Sunday, February 22, 2009

"6th Golden Tea Award Ceremony 2009"

Ok.. I went to the "6th Golden Tea Award 2009" ceremony(第六届金茶奖中学生颁奖典礼), a drama award ceremony for high school drama students who participated TeaTime 15 2008..

Lol I dressed up mature again(what can I do..? I just can't stop sticking to it so that look more suitable with my freakin' height..! D=) and even wore fake eyelashes for the first time.. Ya I look nicer that me without make up, which doesn't look like "me" at all.. And most important... it is troublesome!!
The glue is just not sticky enough(maybe because I didn't use the glue for fake eyelashes, I used the double eyelid glue =X) plus, the shape of my eyelids are originally weird and uneven, so.. gaahhh! Damn troublesome!
Then.. how am I going to cosplay next time..?! I wanna wear fake eyelashes too when I'm cosplaying so that my eyes wont look freakin' small in pictures! GAAHHHH!!!

I look like a 25~30 years old person with a bunch of youngsters and kids =_="

The "ceiling"~ the sunlight look so nice~

MeiYan and me (NG 'cause it's blur ==)
Camwhore for awhile before the show starts =.=

This is also NG 'cause also blur.. then fed up already =.=

I wonder why all of them looking at their cellphones +_+

Start from upper left clockwise
WenMei, JunYuan, HuiShan, MeiYan

Left to right:
ahKang, ahLing, JiaWei, GuanHan, Carin

Ok! The show finally started!

Here're many photos that you don't have to see

Introducing MCs

I can't regconize the middle one is PeiFun(my camp friend)!!

SzeYang looks so horrible... but someone think it's cool..

Personally, I HATE guys wearing COLOURFUL pants!! I hate girls wearing them too, but.. Guys wearing colour pants.. I think is so sissy and gay-ish(not trying to hurt any gays ah ahXXy =X)..
I don't get nowadays' fashion sense.. maybe I have different taste with them(DUHH obviously..)

These are all high school students.. (not included the one on the right la)


The middle guy is also my camp friend.. damn short =X

Two students from JB

The red saree one is also my camp friend~!

RuoBin LaoShi and a local artist which I dunno who he is =X

Kwang Hua High School students

The middle one is our drama teacher - Milo! Lol so casual..

The man in the middle! Damn funny! He kept doing stupid poses!

And I mention to take this photo which he stands properly!
Damn hard to take a "normal-looking" photo of this 'cause he kept moving around!

Some performance.. by TEA Teens 3 and PTG..

TEA Time 15 contestants

Giving award Blaahh..

And some performance again

Giving awards again..

Lol SzeYang

Some performance again, to let us recall those performances from TEA Time 15

I recorded a few seconds of the performance.. SO SADD!!! You know why?!
I thought I've recorded the whole performance!! 'cause when the performance ended and I pressed the button to stop, it said "memory full". I'm so happy 'cause I thought "Waa! So nice I get to record the whole performance until the end before the memory is full!"
But.. when I arrived home and tried to watch and laugh again.... O___O?!! NOOOOO!!!! T___T


Award blaa..

PeiFun got the BestDressed Award!
Erm.. I dunno how they choose it.. but PeiFun looks really pretty and I can't regconize her until she got the award when the MC called her name, THEN I only know that's her! Swt!!

Ok no more!


Anyway, in the whole journey including last night asking the time to gather before going to the ceremony and also during the ceremony, there're some happy moments(or should I just say "moments that made me laugh") and some unhappy moments.. But mostly unhappy..

Well I'll list the unhappy ones first..

1. The time to gather at LRT/gather etc
I sms-ed JunYuan in the morning asked him to inform me the time earlier. I waited for his reply until 7pm/8pm++, so I asked ahLing.. also asked for JunYuan's number.. Sms-ed to the number that she gave me, yet no replies.
The next morning before going to LRT, JunYuan called. "Scolded" him 'cause he didn't inform me at all, and he didn't even knew that.. And the phone number ahLing gave me was not the right number.. but I'm more pissed that JunYuan didnt even inform me..

