Thursday, March 19, 2009

Driving lesson!

Hehe! My L license is finally done two day ago! Means I had my FIRST driving lesson yesterday! HAHA!!

Huhu.. this is the first time I actually drive a car! So fun yet SCARY and NERVOUS!! (kinda swt 'cause it's at Taman Melawati =_=")
Especially at roundabout!! So scary!! And have to care so much things like have to see whether there's any cars coming from the back etc etc... AHHHH!!!

You know what? I actually think preparing for exam... is much more easy than driving!!! (LOLWTF?! )
Why? because...
Preparing for exam doesn't takes your life, but driving....! Driving is just like playing with your own life! If you had any car accident you might kill yourself or others!!!! That's very scary ok?!?!?!
(Sry but I'm afraid of death)


Youtube-ing again 'cause wanna see if there's any new news of X JAPAN :3

There's this HEATH fan did some HEATH fan vid..

"The reason fo loving HEATH" 1 ~ 5 =_+"

Lol all I did was just looking at hide =X
"Art of Life" started at 3:57.. and it started at the guitar part.. but she cut all hide away and put all HEATH part again and again 'cause this vid is all about HEATH =( Even don't have hide in hide's guitar solo, just appear for awhile at 4:46

X JAPAN World Tour in HongKong

WGHHH!!! They're going to replay the HK tour in WOWOW..
If only we have WOWOW here in Malaysia!! T___T

*sings* Dry your tears~ with love~ Dry your tears~ with loovvveeee~~ *hide guitar solo* XD

NOOO!! X JAPAN World Tour in Tokyo (on hide's 11th Memorial Day)..
I wonder is this tour going to be a happy or a sad live.. 'cause.. It's on hide's memorial day! I bet YOSHIKI is going to cry again! =X
Hmm.. They're not going to celebrate hide's 11th Memorial Day..? Or Yoshiki don't want to have any sad events anymore? Hmm.. blah whatever..!

X JAPAN + LUNA SEA @ hide Memorial Summit 2008 - BELIEVE

X JAPAN @ hide Memorial Summit 2008 - Silent Jealousy

Lol Toshi at 5:19 XD


Hey guys look

LOL!! This virus is just so lol!!
PORNO!!! XDXD (so kesian to the person who got this virus)


I'm bored.


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