiful.. (But the English lyrics is kinda funny =X And their ballads will never win X JAPAN's = Yoshiki's ballad!)

Hmm~ I can't wait to see them perform their latest song!

Talking about latest song...

When will X JAPAN release their new single or album...? T____T


Yeah! American Idol Seoson 8 Top 13 had finally been announced!!

I support Adam, Allison and Megan!! Heh!

Hmm.. Who will be the first one to leave..?

I think it would be Michael. 'Cause.. obviously he's the weakest among them..

Ugh we'll find out next week anyway!


Hmmp! Now me and my sis kept watching Nodame Cantabile in Animex!

We watch both the anime and the drama!

Hmm.. I wonder why my tears always fall while watching it.. It's not like those sad animes..
Maybe it's because they are trying hard for their dream... Doing the things they love.. Hmm..


Ok! No more stuffs to blog about!
But I bet there's more to blog about, since I have nothing to do at home but waiting for my driving instructor to call and tell me that my L License is done..
AND waiting for next Thursday... SPM RESULT!!! WOHOOO!! Can't wait for that day to come!!


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