2. Leaving newbie sitting alone?
We(Milkygreen) had two rows of seat, I'm at the front row so I didn't notice anything happen at the back. Later half of Milkygreen went home early.. the back row left only 3 people.. and one of them is a newbie, which they left him sitting alone.
I'm sooo pissed that they left him alone by himself! All of them just do their own thing and enjoy themselves laughing happily while that boy just sit there alone with no one to laugh with?? Damn pissed ok?! If you guide or brought them here, you SHOULD be responsible to look after them!
Eventhough you're not the one who planned this "tour", as one of the seniors you're ALSO have to take your responsible to look after them! It's really obvious that the boy's mum was still not trusting the group to bring her own son to an unknown place until she accompany her son arrived the place. His mum trusted you but what you did? Left him aside? Which mum would want their children to be left aside?!

3. Collecting money to buy LRT tickets
Ok.. this actually is not really a big deal.. it's my own prob..
They asked me to collect the money to buy LRT tickets from all of them.. ok.. I collected.. which made me confused cause I never helped to buy so many tickets in a time before.. and my maths is getting weaker.. I wanna reject to do these but what will they think? I know what they'll think so I don't even wannna say a word.
The final amount was RM24.. I kept asking how many tickets we wanna buy(i didnt count 'cause I'm already confused).. they said 11 tickets, then 12 ticket.. I asked again to confirm it..
Ok.. 12 tickets.. I went to the counter and asked for 12 tickets.. the person said RM27++.. I was like.. wtf...?! I called them and BLAHH!! Let them do all the stuffs!! Damn pissed!! And because we're "slow", the person behind us so impatient and do that "niok" sound(erm I dunno how to type the sound's pronunciation.. when you're pissed or you wait something until angry or bored, you will do that sound 1)!! I so wanna scold that person!! So impatient then go to buy your ticket from those machine la! "Niok" what?!
Eventhough I get As for maths.. But I hate it so much!! 'cause it always makes me wanna die when I can't solve it(seriously, it really makes me wanna kill myself)!! That's why I put frekin hard effort for my maths paper in SPM, which I did more than 5 careless mistakes in Paper 1 'cause I'm damn tired not enough sleep.. When I knew there's some EASY questions I get to get some marks which I did it wrong, I was angry! Seriously ANGRY!!! So I put 100% effort on my Paper 2..
I really hope I'll get A for my maths... if not.. My mood will be freakin bad that day(to take SPM result)..
I dun wanna do maths-related question again... it's so... ugh..

4. Camp friends
I'm so sad to see them get to fool around with their latest camp friends.. which I didn't go to that camp..
I'm still wondering whether I should go to the drama camp.. What if I can't take the horrible lessons anymore? I didn't did any exercises or sports for 3 to 4 months already! I even can't force myself to do sit ups or anything else to make myself more slim! (GOD My tummy is getting bigger!!) HOWW?!!!

5. I didn't participate TeaTime15
I missed a chance.. great... JiaWei, ahLing and SzeYang also said that..
During the award ceremony, I felt like been stabbed by many dagger..! How could I missed such a opportunity??
I watch the clips of those performances of TEA Time 15 they played.. There're some performances, most of the audience love them... But.. I can't really remember those performances.. I just remember that, when I watch those performances last time, I just think they're just OK.. I just like the performance by Kwang Hwa High School and MuQi JuTuan(which changed their name to HongKuGuan JuTuan)..
Hmm.. I wonder.. if I did went to the camp last year, will I be in the same team with ahKang, ahLing, PeiLi and WeiJun, means Milo teacher's team..? (如果我还没毕业,还有得写信的报告,一定又再问Milo老师,过后他一定又讲“进哪一组都不重要”的 =_=")
UGHHHH!!!! Whatever..
Congrats to those who won anyway~

"Happy moments"

1. Watch some of the performance

2. I donated RM5 :3
While waiting at LRT station, there's this old woman handed me a jade(fake 1 of course.. blind ppl also know that it is a fake thing..) and a GuanYin picture card thingy.. then blaa...
Anyway, I just give her RM5 since I always bring RM10++ only =_="
Maybe she's a faker, maybe she's not? Maybe she's a lier? But who cares? At least I did a good thing.. If she's a faker or lier, she's the one who's wrong and she's the one who'll be going to hell, not me.. If she's not a faker, I did something good too.

3. ...

Basically there's nothing much.. I mean "happy moments"...

Ok no more.. *yawn*




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