Friday, February 6, 2009


CNY is going to end soon~

Few days ago (Feb 1) had day-off.. PeiTing and XingLing sms-ed me asked whether I wanna go to ahKang's house and XingLing's house.. Faster go brush teeth, wash my face, bath etc *yawn*

Hmm~ finally get to go out with them~ But just PeiTing XingLing ahKang and SzeYang =(

My dad fetch me and PeiTing to ahKang's house.. so swt 'cause i thought PeiTing know where's his house =__+" Then call ahKang etc whatever not important.. =_=

Hmm.. at ahKang's house.. his "heng dais" and his Judo mates came to his house to.. played BlackJack.. but I just play 4 or 5 rounds 'cause... all strangers...!! And felt so weird 'cause I always play BlackJack with my father-side family..! Another thing is.. I lost RM3 =( Dun wanna gamble anymore...! So sit at the couch with XingLing..
XingLing felt a bit sick, then later she go upstairs to the toilet.. ahKang then accompany her.. I think he knew that somethings going wrong etc..

I just sat there alone bla bla bla.. Then those heng dais of ahKang say dunno what they doing upstairs etc (Lol..) Then PeiTing asked me go upstairs join XingLing them etc..

Went upstairs, opened ahKang's room's door.. and.. O_O his dad was inside doing his work! Paiseh..||| Then asked his dad where's he blablabla.. They're in another room = ahKang's parents' room lor

Knocked the door, tried to opened it but eh? Locked ah? Why cannot open 1? Did it few times, then stop awhile.. then ahKang finally opened the door! But he look kinda down..!
XingLing is STILL in the toilet..! ahKang said she's vomit-ing..! o__o! We kept asking her what happen but she didn't reply/said she's fine etc..
Then ahKang left me with XingLing, say what.. I'm a girl, girl with girl easy to communicate etc =.= So swt lor him.. I very long time no communicate with you guys leh.. And I'm not an ordinary girl ok... =__+" Hmm.. really long time no communicate with XingLing already.. haha.. ...
She finally came out after a few minutes.. She had a fever.. Then ahKang came back, but XingLing asked him whether he has Panadol in his house, so he had to go downstairs again.. Lol..

Hmm.. the 3 of us just sat on his parents' bed chatting.. Lol..
Chat a bit of Milkygreen.. they asked me whether I like the previous Milkygreen or the latest 1.. Of course I said the previous 1.. when I was Form 3 , LihYeh Jiawei them still haven't graduate, YenTing haven't change/quit, ahBoy still always came back play with us.. Also like the Milkygreen when I was Form 4... Hmm.. Really miss those days... They asked me to tell them my drama experience, but.. I don't even know where to start..!!

Suddenly ahKang sit like a gangster and act smoking!! LOL!!! Miss that soooo much!! Our "gangster group"!!
ahKai/Arricson - No.1(老大) QingSheng - No.2 (老二) ahKang - No.3 (老三) ahLing - No.4 (老四) Me - No.5 (老五) Forgot who else - No.6~8 ("newer member".. lol) DocDoc/Docta/Doctor - XingLing
Lol damn swt lor those days...

Then chat about JAPAN!! LOL!!!
They asked me how come we(those fangirls or fanboys) will love an idol or artist until "crazy"! Haha! I think it's normal for being a fangirl! For them, we fangirls/boys are weird, but for me a fangirl, I think they're weird!! (LOL!!) How can they not having any favourite artist until crazy??

I told my sis about after I went back home.. She said, 'cause they(not fangirls/boys) haven't found any artist who inspire them...(later she said that they haven't met the "GOD", she points at Yoshiki's pic LOL)
Hmm.. that's true to me.. hide really did inspire me..! And so is Hisashi!

After that PeiTing and Szeyang came in.. Then all of us went down stairs *yawn* But I have to go back home already 'cause have to go to grandma's house..


There're some moments I kind act stupid infront of them, but.. they think that I'm crazy... It kinda hurt me... 'cause... I really miss fooling around with them, which I used to always do with them, and they'll be fooling around together too... I just wanna be "over" and fool around with them again.. But... ........ It really hurt me..
Maybe it's because I seldom communicate with them already since last year I stopped drama....?



Went to my grandma's house in the evening!

After dinner, we played BlackJack!! Me, my sis, my grandma, my dad, and my cousins (after that my grandma stopped 'cause she wanna play mahjong =__=||||) Later my dad stop playing too

There's only me, my sis and my cousins left(and one of my cousins gf Lol).. You know what? I really like the feeling that moment..! Me, my sis, and my other 5 cousins were all there..(except for one who's still working or what..? I dunno la!)! Hmm.. reminds me of our childhood..! All of us used to play together always..! In our grandma's room, another room playing computer games etc.. Hmm.. really miss those days..! D=

I still prefer to play BlackJack with them =/

Oh ya! I won RM13 while playing BlackJack with my cousins! RM3 doesn't count 'cause I lost RM3 while playing Black Jack at ahKang's house.. So as conclusion... I won RM10!! Lol..


