Friday, February 27, 2009

Undang Talk *yawn*

Went to the undang talk yesterday..

Damn boring lor! Especially the first teacher/lecturer person! His voice ah, I barely heard it! GAAHH!!

The whole day I was being with a girl same age with me, from Jinjang High School, and her name is Yvonne/Evon.. LOL. I wanna laugh when she told me her name 'cause Yvonne is also "Yvonne" (what?) I know it's normal that many people can have the same name, but... still felt kinda weird that there's another stranger having the same with my close friend! Haha!

Anyway, she kept talking to me so I didn't fully listen what the lecturer guy talk.
So lol 'cause.. well, she's interested in those nutrition stuffs, then she teach me how she slim herself down. Eat QUAKER OAK(YUCKKKK Me don't like quaker! DX), sit ups etc..

And.. she kept talking about her boyfriend..|||
I actually don't really like people talking about their boyfriends or girlfriend, even my friends too(especially Yvonne, hehe =X). I don't even know how to respond them since I don't have any "experience" before =_= But at least my friends are the person I know, strangers telling me about their bf/gfs..? That's kinda weird to me.. =\

And.. I think she's a bad student in her school? Don't know la, not sure.

Used RM6 'cause went to Old Town to have my lunch... My money...!! T___T

Oh ya!! Before that, I can't believe I met PeiLi(my camp fren) there! What a coincidence! She took her Undang test already, now having amali class... T__T

Gonna take undang test on Monday..! Hope I'll pass.. hope they won't give too many questions about undang, give more questions about those road signs...!!


SPM result!!! It's going to release on the second week of March!! YESS!!! I can't wait to see my results!!
I wanna see whether my BM and Sejarah pass, my Maths and English and Art get an A, others...
hope either B or C~ or even better - A sssss!!!

But most important is BM pass, Maths and English get A.. Hmm~ Can't wait for that day..!

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