Thursday, March 5, 2009


Dang! I'm too bored! Nothing else to do but to blog about craps!

Browsing LEMONed Plant's and saw this band.. "0 Limited Execution", which is under LEMONed Plant label.

The vocalist is a female. Erm.. I personally don't really like Jrock band with female vocalist. Yeah, they look kinda cool, but.. their vocal isn't nice.. I mean, like MALE vocal. I think is weird.. I think they can sing better.. But that's their style right? They like it and so is their fans.
So I search for the band's videos to see whether the vocal is same/kinda like DangerGang or ExistTrace etc blah..

Hell! That guitarist on the left was using the Fernandes guitar that hide design! At 0:50!
(Which I think it's ugly 'cause the shape is weird..)
Ooo.. their song is in English song! :3

*Search for Danger*Gang and Exist Trace's performance*

Ohh wait.. They're neither same as Danger*Gang nor ExistTrace..


Exist Trace

0 Limited Execution is 100% not the same with them ._."

Danger*Gang and Exist Trace both "screamed" in their songs, but I think Danger*Gang's vocalist screams better..!

My comments after watching/listening to their performance..

The vocalist is CRAZY!! HELL!! Look at the beginning of the song!! She SWINGS like a doll that is waving by someone! Doesn't look like human ok!?
What I mean is, she's really REALLY impressive!! She have so much energy!!
It's kind "waste" that she wears girly but sings guyish.. But this is what makes them special right?

Exist Trace
I like their song, but not the vocal 'cause of the screaming. I think if the vocalist didn't scream the song would be better (just my opinion). If the vocalist's voice is much more guy-er I think they'll be better!
But blah, I'm gonna say the same thing again.. This is what makes them special.. and they love it so is their fans..!

Hmm.. If I have to choose to like from one of them.. I'll choose Danger*Gang!
I like the vocalist's performance! Haha! (But ExistTrace's band name mush cooler! haha!)


Hey people! Can you see I added something at the side bar??

YES! Is that RILAKKUMA MP3 player thingy!

I saw there's many people put in their blog.. I wanted too but they's a lot of people using them..! (I don't like using the same thing with many people..) And they put Rilakk into other colours..!! D=

But today.. I can't resist anymore..!! So I created it..! With the original Rilakkuma colour! :3

It's kinda troublesome to add songs to the playlist! (especially the internet line connection sucks..)
Have to play to test it.. and some of the song "not found"(like hide's Beauty&Stupid!! T__T)..
And what so swt is, there's X JAPAN's "BLUE BLOOD", I thought it's the normal song, mana tau is music box version =_= And "TEARS", just the opening music only =_=
Some of the song is not complete also..

I spent about an hour doing that thing, but in the end, I just added about 5 or 6 songs of hide.. I wanna put X's songs too, but it loads too slow..! T__T


Ok! End of the show!


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