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12 March 2009 - SPM result reveal..!

(Stupid streamyx down for two days.. finally I get to talk about my SPM result, which is suppose to be a happy post, but now having a fucking bad mood.. So, I'm gonna pretend as I'm happy and typing all these that I'm suppose to do on 12 March.. GREAT..)

(Just act as this post I wrote is on 13 March MORNING's post about 12 March.. 'cause I'm not happy too in the afternoon of 13 March.. maybe because is Friday of 13..? Whatever..)


(REMEMBER "today" is 13 March.. in the morning!!!)

YAY!! Yesterday was the happiest day in my (March) life!! HEHEH!!

Well, the SPM result was out yesterday!! I'm so darn excited and can't wait to know my results!! Not nervous at all 'cause I'm too excited! (But I nearly woke up late! =X Too tired I guess? 'cause I can't sleep the day before yesterday, don't know why! :3)

Woke up, brush me teeth, wash my OILY face(eww), bath, put toner and moisturiser and make-uo base and foundation on my face and dry my hair and... WHATEVER!!

Anyway, my dad fetch me there, Yvonne tumpang my dad's car, my sis was there too 'cause she's going to college blahh.. We arrived there about 9.45am!! It's kinda.. I mean TOO early! So my dad just drive around to Prima then back to school! Haha!

Ok!! ChongHwa!! Saw YenTing! Later we walked to the canteen 'cause she said HuiShan asked YenTing to find her...
Saw those Milkygreens!! (blah not quite important..)

We waited from 10am to 10.30++am.. DAMN SIEN to wait the results!!
Later we saw Kenji! He looks so gayish!! =X
Later saw MeiHsien!! Her hair is so gold(what?)!!

NOOO!!! I kept talking about non-related stuffs!!!

Ok... Later I forgot who told us that our form teacher - NAZAR is here!!! We quickly rush to the school hall!! SOOO EXCITED until I KEPT SMILING/LAUGHING WHILE RUNNING to the hall!!

I kept laughing happily'm so happy and excited before I get to know my result! Kept thinking stuffs like "Ooo!! It's here!! I can't believe I'm going to know my results!!" "Hmm.. how many As will I get??! *excited*" Then I suddenly thinking back again.. "Why am I happy about right now?! I haven't get my results yet!! Why am I happy about?! What if things didn't goes as what I've expected?!?!?!?"

I was hoping that I'll get at least 3As - Maths, English, and Arts.
Or maybe 5As..?? " " " Moral and... er... hmm.. whatever..!
And of course! I hope my BM and Akaun and Sejarah pass!!

*Got my results*

*Count my As* -----> OwO

*See whether I have any failed subjects* -----> OWO


I get 4As!!! 1B!! And 4Cs!!! And no failed subjects!!!!

A1 - Maths
A1 - Arts
A2 - English =(
B4 - Moral
C5 - Chinese
C6 - Sejarah
C6 - BM
C6 - Akaun

Yup yup! That's my result!!

Well it's actually average.. but.. I'm satisfied!! 'cause it's more than what I've expected! Erm.. I mean.. I never expected I had all Credits but don't have any passes or failed subjects!!

The trial exam, I only got 2 A1s(English and Arts), 1 B3(Maths), 1 B4(Moral), 2 C6s(Science, Chinese), 1 E8(BM) and 2 G9s(Sejarah, Akaun)!
I always failed my Sejarah and Akaun, and I always nearly failed BM.. I always nearly get an A for my Maths 'cause I'm always having careless mistakes.. I always nearly failed my Moral but I memorize the moral stuffs like crazy.

During the exam "semester", I kept study Sejarah, Akaun, Moral. I did studied Science but just memorize those questions and answers 'cause my tuition teacher said that the questions will be always the same. Also kept practicing my Maths to make sure I'll get an A1..

During the exam, I tried my best to fill all the blanks, tried to write as many craps as I can! (Like BM and Akaun, Moral and Sejarah) I know I won't be able to get As for these subjects, but I just hope I'll won't fail them 'cause this was the first time I had ever been so concentrate and serious in my whole entire(current) life!!
(I didn't really study when I was having UPSR and PMR =X)

Before I get my result, I was hoping that I'll get A1 for Maths and Arts, A for English, B/C for Science Moral and Chinese, D or E for Sejarah Akaun and BM.

Now, my results.. English, Maths and Arts are just what I've expected! But the others..! Not quite what I've expected..!
(Actually.. Maths.. I wanna know my Paper 2's mark.. I wanna see whether I've got full mark for it 'cause I checked many times and I know how to answer all of them.. I have many careless mistake in Paper 1 so I tried damn hard in Paper 2..!)

