Sunday, March 29, 2009

Earth Hour 2009

Before 8pm (i think?)

KL Town view

Genting Klang Prima Setapak Danau Kota view

Desa Setapak view

Before 8.30pm

Desa Setapak view

KL town view

JJ Alpha Angle's entrance view (damn many cars going in)

!! KL Tower lights off!

Twin tower and the other buildings' lights are off! JJ also off the "JUSCO" sign

Well actually I have no idea what should I write about it in the beginning =_=

My parents are not home 'cause they're still at work, it's just me and my sis.
We did off the lights and the fan, but we didn't off the PC..
We even played our intruments in the dark, my sis played the piano and I played my electric guitar..

Did I just said my electric guitar..?


I finally received it on Friday!! Damn happy!!

My sis helping me to open the amp



I'm so happy to hold the electric guitar..! 5 years.. I've been waiting for more than 5 years..!!
And now I FINALLY got it!! AHHH!!! HAPPYY!!!

But there's one thing I'm sad about it... I don't know how to use it... I thought it will have the distortion sound like hide's/Takuro's or even like Hisashi's guitar sound.. but... The amp doesn't have those function.... SAD!!!! D=


Me and my sis was bored, so we went downstairs to see whether if there's a lot of people off their lights too!

Block C (our block :3)

Block B / A (?)

Block A / B(?)

Another side of Block C


KL tower lights on!!

Whole town lights on!!

End of Earth Hour.. Lol


Before this, I support this Earth Hour like.. er.. just very support it. I even angry that my family said that it's stupid..!
"everyone off the lights at the same time.. this might really save the world a bit 'cause normally everyone didn't off the lights at the same time..!"I thought..

After that when I (finally Lol) knew it's for saving the earth from GLOBAL WARMING... I don't really support it like before anymore..

I mean, right now it's about GLOBAL WARMING.. I thought the causes of global warming is because of those CFC from those air-cond and fridge..?? And those "green house effect" etc.. Why the off lights..? Might as well ask us to switch of the whole electric system etc..?

And those cars.. Even some of them did off the lights, they still went out by driving their cars = more air pollution..

Ugh dunno la! I just think that it's kinda/really hard to stop global warming.. There's air-cond everywhere, fridge in every houses, damn many building with air-cond(green house effect), cars every where...


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