Tuesday, March 31, 2009


I'm so stupid!! I didn't know that the electric guitar's amp overdrive have to turn to full then will have that noisy sound!! UGH!! Although it doesn't sound like hide's guitar, but the guitar sound makes me think of Hisashi! Haha!
Yay! This makes me happy to continue learning electric guitar! (LOL wtf?)


Oh ya today is the last day for voting "We♥hide" album's song list!!
Blah whatever!


Monday, March 30, 2009



I wanna end those driving lessons and driving test and get my P license quickly so that I don't have to drive anymore for a few years!! After I get my real driving license I'll just put aside and don't wanna touch it no more!!
If I wanna go anywhere I'll just tumpang other people's car or just take those public transport!!


Milkygreen剧团 歌舞剧 x 3

Note: Blog entry that you won't wanna see so I write it all in chinese


嗯.. 上个拜五回中华,因为戏剧大班的学弟学妹们会呈现歌舞剧!蛮羡慕他们的,竟然有机会尝试歌舞剧.. 呜~

上次sms了蛮多人问他们要不要一起去,不过.. 阿凯Yvonne思扬和佩婷做工,凯琳在新纪元学院,迪生在前一天竟然讲不能去了.. 所以只有我和苑婷去,家伟也有去。

本来当天有点不想去了,因为好像就要下雨那样.. 不过不想放飞机,而且很想看他们呈现的怎样,所以最后还是去了! (自己搭巴士到genting klang,又从genting klang走去学校.. 很久没这样了.. 加上怕突然下雨,死命赶去..!累死.. 就当着运动减肥.. 反正自己也没运动越来越肥..)


芯琳和阿康两个同时一起生病了,炸到 =_= 苑婷一早就到了,还问我做么Milkygreen不像以往那样,一有学哥学姐回来探望时,就以热烈欢呼声来迎接.. 我还是现在才注意到呢!(呃 我注意力差)

看着他们演广告,就想到以前我们也有演过..!那时的题目是“节省”。我跟嘉怡和泽俊还有不懂谁同组,我演女儿,泽俊和嘉怡演我父母(哈哈!) 我们呈现的广告内容我就不说了,不过... 那时我们演得很废很好笑!哎~



第一组 *歌舞偶像剧*
演员: 美欣,芯琳,庆汶


偶像剧.. 其实我对偶像剧没什么兴趣 =X 虽然自己之前有演过偶像剧,不过来来去去偶像去的"format"内容那些.. 都差不多一样的.. 不是三角恋就是误会还是什么,没什么新的suprise那些。
还有.. 很炸到咯,有一小部分是非写实,而且好像凯琳的剧《为什么的为什么》酱的!一直重复讲一样的台词!*晕*

第二组 *歌舞儿童剧*
演员: 阿铃,美艳,俊源


炸到.. 用手来拿着那幅画..!笑死我们!XD

这部剧... 《为什么的为什么》儿童剧版+光华国中的《游戏时间》 =___+|||

第三组 *普通写实歌舞剧*
演员: 阿康,慧珊,巧芯


也喜欢这部剧的要点.. (可是他们有一part慧珊要割脉自杀.... 我不喜欢这part....)



唉~ 整个过程我一直在录影+拍照!左手拿相机右手拿手机!所以照片都拍得很蒙!Video quality也不好因为手机差...

过后老师给comment,还叫家伟我和苑婷给comment!当时我都不懂要给什么comment,因为..比自己expect的还..=X 不过他们只用了几天的时间,也不能怪的~

老师走了后,他们就讨论今年TeaTime的东西!阿铃是导演哦!不懂她的剧是怎样的叻?只知道是偶像剧罢了 =_="
噢.. TeaTime.. 去年没参与.. 虽然没像上次那样那么后悔,不过还是有点...


刚收到TARC的pengesahan penerimaan borang permohonan!虽然还是有点伤心不是在Dasein读,不过还是算了..!

