Monday, March 9, 2009

09 March 09

I wish I were like them =(

This is SCANDAL, a Japanese girl band..
There's four members. One is born in 1988(which is one year younger than my sis), another two is 1990, and the last one is is 1991..which is same with me!! T_____T

Really envy them 'cause they get to form a band.. especially their age is about my age!!
If only I were born in Japan.. I'll be just like them too =(

But.. oh well!


(hehe the guy at 3:43 looks kinda cute =X)

Yay! Their latest single - SAY YOUR DREAM!
So happy when Hisa's guitar appear at 2:08! Really love the guitar melody he plays!
Sounds like there's hope or dream of something or whatever.. Hurmp..!


I don't really like this 'cause felt really weird seeing Teru/Teru's vocal not in a rock band D=


Ok.. end of fangirl-talk..

Now.. It's Monday today.. So.. I guess I'll get my L license tomorrow? =D Then I can start my driving lesson..!

And.. this Thursday.. SPM result...!! MY GOD FINALLY!!! Just a few days away!! X3
After I get my results, I can finally go to TARC's open day!!...
I'm still kinda sad that I'm not going to Dasein in the end..

I'm really worry that TARC really sucks in design courses..
But.. my mum said which college you study is not a problem, the most important is how must effort you put.. If you study in a really great school but you didn't put any effort on it, it would be still the same..

Hmm.. I'll try to put as much effort as possible..! (hope I will =S)

Oh ya!! This!:

Hannah Montana The Movie Trailer

(LOL at Tyra Banks! She's so funny! XD)

Hannah Montana The Movie! I wanna watch!!
I wonder if it will be in the cinemas in our country?? I hope it does..! 'cause there's many Hannah/Miley fans here too! XD


M.A.C. Hello Kitty Collection!! SO CUTE!!

What's with Hello Kitty these days?!
First X JAPAN(or should I just say Yoshiki XD), now M.A.C.. Haha.

Hmm.. So cute.. But I can't afford it!
Even if I bought I wouldn't use it too! It's too cute and pretty....!! *____*

Oh well~ Whatever!



ahbooy said...

*sad that you cant come to dasein, well, must study hard on it oh~
Tarc cause is it multimedia design?
then many thing just forcus on computer only, and many theory in tarc also, good luck~~
is because tarc more cheaper?
I cant even said anything le, an academy quality also effect a student also~

anywhere study hard hard ooohhh~

KaedE said...

ya got multimedia, but also got graphic design, i take graphic design.. later have to think ideas until die liao..!

ya cheaper. but another reason is because dasein have to take 3 years to finish diploma, if want degree hav to go overseas(another 3 years)..
tarc take 2 years to finish diploma and another 2 years to finish degree mar..

ahbooy said...

*okok, take care and good luck~~:D