Took the "hide Birthday Special contest" in MJ+ last December(2008) and we "won".. Damn happy when we know it and can't wait to get the present.. Well it arrived last week and.... So sadddd....!!!!

I just came back from work that day, my dad fetch me back home of course.. Then I asked my dad whether he checked if there's any letters in the letter box.. Then go check lor.. all my dad's letter... and......!!!

!!!!!!!! IT'S HERE!!!!!! (lol)

I kept jumping when I got it!!! When I arrived home, I quickly called my sis to go into my room to let her see it's here!!! (My relatives are in our house that day btw.. CNY mar.. come eat dinner..) Then I kept jumping around coz damn happy and excited 'cause dunno what we get!
Faster open it and.......!!

....what the.....postcards....??!!!! and a small flag...??

ME SADDD!!!!! I didn't expected it's just postcards!!


Anyway, there're 3 postcards.. (I love them all but me love the first 1 from left the most :3)

Hmm... There's the HEADWAX Organization logo... means these are the official goods of the "MiX LEMONed JELLY 2008 feat. hide Birthday Party"?

Then... I should be happy.. right...?
Ok! I'm happy!!! :3


HEEHEE(shit la kept using "hee"..! learn from Yvonne 1.. =___+|||)!!!

But I don't care la!! 'cause....

Heh!! Bought "hide DAYS" and "X-ism"!!! YAYYYY!!!

Lol the back cover of "hide DAYS"~ LOVE!

Horror.. hide's ear just like my grandma's..!! (pierce) But my grandma already didnt wear any earrings.. later patah then more horror..|||

There're quite many photos in "hide DAYS"~ Even got his looks "transformation" line up (dunno how to say la)!! OwO
I think this is better than hide BIBLE..! Wait.. no.. hide BIBLE better.. no hide DAYS.. no.. err.. ERRR!!!! I DON'T KNOW!!!!!

Very cheap lor!! hide DAYS RM80+ only and X-ism RM40+(RM50 round off)!!! Got 20% discount~~ :3


Hmm... My 2008 December's salary... About RM500++... Now? RM100++! So fast already want use finish!!

What did I bought?

Veet hair remover(LOL me and my sis want see how it works marr)

Fake eyelashes (I wanna see how it works too Lol.. Next time if cosplay maybe can use? owo)

hideDAYS and X-ism lor

And Mugongeki!! Haven't receive it yet 'cause just bought it online~*love*
Can't wait to get it!! X3

...My God... left RM100++ only...! I wonder how much is my January salary..?? Later not enough to buy electric guitar then die lorr!! I want to have an electric guitar!!! NOW!!!!! D=



I FORGOT IT LAST YEAR, AND THIS YEAR I FORGOT IT TOO!!!! OMG I'M SO SORRY HISAAA!!!! T________T because always "hide"... =X



Ok.. gonna talk about SEED again... LOL

Weheh remember the new full-timer I mention before?? He kena scold by Anna(asst supervisor)!! Because he's very.. er.. dunno how to say la!! Most of the staff (including me of course =X) also beh song him! Hoho!!

Ok stop talking about this

Hmm.. 3 days left..
After Feb 9 I'm not going to work at SEED anymore..! Err 'cause they can't have part-timers when no sales.. They asked me whether I can work during the following sales in March or dunno when la I forgot already, but I ignore lor.. 1. my mum dun wan me work there (Lol using bahasa pasar) 2. I dun wan work there also Lol.. 'cause dun have free time...

Gonna say goodbye to SEED already...!

But now it's time to say goodbye too 'cause this is the end of this entry =.=





kim-chan said...

[She said, 'cause they(not fangirls/boys) haven't found any artist who inspire them...(later she said that they haven't met the "GOD", she points at Yoshiki's pic LOL) ]

HAHAHA Kei-chan so LMAO!!~
xD wow Hide's pics ^^ and you bought a lot of stuffs of him too O_O
If i have more money in future I will spend on SID xDDDD!!!!!

yeah chinese new is going to end. So fast hor =(

KaedE said...

swt for me it's still NOT ENOUGH!! Must.. have.... MOREEEEE!!!!*___*

Lol I'll spend on hide and X JAPAN~ and maybe GLAY too (if i have MORE money/after I finish buying all hide/X stuffs..! but I think I'll won't be able to do that coz I still wanna buy hide's guitar =__=)