Monday, January 5, 2009

Wedding in Melaka


Went to my cousin's wedding yesterday in Melaka!

Me and Kei!

Scary people in the screen

Wedding in Melaka is.. weird? 'cause it's kinda boring..|||
I mean.. when they cheer for the couple, they didn't stand up or cheers very loud 1! Not like KL..!
And! The dining SUX!!! Not really sux la, but.. they kept putting green jelly as decoration, which is not pretty at all D=

From left to right
My aunt's husband, my aunt, my cousin, her husband..

Group pic!!

Another part of our family!
Lol too many people so separate into two tables.. (actually we have more people.. =_=|||)

The last dish.. RM1 ice-cream..!
It taste good..! But.. I HATE IT!! You know why?!!
It made my tongue pain like crap!! Until I can't talk and my tears burst out!!
It's like.. my tongue is having cramp!! Do you know how horrible it was?!!
I didn't eat it later..! PAIN AH!! It's still pain eventhough we're back at home!!

Wedding car!


The married couple and my family~

The married couple, my 2nd aunt's family and my family~
With the wedding car!

Ok no more!!



Ok! Now it's X time!!!
News about the countdown live!!

!! Spoted hide's brother!! bottom right!! 0:12~0:20!!
Kesian.. his hair...

YAY!! X!!!

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ahbooy said...

*nice costume, I like it~~~
you are good looking in skirt look~