不知道还需不需要写戏剧心得报告呢?如果需要的话.. Milo老师会很惨叻!又要看我写的长篇大论的废话!哈哈!


我的electric guitar!在Mudah.my找到跟我的一模一样的!不过多了几样东西,同样价钱啊(多了RM10)!! *喷血*
我要买新的amp还有别的那些..! 现在有的都不能弄到什么effect!不过.. 没钱啊!My God!


Sunday, March 29, 2009

Earth Hour 2009

Before 8pm (i think?)

KL Town view

Genting Klang Prima Setapak Danau Kota view

Desa Setapak view

Before 8.30pm

Desa Setapak view

KL town view

JJ Alpha Angle's entrance view (damn many cars going in)

!! KL Tower lights off!

Twin tower and the other buildings' lights are off! JJ also off the "JUSCO" sign

Well actually I have no idea what should I write about it in the beginning =_=

My parents are not home 'cause they're still at work, it's just me and my sis.
We did off the lights and the fan, but we didn't off the PC..
We even played our intruments in the dark, my sis played the piano and I played my electric guitar..

Did I just said my electric guitar..?


I finally received it on Friday!! Damn happy!!

My sis helping me to open the amp



I'm so happy to hold the electric guitar..! 5 years.. I've been waiting for more than 5 years..!!
And now I FINALLY got it!! AHHH!!! HAPPYY!!!

But there's one thing I'm sad about it... I don't know how to use it... I thought it will have the distortion sound like hide's/Takuro's or even like Hisashi's guitar sound.. but... The amp doesn't have those function.... SAD!!!! D=


Me and my sis was bored, so we went downstairs to see whether if there's a lot of people off their lights too!

Block C (our block :3)

Block B / A (?)

Block A / B(?)

Another side of Block C


KL tower lights on!!

Whole town lights on!!

End of Earth Hour.. Lol


Before this, I support this Earth Hour like.. er.. just very support it. I even angry that my family said that it's stupid..!
"everyone off the lights at the same time.. this might really save the world a bit 'cause normally everyone didn't off the lights at the same time..!"I thought..

After that when I (finally Lol) knew it's for saving the earth from GLOBAL WARMING... I don't really support it like before anymore..

I mean, right now it's about GLOBAL WARMING.. I thought the causes of global warming is because of those CFC from those air-cond and fridge..?? And those "green house effect" etc.. Why the off lights..? Might as well ask us to switch of the whole electric system etc..?

And those cars.. Even some of them did off the lights, they still went out by driving their cars = more air pollution..

Ugh dunno la! I just think that it's kinda/really hard to stop global warming.. There's air-cond everywhere, fridge in every houses, damn many building with air-cond(green house effect), cars every where...


Tuesday, March 24, 2009

VIOLET UK New song!!

Note: Fangirl talk again BLAHH!!

Found it in Youtube again!! HAHA!! Can you imagine how bored am I?!!

(lol 0:31 they spell wrong "VIOLET UK"..)

(Non related 1, but composed by Yoshiki of course)

Ignore the vid, just listen the song.

The new song is 「ROSA」, a OST from a movie 「GOEMON」.
Ahh~ the ballads that Yoshiki made are always beutiful~!!
When will X JAPAN release their new songs?!?!?!

And YAY!! X JAPAN's Tokyo Dome Tour in May is fixed!! And they started selling the tickets!! SEE!! Hurmp!! >__< THIS!!!

AHHHH!!!! X JAPAN World Tour in Taipei!! The date!! is fixed!!!
May 30... SO SOON??!!!! NOOOOO!!!


Monday, March 23, 2009

Rilakkuma~~ X3

I already had a Rilakkuma doll that I bought last time when I went to KLCC with my sis

And yesterday, my dad brought us to The Gardens.. And..

YAY!! Another Rilakkuma!!

