Sunday, February 15, 2009

Surfing eBay and YESASIA

So I was surfing in eBay and Yesasia...

What I'm searching for? Of course X JAPAN and hide la!!
But there's not much nice stuffs in eBay.. I mean.. their price are all fake!!
Like the recent hide ALIVE DVD, those ppl in eBay sell it for RM100++.. Well, if it's the price for the Limited edition or Normal Japan edition, that's really cheap!!
But the problem is.. the ones they're selling was the Taiwan version!! Which cost RM84++ in YesAsia!! (I'm wondering if I should buy it...! But what if I can't buy my electric guitar already after I bought it?!! AHHHH!!! DAMN SO MANY STUFFS I WANT!!! FUCCCCCCKKUUUU!!! LOL!!!)

Stop searching X JAPAN and hide in eBay, search GLAY!! LOL!!

And I found this...

1996 December's FOOL'S MATE, GLAY as cover

And hide was one of the content in the mag

hide, in year 1996

Err... do you ppl get my point...??

This, they're all in 1996.. But do they look like they're in the same year or century etc???

Does hide even look like someone from 199X???? NOO!!!

GLAY look.. horrible =X
(to GLAY fans, I'm not trying to start a fight etc. I'm a fan of GLAY too!)

I WANT MONEYYYY!!!! HIDHIHDIKDIDI!!!! <---(LOL can you read this??) Here's some X JAPAN and GLAY vids again (LOL)
X JAPAN is No.13 in Japan's favourite band ranking! Lol

Spoted hide's brother again =X

GLAY 2009 message (LOL)

Hisashi with Blue Man Group again

GLAY's New Single [Say Your Dream] preview X3

GLAY 『電気イルカ奇妙ナ嗜好』 VERB TOUR FINAL "COME TOGETHER 2008-2009"
No embed for this =(
Hisa is so cute!! XD

The End

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