My Arts subject.. My theory might be bad but..

(Lol get it from my previous blog 'cause I can't find it in PC)

(this too)

How can I not score an A1 for these?!!

That "kitchen interior"! Compare to other students from other schools, mine wasn't good enough. But I love it and proud of it!!

That butterfly pic.. I'm scared of butterflies, but for me this was the easiest yet the hardest question compare to the other questions. I practiced this for a few days! And this is the first time I actually practice for the drawing test!! (Thanks to my mum who taught me the coloring skills ^^)

p/s: Yes! I'm showing off!! I don't care whether there's someone or anyone who was better than me! I'm just proud of my art work! That's all!!

How can I not pass my BM?! This is the first time I wrote my BM essay for more than 400++ words!! (non-related I suppose? Lol)

Anyway, I called my dad first 'cause he's always free for his phone calls. Then called my mum, then my sis!!

I'm just so happy to let them know and they're all happy for me too!!

My friends' result are not really good(I felt kinda bad 'cause I've got good results but they don't.. I mean.. err argh!! It's hard to say the feeling!).. But at least they have some credits for their results! =D


*"EVIL" talk time..!!*

To those who discriminates people who took Art Class yet get results lower than mine, SERVES YOU PEOPLE RIGHT!!
Being in art class doesn't mean you suck or you're a rubbish that doesn't care about you studies or just wasting your lives.
Yup, because you discriminators that can't even get good results or whatsoever think that you'll be humiliated if you're from Art Class, so you took Science or Economy classes which you can't even understand or follow the topics of the subjects.
And now, you get some horrible results. Isn't that GREAT??

Yes, I know. I'm not good in studies, there's a lot of people are 100% having better results than mine. But at least I don't do stuffs I can't just to ignore humiliations, like you people.

*End of "EVIL" talk*


Ok!! Back to the topic!

Later after we got our results, we kept discussing where we wanna go!
Onzai said go to Times Square yum cha.. =_=" Go so far just to yum cha..|||
So later me, Yvonne and Yenting went to JJ!! LOL!! We also called DiSheng to join us!

Went to Shakey's to have our lunch.. Just as usual, Shakey's didn't on the air-cond but damn many fan.. =_= Last time Anna(SEED's Asst supervisor) said that they didn't pay the rental fee etc bla bla not my bisness.. But damn hot lor!! And guess what?? There's a small coakcroch kept passing by the seat that me and Yvonne sat!! LOL scary!!

After we finish our lunch, DiSheng went home bla.. So the 3 of us just go shop and window shopping around JJ! Haha!
Passed by SEED.. Anna and Diana saw me..! (NOOO!!! LOL) They asked how's my result of course. Then Diana kept asking me to buy clothes(new stock mar Haha), and what's weird is she kept speaking in Mandarin(she usually speaks in Canto)! Lol funny XD

Later, we went to Elianto. Yvonne bought herself a nail polish and Yenting bought concealer.. Me? Blahh..
Next station!! The arcade place!! LOL!!!

We played Taiko of course! Yay played "Kurenai" XD Later after our turn were finished, we saw something!! You know those "cars" for kids?? IT'S MOVING ITSELF!!! SO WE JUMP IN!!! LOL!!

*SNAP* (Me Yenting Yvonne)

Lol we kept laughing and kinda afraid that anyone spotted us riding on it! Later overweight rosak!!



Later they go into another "machine thingy" for kids!!
(I didn't go in 'cause no space already....)

Because we're tired to wait for the 9thTaiko machine, so we played the 7thTaiko Machine.. The drum a bit rosak already!! Damn hard to play it!!

Went to Watson, F.O.S., JJ department toy section, women clothing section etc.. GO HOME. LOL.

But before going back home, me and Yvonne went to visit our tuition teacher! (Oh ya! Suddenly remember we met our friends from our tuition centre! LOL) Then of course our teahcer wanted to know our result(especially Maths and Science)... :3 Yvonne kept wanting to kill me! LOL!!

Yvonne Juicy Couture bag.. Not fake stuff leh!! Fucking rich girl!! =X LOL


At night! My dad brought us to celebrate for my result! Went to eat Xiao Long Bao!!! X3 XD


Xiao Long Pao (Me love xiao long bao :3)

My sis capturing her own food

Mango dessert!! NOM NOM NOM!!!

Anyway, I'm just so happy yesterday!! YAY!!!


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