It's size is not big, I mean.. smaller than my first Rilakkuma, But it's wayyy more expensive than the first one!! But.. I can't resist it's cuteness...! X__X

I can hang it at my bag :3

There's three type, well of course I don't want the bottom one 'cause it's not Rilakk.. =_=
You know I kept struggling before I buy it 'cause I don't know which should I buy?! It's very hard to choose you know?! I was thinking to buy both! But.. Expensive.. and I didn't bring out any money =X After that my sis help me choose I only decided to buy the one with blue cap :3
My mum pay it 'cause I didn't bring my money.. pay her back after we're home..!

My sis also bought a Mamegoma! :3 KIOT STUFFS!!!


Finally got my documents proved from Puan Linet so that I can submit the application form.. I wonder when is my dad gonna buy the wang pos or whatever it was.. *yawn*

After that my mum brought me to practise driving around Section 2.. I still think driving is scary.. I mean.. since I first drove a car, I became more afraid to ride a car..
Well everything is going KINDA well, but I horned by the driver at the back of my(mum's) car once 'cause I nearly bump some roadcrossers..

I wanna end all of these quickly!! So that I don't have to drive in the 2 years(or 3 years?) after I get the P license!!!!

Isn't that weird that I don't wanna drive?
I mean.. most of the people can't wait to be 16 or 17 or 18 'cause they finally get to get driving license or legal to do stuffs or anything else.
Me..? NO.

What I wanna do now is just...
-***waiting for my electric guitar to arrive!!! (it's been more than 2 weeks now.. well actually I've been waiting to own an electric guitar for MORE THAN 5 YEARS NOW!! HELL!!!)
-college (i wanna faster learn those stuffs!!)
-X JAPAN World Tour in Tokyo Dome in 2nd + 3rd May (wanna watch it in Youtube again!!)
-join tarc's drama club..? (not sure yet, but 80% yes 'cause I really wanna be on the stage to perform again..!)
-cosplay with my sis..? :D

Ok I think this is it.. my current aim for now


Ok I'm so bored until I kept playing those quizzes in Facebook until I'm more bored!!
What can I do except for eating, sleeping/nap, online, blogging craps, watch Youtube, listen to AI songs(yay to Adam, Megan and Allison!! but now dunno why winamp got prob so cannot listen =.=), watch TV... And?? AND???

And!! I'm getting fatter and TALLER now 'cause I kept eating!! My stomach is round and soft like MY DAD'S for crying out loud!!! But I'm just too lazy to do any exercises especially there's always someone in the house! (very paiseh to do exercise infront of them mar..|||)

Ok I better stop here so that I quickly off the pc..!!

Friday, March 20, 2009


It's about Yoshiki talking about his dad's suicide thingy and his childhood thingy.. and also about X JAPAN's new song!!

(well actually I haven't finish watching 'cause it loads damn slow!!)

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Driving lesson!

Hehe! My L license is finally done two day ago! Means I had my FIRST driving lesson yesterday! HAHA!!

Huhu.. this is the first time I actually drive a car! So fun yet SCARY and NERVOUS!! (kinda swt 'cause it's at Taman Melawati =_=")
Especially at roundabout!! So scary!! And have to care so much things like have to see whether there's any cars coming from the back etc etc... AHHHH!!!

You know what? I actually think preparing for exam... is much more easy than driving!!! (LOLWTF?! )
Why? because...
Preparing for exam doesn't takes your life, but driving....! Driving is just like playing with your own life! If you had any car accident you might kill yourself or others!!!! That's very scary ok?!?!?!
(Sry but I'm afraid of death)


Youtube-ing again 'cause wanna see if there's any new news of X JAPAN :3

There's this HEATH fan did some HEATH fan vid..

