Wednesday, February 18, 2009


AHHHH I'm so bored at home ever since I stop working in SEED!!
Before I stop working I want some free time, now after I stop.. yes, many free time.. But nothing to do at home!!! AHHHH!!! ROOAOAAARRRR!!!!

Search for X JAPAN again in YouTube again... T___T
And found this!

YOSHIKI Piano Melody "The Image of Seiko Matsuda"

Matsuda Seiko asked Yoshiki to play a melody of how he thinks of Matsuda Seiko's image..
So beautiful his melody!!
Those piano melody that Yoshiki composed.. I think it's weird to describe it as "nice to listen" etc.. I think it's suitable to describe as "beautiful".. and touching..! :3

Ok back to the point...


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