"The reason fo loving HEATH" 1 ~ 5 =_+"

Lol all I did was just looking at hide =X
"Art of Life" started at 3:57.. and it started at the guitar part.. but she cut all hide away and put all HEATH part again and again 'cause this vid is all about HEATH =( Even don't have hide in hide's guitar solo, just appear for awhile at 4:46

X JAPAN World Tour in HongKong

WGHHH!!! They're going to replay the HK tour in WOWOW..
If only we have WOWOW here in Malaysia!! T___T

*sings* Dry your tears~ with love~ Dry your tears~ with loovvveeee~~ *hide guitar solo* XD

NOOO!! X JAPAN World Tour in Tokyo (on hide's 11th Memorial Day)..
I wonder is this tour going to be a happy or a sad live.. 'cause.. It's on hide's memorial day! I bet YOSHIKI is going to cry again! =X
Hmm.. They're not going to celebrate hide's 11th Memorial Day..? Or Yoshiki don't want to have any sad events anymore? Hmm.. blah whatever..!

X JAPAN + LUNA SEA @ hide Memorial Summit 2008 - BELIEVE

X JAPAN @ hide Memorial Summit 2008 - Silent Jealousy

Lol Toshi at 5:19 XD


Hey guys look

LOL!! This virus is just so lol!!
PORNO!!! XDXD (so kesian to the person who got this virus)


I'm bored.


Sunday, March 15, 2009


Damn lazy to think of a title for this post la..

Went to watch Marley & Me few days ago = last Saturday = 14 March at KLCC with my classmates~
Erm.. the movie is not bad.. (Yay Rachel Jennifer Anniston!) That Marley was so cute when it was a puppy! Looks so innocent! XD
I did cried a bit when Marley died(well.. these always makes me think of what if anyone around me suddenly just pass away.. that's really scary and sad ok..?!).. But just a bit. I cried more worst than this when I watched HSM3 last time 'cause it's more related to me.

After the movie ended, we went to have our LUNCH(about 4pm!) at Sakae Sushi.
Well this was the first time I went to Sakae Sushi, but I didn't order anything 'cause later I'm going to leave(going to my grandma's house just like usual every Saturday)..
But I did ate two cucumber sushi roll that they ordered.. and drank Yvonne's green tea.. which I think it taste WEIRD!! I prefer Nippon Tei's green tea..|||


That stuff looks like Hamtaro('s friend) :3

The sashimi is so cheap in Sakae Sushi! RM12++!
Not like Nippon Tei.. In the beginning RM20+.. then 25++.. Now? Rm30++!! SIAO!!
Hehe told my dad about it~ Maybe next time he'll bring us there!

Oh ya! Went to Kino again OF COURSE! (It's a MUST for me and my sis when we went to KLCC!!)

Bought Zipper(Becky as cover model XD) and this new mag called Alice Deco~ (BARGAIN! RM10 each only!)
Well I didn't plan to buy these two.. But last time when me and my sis came here, she wanted to find is there any Zipper at the bargain area but there's none. But I found it that day with my friends! So I bought it~ ^^
And that Alice Deco, "ALICE" = LOLI! My sis loves loli so I think she'll love it~ And she does! ^^

The Zipper front cover... Free Candy Stripper stuff!

Actually.. I know there's a free stuff in the mag but I didn't noticed it said that the free stuff would be a Candy Stripper pouch!!

Candy Stripper pouch= Japan branded pouch!! LOL!!!


Hey hey... Guess what..??

The hide skull earring I bought is here!!

Well it's obviously fake.. 'cause hide's skull earring is just a skull bead with a ring-like-wire-thingy..
But I can't help it..! It's hide!!! T___T

Lol I don't have any piercing but I bought a pair of earring?
Next time I WILL pierce my ear!! Just so I can wear that hide skull earring! LOL!
(I'm thinking just to pierce my right earlobe.. just one. 'cause hide has one on his left earlobe :3)


Youtube-ing again!

Happy St. Patrick's Day from someone's cat!


And Rilakkuma!!

His friend is kinda annoying.. The main character is suppose to be Rilakkuma! Not YOUUUU!!

Ok the end no more I'm bored!!
When can I get my electric guitar!!? It's been more than 3 weeks naooo!!! I'm DYING to get it!!!

And today, it's been 2 weeks.. when will my driving instructor call me to tell me that my L licence is done???


Ok officially END.